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  1. **GBC provides or facilitates all of your boosting needs!
  2. Both :horde~7:Horde:horde~7:& :Alliance~1:Alliance:Alliance~1: **
  4. We are strictly a :moneybag:**GOLD-ONLY**:moneybag: operation, we kindly ask that you do not ask if we take other payment options, the answer is a polite ‘no, sorry’.
  6. If you need any help, have any issues or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact (@Council) for any assistance.
  8. **Our boosts:**
  10.              **M+** - Done by multiple teams from MDI and players like **Fragnance, Gingi, Naowh, Adaque, Lepan, Childintime** and others!
  12.                        ★ **M+ 20+**
  13.                        ★ **M+ Score**
  14.                        →PM @Council for any inquiries or questions about Mythic+
  16.              **PvE** - Done by players from top guilds like **Method, FatSharkYes, ScrubBusters, Innominatum, Group Therapy, Polar** and others!
  18.                        ★ **Uldir Normal/Heroic**
  19.                        ★ **Glory of the Uldir Raider**
  20.                        ★ **Glory of the Wartorn Hero**
  21.                        →PM @Council  for any inquiries or questions about PvE
  23. .
  24. A Boostee is someone who has or intends to be boosted, our Boostee Channels explained:
  25. → #pve-pricelist most prices will be here, if there is something not listed you may request the price by PMing @Council  or asking in #chat-and-support
  26. → #announcement  - this is where Boostee special offers, flash deals and updates will be
  27. → #booking-requests  - here you can request a booking of a set/listed boost, if you have any queries you can ask @Council  and we will PM you to answer any questions you may have
  28. → #customer-reviews  - here you can see reviews from previous customers, once you’ve completed your own boost you have the opportunity to share your own opinions and review us too
  29. → #chat-and-support  - here you can interact with other Boostees, ask them about their experiences, general chat
  31. :loud_sound: Boostee Voice- is available just in case you would rather talk to someone about your boost over voice communication, we are happy to answer questions, explain things in more detail
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