PiratesIRC 2018 Changelog

Jul 5th, 2020
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  1. PiratesIRC 2018 Changelog
  4. ---------------December 2018 Changelog---------------
  6. Changes:
  7. Ships auto sail after 4 hours at a port, vice 6 hours
  8. Added slight delay in between item uses
  9. Added holidays to the live map
  10. Idle formula now counts how long a player is idle and does not take in account how many commands/day
  12. Fixes:
  13. Chest Pluck item having unlimited uses
  14. Live weather spawns
  15. Only 1 player needed to raid ports
  16. Troll nickname not being set
  17. Normal ship duels not counting in Goals
  18. Nickname not changing during certain trolls
  19. Number of pirates needed in !P Raid
  20. !P Vouchers adjustments
  21. Ports that change factions actually change
  23. ---------------November 2018 Changelog---------------
  25. Changes:
  26. Added 'squall' weather event
  27. Water based weather events will no longer spawn at inaccessible locations
  28. Bot ships now have a chance to 'hide'
  29. Bot ships will no longer 'hunt' each other
  30. Added !P Newest
  31. When only 0 or 1 player has been active for the past 60 mins, only 1 player is required for !P Crew Sail
  32. Player kept maps now reward 200% more doubloons and have a chance to contain a magical coffer or other items
  33. Zonbi outbreaks, when only 1 pirate is active, during digs and fishes no longer occur
  34. Added 5 additional cheat codes: 031-035
  35. Added a chance for a pirate to defend (!P Defend) again during a Zonbi attack
  36. Hurricanes and Rogue waves now require more pirates to help
  37. Pirates who have overloaded chest (150% or more) items now can have their items lockpicked and can be lockpicked more times per day than usual
  38. All weather events are now functional. If a storm, hurricane, rogue wave moves onto the location your ship is on, an event will start. If the storm remains at the same location, the event will only occur every 30mins
  39. Whirlpools, Water spouts, and vortexes are now live. Each will teleport the ship to a random location
  40. Added magical coffers that can only be unlocked after the pirate has possession for 24 hours. Inside the coffers are unique and powerful items that can affect the game world
  41. Pirates who get brigged and then brigged again will have time added to their sentence
  42. Announcement will be made if mooring at a cell that has treasure on it (!P Scour)
  43. Added method to keep the ship from sailing by players using !P Market over and over
  44. Increased bomb game reward for winning by 20%
  45. Decreased bomb game penalty for losing by 400%
  46. Added achievements: Duel.Zonbi, Duel.Vampire, Sail.into.Storm
  47. The following weather events are now working on the live map: hurricanes, storms, water spouts, rogue waves
  48. Live Map weather events should be avoided. If you sail into them or they into you, a storm event will start. Vortexes/Whirlpools will teleport you randomly if you are not moored
  49. Bokor and Nightmother poisoned sword statuses will be shown only to yourself with !P Weapons
  50. Added Bokor poison at independent and pirate ports. Will turn dueling opponent into a zonbi
  51. Added Nightmother poison at pirate ports. Will turn dueling opponent into a vampire
  52. Freenoders be renamed 'The Golden Hind'
  53. !P Defend Shore n' Patch now have a chance to increase the times Epic Monsters attack giving players more chances to beat the monster
  55. Fixes:
  57. Missing port raid messages
  58. Bot ship robbing other ship's pirates at a port
  59. Solo player crew sailing
  60. When a chest trap makes a lockpick fail, this will be recorded as a fail in !P Stats
  61. Ports not being claimed instantly after the Captain wins a duel against the other ship's captain
  62. !P Sabotage
  63. "max" wagers in games
  64. Overloaded chest message sent to the lockpicker; not the lockpicked chest's owner
  65. Nightmother poison not working after a duel
  66. Ships still being hidden after all ships moor at same port
  67. Incorrect total amount of vouchers in !P Vouchers
  68. Removed ship tasks when anchored
  69. Ships remain hidden (rumors) after mooring beside another ship
  70. Planked Achievement
  71. !P Scour not working in some instances
  72. !P Scour being able to be performed while battling treasure guardian
  73. Bot bounties from other ships
  75. ---------------October 2018 Changelog---------------
  77. Changes:
  78. Added !P Ship Treasures
  79. Increased Global treasure limit to 3 per ship
  80. Vampires will now have a special red vampire nickname
  81. Pirates that were resting (!P Rest) now have a chance to become a vampire
  82. Added vampirism: vampires have +2 power at night (!P time to see day or night), -2 power during the day and can bite other players with !P Bite. vampires last 30mins (or until loses duel) and have a 100% chance to perform a successful bite on resting (!P Rest) players. vamps also have +5 increased stamina
  83. Treasure with guardians will give out increased rewards
  84. Treasures on the live map may be guarded by monsters. Be sure and have enough players active before you !P Scour
  85. Pirates who rob bots on another ship now have a chance to have a bounty posted on them
  86. Pirates who duel bots on another ship and win now have a chance to have a bounty posted on them
  87. Added 5 new cheat codes: 026, 027, 028, 029, 030
  88. Changed up the drinks available at taverns as Pirate Havens have unique drinks
  89. Added Epic items that can be used (!P Used) to teleport the ship, hide your chest, increase power, etc. Epic items will be added to rare events...
