The Change Up (Penny Smut)

May 8th, 2015
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  1. You are Anon. You're enjoying a quiet night in your dorm room with Penny while your friends are in town to celebrating passing all their exams.
  3. "Hey, um, A-Anon," Penny stammers your name as she lays in your lap on the bed, "I was just wondering, can we try something...a little different tonight?"
  5. "Hm?” You look away from the book you're reading, “What do you mean," You ask her.
  7. "W-well earlier I was reading this book *hiccup* and it said-"
  9. "Penny..."
  11. "...I was talking to Yang...about...relationships," Penny pauses every so often as she speaks.
  13. Oh no. No no no. What is this? What just happened? Did you do something? Did you not do something? Is this about hitting the toaster so it would work? Luckily playing cards with the guys so much has helped you develop a good poker face, so all your screaming is being done strictly internally.
  15. "I want be..." a deep red blush comes across her face as she tries to say whatever it is she's trying to.
  17. "Penny, whatever it is, you can tell me," You tell her with a nervous smile, still unsure of what brought any of this on.
  19. "I want to" She finally says it, raising upright.
  21. "Come again?"
  23. "I want to be the...dominant one tonight Anon,” she tells you as she fiddles with her hands, “Yang said that it is healthy for a couple to switch roles in a relationship every so often." The blush on her face is some how an even darker red now.
  25. You stare at her, dumbstruck by her sudden suggestion, as she buries her face in the palms of her hands. How can you possibly say no to that face?
  27. "Um...Okay," You tell her.
  29. Trick question. You can't.
  31. She perks up and moves her face mere inches from yours and smiles widely.
  33. "Really? You mean it," She asks you, "I can be the dom tonight?"
  35. "Of course you can," You smile and reach to stroke her face.
  37. Before you can reach her though, she grabs your hand and shoves you back on the bed. Before you know it, she has her legs spread over you and she leans in to your face.
  39. "I did not give you permission to touch me, Anon," she says sternly, her knee pressing against your crotch, "you should be punished."
  41. As you lay on your bed, Penny pressed on top of you, you can't help but think blame Yang for this. As soon as you finish this thought, Penny raises off of you laying on the other end of the bed.
  43. "But since it's your first strike," she rubs her foot against your crotch, "I think that I will make it light...this time."
  45. The smile she wears is seductive, yet looks so...villainous. She brings back her foot and removes her thigh high slowly, teasing you with those amazing and slender legs of hers. Then she presses her bare foot back against your pants, rubbing your cock with it, her toes gripping you like her fingers would. Your breathing becomes uneven and she notices. She gives a coy smile.
  47. "Oh anon, I knew you enjoyed looking at my legs," she giggles, "But i did not realize you enjoyed my feet quite this much."
  49. You now stand fully erect under your clothing as you feel her foot rub up and down your lengthy member. After teasing you for a few minutes she uses her toes to fiddle with you zipper, finally managing to get it undone, and starts rubbing you through your boxers with just her big toe. You twitch against her and she giggles.
  51. Penny pulls her leg back, and slowly takes her other stocking off to tease you more. She beckons you towards her with her finger. You get up and lean towards her, but she presses her foot to your chest to keep you from getting too close. She starts fingering herself through her panties as she wraps a leg around your neck, and rubs our face with her other foot.
  53. "You know what I want Anon," She runs a hand through your hair, "N-now be a good d-dog and get to it."
  55. You blush and grab her leg and kiss her foot. You pay special attention to her digits, kissing each one of them, before you start working your way down her leg. Inch by inch you kiss her legs as you get closer and closer to your goal.
  57. "Y-You really do like my feet don't little p-pervert."
  59. You shift your gaze to her and see her blushing face, and you remember that this is her first time trying to be dominant with you. In fact she's probably just doing things that Yang told her when they talked. Or she looked it up online. Either way, you decide to help make it convincing.
  61. "Y-yes mistress, of course, I...I love every part of you. I-I live only to pleasure you."
  63. You finally make your way down her leg, and she wraps it around you with the other. You go to move her panties out of the way, but she stops you again.
  65. "No hands. You may only use your mouth dirty boy," She grips your hair. Playing along seems to have helped her confidence, at least a little.
