ota 2 afterword

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  1. Afterword
  3. Thank you so much for purchasing “The Otaku in 2200 A.D. 2”.
  4. As always, I really love drawing this kind of adult stuff in a sci-fi context. I work really hard to translate my ideas onto paper.
  5. It was really tough making the design for the teleportation machine in the underwater city Obaio. What did you think of that sci-fi SM play with being forced to fuse with a machine?
  6. Support Machine, Support Girl. Just I was kind of struggling with the concept of “how exactly would sex with a robot work?”, I happened to watch “Bladerunner 2049”, the sequel to that masterpiece.
  7. Not only were artificial human replicants having sex, but they were also doing XXXX with humans too?! I was really shocked with how the setting totally ruined what the previous entry set up, but at the same time, I went ahead and drew a sex scene with Support Girl. After all, if it’s in “Bladerunner”, then that should be good enough, lol.
  8. Now, the toughest hurdle this time around was Madam L’s super long breasts!!
  9. Personally speaking, I find that to be pretty hot, but I know they're probably aren’t many people who would feel the same way… I’ll be doing a sex scene with this next time around, too!!
  11. Nakajima Chousuke
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