Shit I want to write

Apr 21st, 2016
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  1. Listed in no particular order
  4. >Something involving Flash Sentry where he is involved with the antagonist's business, but isn't the villain.
  5. >I remember reading an RGRE/Marital Problems thing where Time Turner was the "waifu stealer", only it turned out that he didn't have any malicious intent; he was just there, trying to be happy with his new waifus.
  6. >Anon in IRL horsequestria
  7. >RGRE only the ponies look like IRL horses. like, horses. Weird long faces, eyes on the side of the head, thin legs, strange teeth; etc. They want Anon's dick, but Anon really REALLY doesn't want to stick his penis inside a horse.
  8. >Some AnonxChrysalis story
  9. >Changelings heal quickly idk b/c vomited healing changeling goo. Anon, not so much.
  10. >"Anon! Come back, cuddlebug, I can fix that! *HURRK HEARUUAKK*"
  11. >>"Get back, Chrysalis! It'll heal on its' own for god's sake! Get that shit AWAY from me!"
  12. >Rarity in Estrus (DONE)
  13. >Apple of her Eye (HIATUS)
  14. >Pone Noir
  15. >Twilight == Anon's kid (Being done by Amphetanon) (I'M NOT GOING TO WORK ON THIS)
  16. >Days are really really short but ponies still live as long as Anon does
  17. >More cuddle monster
  18. >idk gamer anon? Haven't seen that in the thread lately
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