  67. You smile to yourself inside and start licking her through her panties. She tightens and loosens her grip on your hair in rhythm with your tongue licks. You decide to stop teasing her and you use your teeth to start pulling her panties down, slowly tugging down each side little by little, until you see her cute little slit all wet and eager for you.
  69. You don't leave it waiting and eagerly start running your tongue up and down her wet slit, savoring her taste and being sure to pay special attention to her clit, causing her to try and stifle a moan, and you swear you here her saying 'good boy' under her breath.
  71. Minutes pass as you pleasure Penny with your tongue when she lets out a moan and her squeeze you tighter against her as she cums. She catches her breath for a brief moment before using her legs to push you back to the other side of the bed, and she crawls towards you on all fours.
  73. "That's my good little boy," she says, stroking your chin with a finger, "I suppose you should get a treat for that."
  75. She stares you down and smiles as she runs a hand down your chest, unbuttoning your pants, and starts to stroke you through your boxers. You press against your boxers and Penny giggles.
  77. "Poor Anon," she coos, "You want to get off so bad don't you. You want to cum all over me I bet."
  79. Whoa now, where did THIS Penny come from? She pulls the waist band of your boxers down, exposing you just below the head of your cock, pre-cum already dripping from it, and she teases the tip between two of her fingers.
  81. "I bet you wanna cum all over my tits don't you," she says, fondling her (small) chest with her other hand.
  83. Yeah, no doubt she got that one from Yang, you tell yourself as you look at her tiny chest. Not that that makes her wrong. You lose your train of thought when she reaches in your boxers and grips your shaft tight, causing you to gasp. You blush at your outburst which just excites Penny more, and she starts pumping your dick up and down.
  85. "You're enjoying this aren't you," she questions you, "You like doing as I say don't you, Anon?"
  87. Your face is heating up, and your breathing becomes rapid as you stare into her green eyes. You've already come this far, so you might as well go all the way. You lean your head forward, your lips near her ear.
  89. "I love it," you tell her, then turn and stare into her glowing green eyes, "...mistress."
  91. No sooner than you finish saying that, Penny crashes her lips against yours and you both moan before opening for each others tongues, with hers over powering yours and using it to dominate the inside of your mouth. You feel her pulling at your hair and you moan again as she continues pumping your cock. She breaks the kiss and brings the hand she was jerking you with, your pre-cum visible on her fingers, up to her mouth before stopping and looking at you.
  93. She puts on of her fingers on your lips, rubbing your slick pre-cum over them, and orders you to open. You nod like a good little boy and open your mouth, and she sticks her finger in your mouth.
  95. "Suck it," she tells you.
  97. Again, you obey her and close your lips on her finger, wrapping your tongue around it, and you can taste yourself on her finger. Sweet, but a little...salty? She starts thrusting her finger in and out of your mouth, making you perform a faux fellatio on her finger, as she throws a leg over you and rubs her wet slit against your still throbbing cock. She takes her finger back from your mouth, your saliva replacing the pre-cum, and she starts teasing her clit with it as she continues to grind on you. You twitch against her in anticipation, causing her to gasp slightly.
  99. "You really want to fuck me don't you Anon," she says as she starts grinding even faster, "unf...I really...wanna fuck you too Anon. Hehe, you're such a dirty boy, but it's okay, I'm dirty too."
  101. Now you don't know if that was another line from Yang, or if Penny was simply becoming better adjusted to being dominant...but you like it. She moves her hand to keep your member steady as she positions herself over it, her juices dripping onto it, and slowly lowers herself onto you.
  103. "Ah," she gasps as she starts taking you in, "al-almost...there!" She says taking all of you inside.
  105. She undoes her shirt and slips out of it, teasing it down around her shoulders, and throws it on the floor.
  107. “Does my body please you Anon,” She teases, covering her breasts in each hand, “Do you like my tiny chest? Does it turn you on Anon?”
  109. You simply nod your head and she smirks at you. She leans in close, her slender frame presses against you, and she cups your face in her hand. She grins at you before putting her other hand on your hip.
  111. “Hang on tight darling,” she moves her hand from your face up and grabs a hold of your hair, “this is going to be very rough.”
