From Hell To Home 5.5

Feb 2nd, 2018
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  1. >"Why exactly did I have to come with you again?"
  2. >Be Celestia
  3. >Not the magical horse god princess, but the principal
  4. >Usually, you'd be at your school right now looking over some paperwork or taking phone calls or some other stressful, irritating thing
  5. >But today, for the first time in a very long time, you had decided to take the day off
  6. >Your day off wasn't going to be all fun and games, however
  7. >Some very important errands to run; the most important of which you were doing at this very moment
  8. >Your home computer, which had served you very well for the past eight years, had finally died on you
  9. >Usually this wouldn't have been a problem, you would have just done have gone out and gotten a new one at the local Wally Wurld ten minutes from your house
  10. >The VERY big problem was that you had some very important documents on your broken computer at the moment
  11. >Documents that needed to be kept, looked at, and stored
  12. >So, since you didn't want to deal with the headache of going through the proper channels to get them again, had decided to go to the computer shop that had just opened up to see if they could be recovered
  13. >You honestly didn't have too much hope--since your computer was so broken that the thing wouldn't even turn on now-- but you thought that you'd see if anything could be salvaged
  14. >Since Luna had taken your car to work, you had decided to just walk to this computer store
  15. >But, as luck would have it, you didn't have to carry your oddly heavy pc all by yourself
  16. >Superintendent Chrysalis, your old college buddy/boss, had also taken the day off, though her reasons for doing so weren't as pressing as yours
  17. >Though she might have been one of the best superintendents that Canterlot High had ever had, Chrysalis was infamous for her... leisurely view on getting work done
  18. >That and hitting on every one of the faculty member's husbands
  19. >... And her ridiculous laugh
  20. >However, despite all of these things, you knew she'd be there if you asked her for help
  21. >Sure, she'd whine and complain and demand that you buy her lunch for her help, but she'd be there
  22. >Which was why she was holding your computer monitor and keyboard as the two of you made your way down the street
  23. "What, you don't enjoy my company?" you asked, looking at the tall black woman beside you
  24. >Chrysalis snorted
  25. >"I'd rather be at home flirting with my new next door neighbor, thank you very much."
  26. >You rolled your eyes
  27. "I'm guessing that he had a wife?" you asked
  28. >Chrysalis, as shameless as she was, nodded
  29. >"Yep. From what he's told me they've been fighting a lot though."
  30. >You couldn't help but shake your head
  31. "Someday someone's going to really lose their temper and you're going to walk away with a lot more than a chewing out or a black eye."
  32. >"Please have a bit more faith in me that that, Cel," Chrysalis said, nudging your shoulder with her own. "I've been perfecting my art since high school."
  33. "Trying to sleep with married men is an art?"
  34. >Chrysalis didn't seem to notice--or care about--the dryness in your tone
  35. >She just puffed her chest out and smiled her animalistic, razor-like smile
  36. >"The greatest of arts," she said, a glint in her eye as she looked over at you. "You should try it sometime."
  37. >The wind suddenly picked up, blowing your hair into your face, making you wish, for at least the fifth time that day, that you had put it into a ponytail
  38. "No thank you. Unlike you, I'd like to think that I have some class," you said, trying, and very much failing, to blow the hair out of your eyes
  39. >"Class smass," Chrysalis said with a wave of her hand. "What you need is some cock, sis."
  40. >Your brow furrowed as a few of the other people sharing the sidewalk with you and Chrysalis turned around to look at the two of you
  41. >Yep...
  42. >She did say that a little too loudly...
  43. >And yep, those were disapproving looks...
  44. >Hopefully no one recognized you, otherwise you were going to get an earful at the next school board meeting...
  45. "No, what I need is to get this computer looked at. I also need you to keep your voice down so that you're not shouting obscenities."
  46. >"A good fuck really releases the tension, Cel," Chrysalis said, completely ignoring what you said. "And look at you, you're practically a ball of tension."
  47. "I'm fine," you assured, shifting the computer in your hands to a more comfortable position. "I--"
  48. >"You know, I know a few... looser gentlemen that wouldn't mind giving you a ride," Chrysalis said, nudging you again. "I can give one or two a call if you'd like, then maybe you wouldn't look like you were about to bust an ovary."
  49. >More disapproving, some bordering on angry, looks
  50. >Looks from some people that you knew
  51. >People that LOVED to come to school board meetings to scream about any little old thing
  52. >Welp...