  90. Reduced different disease types to 5 vice 10
  91. Pirates who use a cheat code will have a special nickname for a few mins
  92. Pirate Havens have only 2 ship tasks to complete to get underway
  93. When visiting a pirate haven and last visit was >6 hours, the captain receives a favor bonus and a reward
  94. Pirate Havens have 50% discounts at Brothels and Taverns
  95. !P Ship Info formatting
  96. Added random curses to Pirate Markets. The available curses are randomized.
  97. Curses are:
  98. Expel - sends another ship to a random location
  99. Shift - teleports your own ship to location of your choice
  100. Destruction - damages another ship for an hour (or until they repair it at a port)
  101. Decay - ages pirate ye specify a random number of years
  102. Plague - infects a pirate with a disease (will be infected or will have to pay doubloons if under the diseased level)
  103. Imprisonment - traps a pirate for 20mins
  104. Zonbiness - turns a pirate into a zonbi
  105. Pirate ports do not sell goods, but pay for all good types 50% above normal prices
  106. Independent ports pay for all good types -10% of normal prices
  107. Bot ships that are not Pirate will now change pirate ports to the bot ship's faction
  108. Zonbified players now have -1 or -2 duelin' power
  109. Added chance for players who duel, rob, snatch, or troll a Zonbified player to become a Zonbi
  110. Players who be Zonbified will have the nickname 'Zonbi'
  111. Disabled the ability to sail from a port to a cell that the port is located in
  112. If ship sails to a cell and then a cell again, captain favor is reduced by 10
  113. Added global treasures to !P Maps
  114. Added speed bonus shown when moored and ship speed shown when sailin'
  115. Added global treasures that will be announced, but otherwise will need to be located using the Live map, Treasures will last a few hours and a ship can only claim 2 per day with the !P Scour command
  116. Player and Ship maps now have a chance to be a Mimic
  117. Ship maps now have a chance to be a multi-step treasure hunt
  120. Fixes:
  121. Bot ships dueling pirates on other ships
  122. Live map not updating correctly
  123. Chests not showing empty when they are after a season reset or immediately after ship has been careened (client restarted)
  124. Inability to sail to S16
  125. Inability to sail to P15
  126. Sailing time estimates in !P Sail
  127. !P Crew Captcha votes
  128. !P Port <cell> to <port>
  129. Ship be moored nowhere in rare instances
  130. Out of stamina when robbing a pirate on another ship when you have the endless-energy round bonus
  131. Captains with custom factions who perform special command giving other's increased rep to the custom faction
  132. Sea turtle troll duplicating messages in some instances
  134. ---------------September 2018 Changelog---------------
  136. Changes:
  137. Number of ship tasks now be scaled to the number of active players
  138. Live map treasure testing
  139. Live map cell location adjustments
  140. Captain has an increased number of rob limit per day than normal players
  141. Nickserv help messages
  142. Switched pirate (black) and independent (pink) faction colors
  143. If a ship has hidden its whereabouts n' another ship seas it on the open seas or moors beside it, it is no longer hidden in the game world (and live map)
  144. Added a new bot ship for additional testing: HMS Interceptor
  145. Added a daily reward
  146. Add 100+ riddles
  147. Decreased !P Insult cooldown
  148. Decreased goals requirements
  149. Decreased goal anti-spammer
  150. While moored, ship tasks will be reduced every 15-20 minutes
  151. Added additional events to the daily special events:
  152. Ships that have been moored for over 6 hours will now auto sail to a new port
  153. The Revenge (bot ship) now has chance to change a port to a Pirate Haven. Pirate Haven's markets have all items such as coins n' herbs (but not ship upgrades) that be faction specific, but at a slightly higher cost
  154. The Revenge (bot ship) now has chance to change a port's faction
  155. Crew members can now vote to raid a port