  113. ...You were kind of hoping for her to hiccup on that last part. But she never does, so you steel your self for what's about to happen.
  115. With no hesitation, Penny starts slamming her hips up and down against yours, clenching and tugging on your hair roughly every time she comes back down. She leans back in and you feel her warm breath against your neck before she bites it.
  117. She bites and sucks on spots all over your neck, while not relenting her pounding or hair pulling, and each time her actions cause you to gasp in a mix of pleasure and pain which just makes her want to do it more. When you agreed to do this tonight, you didn't realize just how rough penny was going to be. were getting really turned on by this more assertive Penny. Maybe you should do this more often…
  119. Penny stops biting your neck to shove her tongue back in your mouth. Another tug of your hair makes you moan into her mouth and you feel Penny shudder against your body as she clinches on your member when you do, indicating that she has just reached her climax. She breaks the kiss and breathes heavily against you. When you go to place your hand on her, she grabs it and pins it to your said.
  121. “Nu-uh Anon,” she pants, “No touching. But don't worry, I didn't forget about you.”
  123. She smiles and slides herself off of your throbbing member, scooting herself down until her chest is against it. She starts rubbing her small chest against your cock, and you twitching against her making her chuckle.
  125. “You really do like small chests, you little perv.”
  127. She puts the palm of her hand on the back side of your member, pressing it between her hand and chest and rubs it up and down. Your breathing is faster and unsteady. She smiles and moves back some more until she is face to face with your cock and she gives it a small lick. You twitch excitedly in expectation when you feel her breath against it just before she takes the tip in and runs her tongue around it.
  129. You begin to pant when she starts to stroke your shaft as she licks and you feel yourself on the edge.
  131. “P-Penny, I'm going to...”
  133. She takes you out of her mouth, aiming you at her chest like it's a bulls-eye and strokes you faster.
  135. “Come on anon. Cum all over my chest, I know you want to.”
  137. She pumps you faster and faster, until finally you can't hold back any more and you feel yourself twitch in her hand. You call out her name as you blow your thick load on her chest. A few more small spurts and finally you start to die down as she takes her finger and lightly dabs her chest with it. She licks what she scooped off and smiles happily at you before pouncing you with a tight hug.
  139. “Oh Anon! That was most enjoyable!” She says excitedly, all trace of her controlling demeanor gone.
  141. You smile back not caring that she was staining your shirt, it's do a wash anyway, and wrap your arm around her.
  143. “Yeah, it really was.”
  144. She blushes and looks away awkwardly, similar to how this started.
  146. “What is it Penny? Is something wrong.”
  148. “Um...I know it's late so it won't be tonight, but...there's something else I would like to try if that would be alright,” she stammers as she speaks.
  150. Well...tonight was pretty fun, couldn't hurt...Right?
  152. “What did you have in mind Penny?”
  154. She jumps up excitedly after you ask and run to her bag that she brought with her. You prop yourself up and look over at her when she turns around showing you box that read 'Pattillo Brand 12 inch Duel Ended Strap on. Ribbed for his and her pleasure. Now with vibrate function!” *batteries not included. She takes it out to show you.
  156. “Yang told me that some men enjoy something called pro-”
  158. Before you can open your mouth to protest when fate, being the cruel goddess it is sometimes, intervenes and your team all walk in.
  160. “-State stimulation”
  162. Their eyes shift between Penny (still naked,) The twin sided strap on, and you looking like a deer in head lights...with a cum stain on your shirt.
  164. “T-this isn't what it looks like,” you stammer, your face more red than Yangs eyes when she PMS's.
  166. “W-we'll come back look like you're still in the middle of your own celebration.”
  168. They all slowly step back into the hall, the door closing behind them.
  170. “That was very polite of them. Wouldn't you agree Anon?” Penny asks, strap on still in hand.
  172. You look at your young, cute, and oh so naive girlfriend.
  174. “Penny,” you sigh and shake your head, “I love you.”
  176. You fall back on your bed and close your eyes, and a few second later you feel Penny's arms wrap around you.
  178. “I love you too Anon,”
  181. “Hey Anon?”
  183. “Yeah Penny?”
  185. “Is that a strap on in your pocket or-”
  187. “Stop hanging out with Yang!”
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