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  1. AnimeLast Tuesday at 20:13
  2. xdd
  3. bro you shouldve said he teach can the teachers
  4. ......
  5. sounds more sense
  6. its robos english after all
  7. AnimeLast Tuesday at 19:45
  8. bro
  9. so hows robo english subject going at school you are getting straight A+?
  10. AnimeLast Monday at 17:28
  11. nignog
  12. today robo told me random stuff for no reason
  13. i swear this guy...
  14. AnimeLast Monday at 16:33
  15. Robo- usman is a guy who hates samp but plays it because of exam
  17. Anime09/03/2019
  18. robo when he sees nancy is online
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