Backgrounds of Fate: Camp

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  1. >You shut the door and barely made it to the wooden shelf that served as your bed.
  2. >You didn't make it on to it when you climbed though, instead doubling over and clutching your side.
  3. >A hiss of pain escaped your mouth.
  4. >You do not have a name.
  5. >But that hardly mattered right now because you have never hurt this much in your life
  6. >You removed your hole filled forelegs to reveal a terrifying sight.
  7. >You cracked your chitin!
  8. >Green ichor flowed from a crack between the two largest plates on your back.
  9. >You took a nasty fall while pulling a cart in the mines.
  10. >You felt a few pangs of sympathy from your brothers and sisters but mostly hate.
  11. >Hatred for slowing up productivity.
  12. >You could have gotten everyone in your work squad executed for that.
  13. >It took a lot of pleading on your part but you got the rest of your shift off on the condition you work a double shift tomorrow.
  14. >You just weren't sure how you were going to make that happen in your condition.
  15. >You could hardly move in your state let alone work.
  16. >After all, injured drones were useless drones.
  17. >Maybe you could...
  18. >Yes...
  19. >That could work.
  20. >You could subsist on the plentiful negative emotions that were in this place.
  21. >This awful... horrible place...
  22. >But if you wanted to recover even just a little bit so you can work those next shifts tomorrow you needed positive emotions.
  23. >The things you would do for just a scrap of love right now...
  24. >You hopped to your hooves.
  25. >Or rather you picked up the tired sack of pain that was your body from the ground.
  26. >You even used the last bit of your magic for this.
  27. >After all if you this didn't succeed you were as good as dead anyways.
  28. >All you needed was a pony to spare some love.
  29. >Just a little bit...
  30. >You'd be fine then.
  31. >You made your way outside and shivered from the cold.
  32. >Hobbling to through the snow, you could see ponies walking on the outside of the high fences.
  33. >Some of them had dogs.
  34. >You wished to but couldn't find it in yourself to scowl.
  35. >Vicious bastards.
  36. >You found yourself in front of a uniformed guard who stood at the base of a watch tower.
  37. >The stallion glowered at you.
  38. >You could feel his hate.
  39. >"What do you want, bug?" he spat.
  40. >You took a shuddering breath before speaking.
  41. "C-could you spare some l-love?"
  42. >It was hard speaking in pony tongue but you managed.
  43. >You tried looking as pitiful as possible but you knew that you weren't visually appealing to ponies so it hardly mattered.
  44. >"And what makes you think I would do that?"
  45. >You tried and failed to think of a reason.
  46. >His horn starts\ed to glow and his expression hardened.
  47. >"Get out of here before you get hurt. All I need is a reason."
  48. >N-no!
  49. >You couldn't give up!
  50. "P-please sir! I just need a little bit! I won't make it tomorrow without it."
  51. >"Yeah, and that sound like a personal problem, you parasite. Now leave, this is your last warning."
  52. "I'll do anything. P-please just a little.
  53. >The unicorn's horn stops glowing and he looks you over.
  54. >"Anything, eh?"
  55. >You look at him in surprise and confusion.
  56. "Yes?"
  57. >Why was he suddenly so excited?
  58. >He smiles and puts a hoof under jaw.
  59. >Not wanting to spurn your chances at getting love, you don't flinch away from it despite how terrified you were right now.
  60. >"I can barely tell you pests apart. You are female, correct?"
  61. >You were only more confused.
  62. "What does that have to d-"
  63. >"If you want love you will answer my question."
  64. "I-I uh, yes."
  65. >"Then this will work out just fine."
  66. >The stallion looks up to the tower calling up.
  67. >"Hey Swift, I'm gonna check out this drones barracks. Says something wrong with it I'll be back!"
  68. >Somepony up top yells down an affirmative.
  69. >"Right then, so you want love?"
  70. >Was this really happening?
  71. "Yes, please!"
  72. >He motions towards the barracks you just came from.
  73. >"Follow me then."
  74. >You do so with glee.
  75. >You struggled to keep up with him through the pain of your injuries but you pushed past it at the prospect of love.
  76. >You didn't expect to receive much but any amount would help you immensely.
  77. >The both of you reached barracks and he ushered you inside quickly.
  78. >When the door closed you somehow felt trapped like a rat in a cage but you didn't know why.
  79. >You turned intending to ask him what he wanted you to change into but you lost your voice at his predatory grin.
  80. >You shrunk a little at how his eye were looking at you up and down.
  81. >... just like a rat in a cage.
  82. >Before you could manage a word you felt magic grip you head and slam your face into a post in the center of the cabin forcing you to yelp in pain.
  83. >His magic held your head uncomfortably in the spot it impacted the post.
  84. >"So you need love huh?"
  85. >You feel another emotion rise in him.
  86. >It wasn't love.
  87. >Whatever it was it seemed like something sour
  88. >It made you want to squirm.
  89. >Things clicked into place for you when you felt him support his weight on your shoulders.
  90. >Lust.
  91. >"I've got all the love you need."
  92. >That's when you felt... him.
  93. >There was no stopping what was about to occur.
  94. >You were too weak.
  95. >The door opens behind you.
  96. >"Silver Spell, what the fuck are you doing?"
  97. >The pony above you curses.
  98. >"Of course he comes in to ruin the fun," you hear him mutter.
  99. >He dismounts you but doesn't release is magical grip on your head meaning you couldn't see anything but wooden post and wall.
  100. >The unicorn speaks to the other pony.
  101. >"Guess what this bug just tried to do."
  102. >You here a gulp and he finishes.
  103. >"S-sir."
  104. >"Just tell me Corporal. I don't like to have my time wasted," the other voice says.
  105. >"This changeling tried to kill me with this."
  106. >"Is that a dagger?"
  107. >There only sounds were that of the winds outside and you trying and failing to cry silently.
  108. >The other pony speaks again.
  109. >Tears ran like rivers from you eyes.
  110. >"That is... unfortunate. We will talk about your... conduct later, Silver Spell. For now you know what to do."
  111. >You heard movement and start to panic.
  112. >You didn't want to die!
  113. >Not like this!
  114. >You cried harder.
  115. "I-I didn't do a-any thing! Plea-"
  116. >You vision flashed white when something impacted the back of your head.
  117. >...
  118. >...
  119. >...
  120. >...
  121. >...
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