  156. Players that chose the unlimited energy/infinite stamina round bonus can now visit brothels and taverns
  157. Added goals to tasks list and rusty
  158. Added daily goals: !P Goals
  159. Added !P Ship Upgrades
  160. Expenses in !P Today are now sorted
  161. Added new reward system for certain events where player can choose a specific reward with !P Rewards
  162. Added chance for any player to become Captain fer 10 mins when rewarded
  164. Fixes:
  165. Ship upgrades not being removed when a season has ended
  166. Vouchers stacking when referring to them as an ID in !P Use
  167. Personal quest task not being completed
  168. Fixed numerous Round Bonuses not being credited
  169. !P Power task not being completed
  170. In some instances items not appearing in chests during !P Dig
  172. ---------------August 2018 Changelog---------------
  174. Changes:
  175. Added Fine-grain Powder to Puerto Principe market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - currently used to inflict 12% more damage on monster (future use: more dmg against other ships)
  176. Added Bronze Cannons to Curacao market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - currently used to inflict 25% more damage on monster (future use: more dmg against other ships)
  177. Added ship speed and upgrade info (own ship and other ship upgrades) to !P Ship Info
  178. Increase World Map size by 30%
  179. Added Copper Plating to Vera Cruz market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - increased ship speed by 12%
  180. Added Cotton Sails to Bermuda market as ship upgrade: !P Market Ship - increased ship speed by 25%
  181. Reduced treasure map spawns
  182. Added 27 new treasure map locations
  183. Added Labor Day event where all ports declare independence
  185. Player Suggestions:
  186. make the thief skill less likely to be caught in your own chest trap when disarming it. - Done! Level 3 - 10% better chance to disarm, Level 4 - 30%, Level 5 - 75%
  187. When sailing, make the ship go faster if all of the ship tasks are done. Pump, ballast, rats, gut, etc. - Done and speed bonus added to any time ship tasks have been completed
  188. allow the snatch command increase the thievery skill just like crabbing for fishing and scuttlebutt for charisma - It already does
  189. say that you are on a group quest when doing the command !p quest - Done
  190. put ports claimed in alphabetical order - Done
  191. Suggestion: show which bonus I picked when I do !p bonus - Done, but will be displayed on future bonuses
  192. add round start time to !p game options - Done
  193. bold the id numbers in the goods command so it’s easier to make out. Maybe put the id numbers first so it matches the layout of items in the chest. - Done
  194. bold the id number in the auction house command - Done
  197. Bug Fixes:
  198. Corrected dupes in Top pirates:
  199. timer is broken: - FIXED
  200. <CaptKirk> [P] We 'ave come across Mobzilla... No commands or ye will alert the beast fer 1min 49secs!
  201. <CaptKirk> [P] The ship slips past Mobzilla n' be safe!
  203. !P market elixir - FIXED
  204. -CaptKirk- [P] Here be the elixirs we 'ave: Health, Shadow Ask fer the effect o' each elixir wit' !Pirates Market Elixir <elixir>
  205. !Pirates Market Elixir Health
  206. -CaptKirk- [P] That Health elixir heals another pirate o' ye choosin' n' costs 10.75Z doubloons.
  207. -CaptKirk- [P] Buy an elixir wit' !Pirates Market Buy Elixir <elixir>
  208. !Pirates Market Buy Elixir Health
  209. -CaptKirk- [P] I don't have that elixir in stock. See !Pirates Market Elixirs
  211. !p capn special aye - FIXES implemented and need further testing
  212. -CaptKirk- [P] I 'ave a bad feelin' 'bout tis!
  213. -CaptKirk- [P] I 'ave a bad feelin' 'bout tis!
  214. <CaptKirk> [P] special be attackin' the ship! All hands to ye battle stations! !Pirates Defend
  216. !p defend - FIXED
  217. <CaptKirk> [P] zesty pierces a Zonbi's head!
  218. <CaptKirk> [P] DaMaEsTrO, zesty 'ave saved the ship from all o' the Zonbis n' be rewarded 525P doubloons!
  219. <CaptKirk> [P] DaMaEsTrO, zesty 'ave saved the ship from all o' the Zonbis n' be rewarded 534.97P doubloons!
