MGE Side III Thunderbird's Nest

May 9th, 2020
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  1. This “Thunderbird’s Nest*” isn’t a live house, but a self-proclaimed “Live Box” with many shops set up all over Saida.
  2. There are no wide stages or guest seats. There are only a number of cramped rooms that are a little smaller than a private room. I suppose it’s a place that really feels like a box meant just for singing.
  3. However, when you feel like singing, or when you want to make a little noise, it’s convenient because you can easily rent a room and sing, and you also can’t hear any sounds from neighboring rooms.
  4. As you can see, there’s a sofa bed that’s comfortable to sit on or sleep in, and if you ask an employee, they will lend you a pillow stuffed with Weresheep wool, so there are many people that rent a room to take a break.
  5. Also, since we entered with my membership card, the employees can get you something to drink if you ask.
  7. Unlike other live houses, this place is often used by monsters that aren’t song maidens and male guests to sing themselves, instead of listening to songs. It seems there are many ways to enjoy yourself, either singing alone or with friends.
  8. However, the most common thing is for a woman to bring a man along to use it together, like we are now.
  9. I touched your thigh? It’s cramped in here, so be patient.
  10. Since this room is so small and no sound leaks outside, one’s singing voice echoes a lot and remains inside the room.
  11. With a distance like this where you can touch each other’s bodies, you can only sing towards the man in front of you. Yeah, without a doubt, it’ll become a problem.
  12. It’s just the right size for fucking, and if you do fuck, you can’t hear the voices outside, so girls that get excited from listening to a song maiden’s live performance often bring a man here for that purpose from the beginning.
  14. Since it’s cheaper compared to other inns, men traveling alone also use it to cut lodging costs, but it might not be safe because there are no locks, and there are many monsters without men in the shop.
  15. When it’s crowded, it becomes a shared room, and if a band looking for a male member comes in, the staff may take notice and make the smart move putting them into a room with a man by himself.
  17. By the way, I’ve been looking at you since a while ago, and I’m dying to sing something.
  18. Is it alright if I sing a song?
  19. It’s okay. If you get turned on, I’ll pull it out…♥
  21. *instead of the usual katakana for thunderbird, this uses the word 雷鳥, which are the kanji for thunder and bird.
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