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  1. <color=#00ffffff><b><size=35><align="center">Welcome to the server!</align></size></b></color>
  3. <size=20><link=""><color=#a1b7ff><align="center">Feel free to join our <b>Discord. (Click here to join!)</b></align></color></link></size>
  5. <color=#00f2ff><b><size=20><align="center"><link="">Click here to see the Server Plugins.</link></align></size></b></color>
  7. <size=22><color=#ff0000><align="center"><b>Server Rules</b></align></color></size>
  9. <size=15><color=#ff0000>1. Sexist, racist, homophobic or any other derogatory language or behavior will not be tolerated.
  10. <color=#ff0000>2</color>. Hackers and exploiters will be permanantly banned.
  11. <color=#ff0000>3</color>. No holding up the round for no reason. You're not allowed to sit AFK in a corner.
  12. <color=#ff0000>4</color>. If someone is micspamming, please use the "mute" feature by pressing the N key.
  13. <color=#ff0000>5</color>. All teaming is allowed on this server. You may team with whoever you'd like as long as you are not stalling the round.
  14. <color=#ff0000>6</color>. Please listen to the <color=#00cf37>Admins</color>, <color=#a1a1a1>Moderators</color> and <color=#0091ff>Helpers</color>.
  15. <color=#ff0000>7</color>. <color=#00ff66>Be kind</color>. Everyone is here to have a good time. Remember that it's only a game!</size>
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