  53. "Chrysalis, I swear to the Goddess if you don't keep your voice down..." you grumbled, keeping your head down
  54. >Chrysalis lazily looked around at the people glaring at her
  55. >Instead of shutting her mouth and hurrying along she grinned
  56. >Kisses were blown at men, stare down matches were started with woman, she even threw out a few rude gestures, which were quickly and wholeheartedly returned
  57. >You resisted the urge to groan as you felt a headache coming on
  58. "Luna should have let me have her car this morning..." you mumbled to yourself
  59. >Looking over at your friend, you gave her side a slap
  60. >While that stopped Chrysalis's shenanigans, it unfortunately turned her attention back toward you
  61. >"If you're not looking for those kind of guys why don't the two of us go out sometime?" she asked. "We'll find someone that wants to fuck your big ass."
  62. >You snorted
  63. "You're just as tall as me--"
  64. >You looked around before leaning toward her
  65. "--cuntlicker, and unlike you I have some standards when looking for guys."
  66. >One criteria more specifically
  67. >A standard that, to your dismay, had never been fulfilled
  68. >Sure, you had swung it with the best of them when you were younger
  69. >A few kisses here, some playful groping, a seven minutes in heaven session where the guy had gone down on you the whole time
  70. >There had even been one or two nights of wild passion
  71. >But you were starting to get along in the years now
  72. >You weren't interested in that kind of stuff anymore
  73. >You weren't Chrysalis; you didn't want to sneak around with married men and just out of high school men
  74. >Something that you found WILDLY inappropriate and had tried many, many times to get her to stop, with little to no success
  75. >You wanted to settle down with someone
  76. >Find a nice little house together
  77. >Have a few wonderful, beautiful children with that you'd take down south to the beach during the summer
  78. >Maybe have a white picket fence and a dog or two while you were at it
  79. >But, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't find someone that met your single criteria
  80. >You wanted a guy to be taller than you
  81. >Only two people knew about this criteria
  82. >One of them was your sister, who probably knew more about you than you did
  83. >The other one was the irritating, horndog of a woman standing right next to you
  84. >And just like you the two of them no doubt suspected you were fighting a losing battle
  85. >All your life you had been on the bigger size
  86. >In high school you had been a head taller than the tallest girls in your class
  87. >You had absolutely towered over most of the guys, both students and teachers alike, so much so that there had been a running joke that your father must have been a giraffe
  88. >You had thought that it would get better in college, but even then you had continued to grow until you were the towering woman that you were today
  89. >No matter where you looked, whether you used dating websites, traveled around the country, or wished upon stars, there was no man that you could look up to
  90. >And that hurt...
  91. >You watched as Chrysalis's expression softened
  92. >"Hey, I'm sure you'll find someone, Cel," she said, giving your ribs a soft nudge. "I believe that virgins get their wishes granted if they ask long enough."
  93. >You guffawed
  94. "Oh fuc--"
  95. >Out of the corner of your eye you could see a disapproving father carrying his child looking your way
  96. "--fudgsicle. You're a Fudgesicle."
  97. >Chrysalis laughed that ridiculous laugh of hers
  98. >"Come on fudgsicle. It looks like the store's right over there."
  99. >Sure enough, there was the computer store at the end of the street
  100. >From what you've been told it had just been opened recently, but people were already singing its praises
  101. >You rolled your shoulders
  102. "Good. Let's hurry then. Carrying this computer is starting to hurt my back."
  103. >The both of you picked up your pace down the street
  104. >Even this early in the morning you could see a constant stream of people coming in and out of the store
  105. "My goodness, people weren't kidding when they said this store is busy," you said
  106. >Chrysalis's expression soured
  107. >"Hopefully we're not here the whole day..."
  108. >As the two of you closed in on the store you looked at your friend
  109. "Oh don't be such a big baby," you said. "I already said that I was going to feed you after this, so don't--"
  110. >As you talked, you saw that the door to the store had been pushed wide open by someone leaving
  111. >Not fully paying attention, you picked up the pace, trying to get through the door before it closed
  112. >If you hadn't been looking at Chrysalis, you would have noticed that the door was closing quite a bit faster than you had thought
  113. "Omph!"
  114. >You winced as the edge of the door hit the back of your hand
  115. >Your head snapped to the door and, seeing that it was precariously close to your face, you jerked your head back
  116. >This caused a sudden shift in balance, which caused the top of your shoe to catch on the metal bit in the doorway
  117. "Son of a--!"
  118. >You stumbled forward with your computer in hand
  119. >You might have fallen on top of it, no doubt smashing your computer to pieces and hurting yourself in the process, when a pair of hands stopped your fall
  120. >"Easy there ma'am. I know you're excited to shop but you don't need to hurt yourself to do it."