  221. BUG: how can you duel a zonbi? - Added Zonbi dueling
  222. -CaptKirk- [P] Ye now be a Zonbi fer 15mins
  223. <CaptKirk> [P] 'Greedy' Zesty (710-284) challenges Dutch Cap'n 'Squidlips' tomatosauce (224-294) to a duel...
  225. BUG: im not and havent been capn! - FIXED
  226. -CaptKirk- [P] The crew not be likin' that ye so far ahead n' now be jealous n' plottin' against ye. Ye 'ave greater chances o' bad random events, criticals durin' duels n' mutinies, n' less favor wit' the crew!
  228. BUG: instructions give wrong info: - FIXED
  229. !p bonus skillz fishing
  230. -CaptKirk- [P] Are ye sure ye want to learn level 3 o' Fishing? !Pirates Bonus Fishing Aye
  231. its not `!p bonus fishing aye`, its actually `!p bonus skillz fishing aye`
  233. BUG: favor decreased with crew bonus.. wtf?! - Unable to reproduce
  234. -CaptKirk- [P] Ye has commanded the ship 35 times, been on 34 voyages, holds a 90% favorability rating, raided 1 ships, 'n been on 3 quests.
  235. !p capn crew bonus
  236. <CaptKirk> [P] Cap'n tomatosauce generously gives the crew a bonus o 24.42B doubloons fer twerkin', err werkin' hard!
  237. !P info
  238. -CaptKirk- [P] Ye has commanded the ship 37 times, been on 34 voyages, holds a 87% favorability rating, raided 1 ships, 'n been on 3 quests.
  240. BUG: timing is all wrong - FIXED
  241. <CaptKirk> [P] We 'ave come across Hydra... No commands or ye will alert the beast fer 1min 57sec
  242. [07Jul18 14:12:36] <tomatosauce> dont do it daniel0wellby_sc
  243. [07Jul18 14:12:53] <CaptKirk> [P] The ship slips past Hydra n' be safe!
  244. says be quiet for 1m57s but was actually only 33s
  246. hi, there is bug in bomb message. [P] Arghh! audiq5 challenges addict to a game o' blow up ye fellow pirate wit' a bomb! The bomb has 10 wires n' addict has 2mins 10secs to diffuse it!
  247. shouldnt it be defuse and not diffuse - FIXED
  249. Bug Report: <CaptainJack> [P] Yo-ho-ho! The Dutch declares an all out war on the Spanish n' overtake the city o' Independent.Independent.Independent.Independent.Campeche! - FIXED
  251. Bug report - if ANYONE !p cut <colour> on an active bomb it detonates - FIXED
  253. Bug Report: when doing crew clean, the number of more pirates needed doesn’t go down. I just mean what captainJack says to the crew. It will actually work if enough pirates do crew clean aye. It could be the same with other stuff as well. - FIXED
  255. Bug Report: captainJack no longer says that I have blackjack at least if the blackjack comes from the first 2 cards dealt - FIXED and added values to cards each time cards are dealt.
  257. Bug Report: The crew captcha doesn’t work. [player] is suspected to be using a bot - Unable to reproduce. Captchas are not triggered until players use a new command and captchas will not occur within XX mins of one another
  259. bug report unbreakable weapon bonus is a lie - Need more information on what bonus...
  261. Bug Report: when trying to buy a new nickname from the store more than once, the nickname doesn’t change - Some messages are queued and may contain your old nickname. Wait a couple mins and check for your nickname
  263. BUG REPORT I have the neverending task. "View a player's power (!P Power) 1x" I've viewed about 10 players power so far. - Unable to reproduce. Tasks and achievements have anti-spamming feature which only will record them every couple minutes
  265. Bug Report: the most recent winner, Phyrric, doesn’t show up in !p winners - FIXED
  267. Bug Report: !p level shows level 1 and 2 even though they cannot be dueled - FIXED
  269. Bug Report: when there are 3 or more ships docked at the same port and one ship wins a duel against another, that ship automatically claims the port without having to fight the third ship. Also, when doing !p ship status after winning, it doesn’t say that the third ship is moored next to us. - FIXED
  271. BUG REPORT 'Kidd' Phyrric runs out o' breathe while divin' 'n loses 1 stamina! "Breathe" should be "Breath" - FIXED
  273. bug report: I robbed a pirate from the elite successfully, but afterwards this happened: "[P] Arghh! fishcake loses 5 stamina after fishcake slips fishcake some poison." - FIXED
  274. bug report: aaand it happened again after I robbed another pirate from the elite " [P] Me Hearties! fishcake loses 4 stamina after fishcake slips fishcake some poison."
