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  1. ======== SAMPLE 3 ========
  2.  come in the shade of the trees,
  3. With its brown, golden-tinged lips.
  4. And along the dim forest,
  5. Where the winds in a glee,
  6. And the brown leaves dance with the waves of the foam,
  7. A ring is held fast by the elm tree.
  8. A chain of joy-riddled flowers
  9. Are swinging to greet the sky,
  10. And a boy and a girl come out to the glen and yell and cry.
  11. And the big green trees are blowing
  12. And lifting high their heads
  13. Over the forest.
  14. And in the shade
  15. With a sigh
  16. Down the deep, grey wood
  17. Comes the rain
  18. And the wind
  19. And the leaves mingle.
  20. Over the trees,
  21. Like black bees
  22. They swarm and clamor,
  23. And the rain
  24. Ripples their sprouts
  25. And swells and rumbles.
  26. O for the deep blue air
  27. And for the sky,
  28. And for the clouds on-waking
  29. Over and under
  30. In the soft, wet wind;
  31. And for the winds
  32. Blowing over
  33. The world with a shout,
  34. And for the wild white horses
  35. And the wild white horses.
  36. For every wind that shakes
  37. Across the trees,
  38. Just like a snake's head
  39. Is shivered by the breeze,
  40. Like a leaf that shakes
  41. And wearily creeps
  42. To where in the shadow the leaves are,
  43. One black bird drifts
  44. With his shadow
  45. Under the eaves,
  46. And a girl that screams and gazes,
  47. With a bundle of quails
  48. And a rope cuts down on her nose.
  49. Her hair is black, but the throat of that girl
  50. Has long black eyes
  51. To see where the shadow lets through the leaves.
  52. She's roguish and proud,
  53. She is proud of it,
  54. And she lets you weep
  55. When the leafy pines
  56. Fall into their places.
  57. But her father keeps the garden that's hard
  58. For a child to grow up in, like the rabbits in the fields.
  59. For the wind and the rain,
  60. And for the shade
  61. And for all your pain,
  62. So the garden flowers
  63. Must shut the book in.
  64. "I know that you need me to shut your room," she said,
  65. "You who are dear to my hearts, and you are to me so stern and kind!
  66. I cannot come in for more steps but you will have your hand
  67. and I want you to come along.
  68. Come down, O sweet,
  69. And we'll be going to meet you in a quiet way."
  70. She looked at him with her shawl, but her face was white and
  71. less.
  72. She gave the room a shawl of silver, and took the shining
  73. And one who sat alone beside her came forth from the window,
  74. But his face was deep and his eyes were dark, and his face was
  75. seared
  76. As he looked about on the city, she had been himself so sweet
  77. That he seemed to know that he loved her with a soft, unselfish
  78. And he had become so humble that the room was almost hidden
  79. As he wandered among the flowers in the garden suddenly,
  80. And the tears ran over his eyes.
  81. "Do you want him now, dear? I can hardly hope," he cried,
  82. "You are dying for yourself.  Come home, O sweet, to me,
  83. Loved one, for my heart will ache then what the words may be.
  84. I will put away my sorrow by the way alone that's known,
  85. And it shall be a grave for him, for I am sure that you are
  86. heirless,
  87. And yet have you in my service.  If you were my friend,
  88. For these are the words you are saying."
  89. Hush, O sweet one!
  90. I am come to the town, where every tree is laden
  91. With dainty apples and sherry blossoms and melon.
  92. No man stirs his bed; I'm going, O sweet one, to the town.
  93. The bell rings, and straightway, hark to the glad, happy bells;
  94. What a market!
  95. I am coming!
  96. It is not like my father; I am coming!
  97. The bell rings.
  98. Is he in the church?
  99. I am here.
  100. Be not afraid, but come with me, O dear,
  101. And open wide your doors, and let me out!
  102. Now, O sweet one, open, wide your doors, and let me out!
  103. I have come up to you, come up, O dear one, to you, to you!
  104. Come down! Come down! Oh, lightly, gently, to my neck,
  105. So you are dancing!
  106. Come down! Come down, sweet one, from my bosom,
  107. A little measure!
  108. I am afraid to open your gate, and you may go in,
  109. And
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