  121. >That was a male's voice...
  122. >A young man by the sound of it
  123. >And you had just bowled into the poor dear like some kind of yak
  124. >You blushed, feeling incredibly silly
  125. "Oh my goodness. I'm terribly soooooooooo..."
  126. >You looked up, and up, and up until you were staring up at your savor
  127. >He was staring down at you with a warm smile
  128. >...
  129. >Staring down...
  130. >He was staring down at you...
  131. >You blinked, looking at the very large hands holding you up
  132. >"Are you alright there, ma'am?" the male asked. "Do you need to sit down? Are you dizzy?"
  133. >You barely heard him as you stood up back to your full height
  134. >Sure enough, it was no perspective trick
  135. >He was still taller than you...
  136. >A good deal taller...
  137. >Your eyes widened and your mouth began to open and close
  138. >Your heart rate spiked and you could feel yourself getting dizzy
  139. >A million thought came to mind, as well as a million questions, and a million emotions
  140. >You, who prided yourself in your ability to stay calm and collected, were utterly and completely floored
  141. "I-I, w-w-well..." you shimmered, trying to say something somewhat intelligent
  142. >The male's smile left his face
  143. >A look of concern replaced it
  144. >"Come on, let's sit you down," he said, giving your shoulder a squeeze. "I'll see if there's anything in the back for you to drink. Here, let me take that off your hands."
  145. >He took your computer out of your hands and tucked it under his arm
  146. >He then wrapped an arm around your shoulder and led you somewhere
  147. >You had no idea where
  148. >For all you knew no one else was in that store
  149. >For all you knew you weren't in a store anymore
  150. >There was just you and that giant man
  151. >...
  152. >OhsweetGoddessyourchildrenwouldbesobigandbeaufitul...
  153. >You had absolutely no idea how long you walked, but another squeeze of your shoulder brought you back to some semblance of reality
  154. >You looked around to see that you were now standing next to a table with some stools
  155. >Looking back at the male, you saw that he had leaned down somewhat do that the two of you were face to face
  156. >Your heart fluttered, and if it weren't for him still holding onto you you might have fallen over
  157. >"Can you sit down yourself, or do you need some help?" he asked
  158. >Your tongue poked out of your mouth so that you could wet your lips
  159. >Taking a deep breath--or as deep of a breath as you could-- you opened your mouth to speak
  160. "Haaiaha..."
  161. >...
  162. >Dammit...
  163. >The male raised an eyebrow
  164. >"Alrighty then. That answers that," he said, putting your computer down on the desk. "Okay, I'm gonna pick you up alright? There you go..."
  165. >You felt a hand be placed on your back and bottom
  166. >The male, with barely a grunt, picked you up and placed you onto the stool
  167. >Before he let you go however, you couldn't help but inhale his scent deeply
  168. >"Alright. Ma'am? Could you watch your friend for a second while I get her something to drink? If she's not better after that we'll see if we need to call an ambulance or something like that."
  169. >You felt a hand on your shoulder
  170. >Looking up, you saw Chrysalis standing right next to you
  171. >Though she was doing her best to appear calm, you could see that she was almost as floored as you
  172. >"Um yes. Thank you," she said, her voice completely devoid of any flirtation or seduction
  173. >The male nodded, his beautiful, wonderful smiling returning to his big, handsome, marvelous face
  174. >"Good. I'll be right back," he said, looking back at you. "Now don't go passing out on me or anything, okay?"
  175. >Again you opened your mouth to try to say something
  176. "Houuuh...?"
  177. >Without another word, the man turned around and walked toward a black door on the other side of the building
  178. >Both you and Chrysalis watched him go, not taking your eyes off of him until he had disappeared through the door
  179. "That... is a very large man," Chrysalis said after a moment
  180. >You could only nod, still fighting off... well, everything really
  181. >Chrysalis looked down at you
  182. >Though you might have been as out of it as you had ever been, you could see a range of emotions flashing across her face
  183. >Disbelief, joy, shock, confusion, thoughtfulness
  184. >After a moment or two her brow eventually furrowed
  185. >"Are you alright?" she asked, pressing the back of her hand against your forehead. "I might not be a doctor, but you look a little... pale."
  186. >You nodded slowly, not taking your eyes off of the door the male had just walked through
  187. "I'm fine," you said, sounding a little breathless even to your ears. "Better than fine actually."
  188. >A brief flash of relief came to Chrysalis's face before her razor-like smile returned
  189. >"Good."
  190. >She looked over at the door, her green eyes thoughtful
  191. >"I think you made a rather poor impression there, Cel," she said matter of factly
  192. >You nodded again, a blush coloring your cheeks
  193. "Yes. I believe that you're correct."
  194. >Chrysalis hummed, drumming her fingers against your shoulder in the same way she did when the two of you were in college
  195. >Looking up at her, you saw that her expression had once again changed
  196. >Now it was more predatory, hungry almost
  197. >"When he comes back you let me do the talking," she said, rolling up her sleeves and unbuttoning the top two buttons of her dress shirt. "Watch me work my magic."
  199. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  201. >Be Anon
  202. >You were home after another great day at work
  203. >Both you and Sunset were sitting on her couch watching TV
  204. >Since neither of you had wanted to cook, you had ordered a couple of pizzas, which were sitting on the table in front of you
  205. >"So you met Principal Celestia then?" Sunset asked, reaching for another slice of pizza
  206. "Yep. I almost had to carry her through the lobby so I could find her someplace to sit," you said, helping yourself to a drink of water.
  207. >"Really?"
  208. "Yep. She was real out of it."
  209. >Sunset made a face
  210. >"Huh... Did you ever figure out what was wrong with her?" she asked
  211. >You shrugged
  212. "I just figured the sun got to her," you said. "It was pretty hot today, and she did say that she walked the whole way to the shop."
  213. >You had been a bit worried about her passing out at first, but after you got a few cups of cold water in her she seemed fine
  214. >The principal seemed like a really nice woman; a heck of a lot nicer than her pain in the ass horse version
  215. >A bit quiet, and she had a bit of trouble looking you in the eye--which you thought was a bit weird, what her being a principal and all-- but she seemed nice all the same
  216. >Even her friend Chrysalis seemed like a pretty nice gal, though she was one hell of a talker, and friendly too
  217. >Horse Twiggles had told you about her Chrysalis once upon a time
  218. >She was a villain or something like that, and one of those weirdo colorful hippie bugs
  219. >But she didn't seem all that hippie-ish
  220. >In fact, from what she had told you, she was a superintendent, one of the youngest that the school had ever had
  221. >Though she didn't explicitly state how she managed to get the job, you had a feeling that the woman talked her way into it
  222. >She just had a... way of talking
  223. >You honestly couldn't explain it
  224. >All you knew was that before her and Celestia had left she somehow managed to get your phone number...
  225. >Splaying yourself out on the couch a little more
  226. "Whatever was wrong with her, she seemed right as rain by the time she left," you told your tiny bacon-haired roommate. "And she insisted I get a tip for helping her out, so there's that."
  227. >"Tips are always good," Sunset said with a nod, reaching over and picking up the remote. "Hey, do you wanna see if there's any good horror movies on?"
  228. "Heck yeah," you said, lazily pumping a fist into the air. "Change that channel sister."
  229. >As Sunset did that you felt your phone buzz in your pocket
  230. >Huh...
  231. >Who the heck was bothering you this late...?
  232. >Digging into your pocket, you pulled out your phone to see that you got a text with a picture attachment
  233. >Hmm...
  234. >It looked like the number Chrysalis gave you...
  235. >Sunset, noticing that you were looking at your phone, leaned up to look at your screen
  236. >"Someone send you a text?" she asked
  237. "Someone did, you neb noser," you replied tilting the phone away from her
  238. >Sunset grinned before sticking her tongue out at you
  239. >You replied by sticking out your own tongue
  240. >Now...
  241. >Lets see what the superintendent wanted...
  242. >You clicked on the attachment
  243. >To your surprise, you saw that it was a picture of a scantily clad black woman
  244. >You couldn't see her face, but you recognized that green hair
  245. >Standing next to her was an equally scantily clad white woman with rainbow hair
  246. >Both women were pressed together, their full, perky, barely covered breasts jutting out so that you could see the maximum amount of cleavage they both could bring to bear
  247. >The text itself read "Thinking of you stud. Hope you're thinking about us~"
  248. >...
  249. >Huh...
  250. >...
  251. >You don’t think you’ve ever seen anyone cut designs in their pubes like that before...
  252. >Raising an eyebrow, you looked over at Sunset
  253. "Looks like I get a tip and a bit extra," you said, showing her what was on your phone's screen
  254. >The expression on her face when she saw the picture made you laugh
  255. >Man...
  256. >Some crazy shit happens at computer stores...
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