  276. Bug: The limit of skills that can be learned by skill books seems to vary from person to person, season to season. Last season I had 4 skills (one from game start bonus, one I started myself, two by skill books), now I can't get past 3 (one from bonus, one started myself, one from skill book) - FIXES implemented last season and did not take effect until current season
  278. bug report - identifying vouchers sucks! identifying one changes the id of the others. - Unable to Reproduce
  280. Bug Report - was thrown into the drink by vote and was not given a timer for return. "Get some help". no further instructions. Had to relog - FIXED
  282. Bug Report: When the ship is in limbo waiting to see if the Captain does !Raid or !Moor, you can !dig, but not any other land based triggers. - FIXED
  284. bug: the same thing again - I tried to sell an ornamental item, got the message "Spanish be needin' ye to export goods to another faction!!!!" and the item just disappeared from my chest - FIXES implemented. Needs additional testing
  286. Bug Report: Whatever this is: “<CaptainJack> [P] Blimey! Puerto Principe's Dutch Captain o' the Fort gifts the crew 2.39P doubloons for chasin' away pirates who were about to raid the town! The Nautilus be in the near vicinity. We be paid 0.3 doubloons fer protection!” - FIXED
  288. Bug Report: the rob and steal command are the same, but are considered separate rusty commands. It’s the same with capn cmd and captain command - FIXED
  290. Bug Report: “<CaptainJack> [P] Yarr! 'John' V0wUp5OzVRjT bought 3 a Gooseberries fer 0 doubloons n' locks it in her chest!” My fruit voucher may have given me all 3 fruits for free. Also the grammar. :) - Not bug, but grammar fixed
  292. Bug Report: there are 2 level 30 pirate kings - Unable to Reproduce, Need Logs
  294. Bug Report: I used the season bonus which allows me to sell more items at the market. I was able to sell 6 items the first time, but any time after that, I am only able to sell 4 items. - FIXED
  296. i'm 3 in charisma and per !bored -CaptKirk- [P] Here be what ye can do: games, lottery, rob, rusty, scuttlebutt, work
  297. -CaptKirk- [P] Ye need to be at least level 4 in Charisma to use tis command! !Pirates Skills - Unable to reproduce
  299. -CaptKirk- [P] bio0000 will level up soon n' can be sponsored after levelin' up... - FIXED
  300. -CaptKirk- [P] Who do ye want to back?? !Pirates Sponsor <pirate> fastman, normal79, bio0000, Southern_B|tch, ScriptJunkie, [EWG]-Latest
  302. I have learnt Swordmanship lvl 3 which should give me +2 dueling power, I have also learnt Marksmanship which likewise should give me +2 dueling power at lvl 3. But currently I have +3 offensive bonus. - Unable to Reproduce
  304. so it looks like you can !p insult ANYONE on channel - NOT A BUG
  306. Bug: on of the tasks for lvl 24 is "Buy n' sell goods (!P Market Goods) 5x" , but whatever I do the counter won't go down. I tried buying and selling goods, and just doing !p market goods, nothing seems to have an effect - Unable to reproduce. Tasks and achievements have anti-spamming feature which only will record them every couple minutes
  308. ---------------April 2018 Changelog---------------
  310. 27Apr
  311. Changes:
  312. Added a Quiet event where the ship comes upon a monster and if anyone types a command while the ship is near the monster, it will attack
  313. Added a way to see auctions that have ended over the past 24 hours with: !P AH Past
  314. Disease should now spread from pirate to pirate easier
  316. 21Apr
  317. Changes:
  318. Added additional pirate stats to
  320. 20Apr
  321. Changes:
  322. Added overall pirate stats to the website:
  325. 19Apr
  326. Changes:
  327. Cooldowns shown for Cap'n Rumor and skills
  328. Fixes:
  329. Cap'n being penalized when top 2 or 3 other pirates are not onboard when "Cap'n Limiting" is enabled
  331. 17Apr
  332. Fixes:
  333. Messages for Cap'n tries to change course to a place already sailin'
  334. Low pop ship channel topic fixes
  336. 16Apr
  337. Fixes:
  338. Elixir prices in the market
  339. !P Aye correctly remove from Rusty list. It will not clear from the dbase until the next season starts
  340. Correct smells distracting you when underway
  341. Recommended chest trap at markets
  343. 15Apr
  344. Changes:
  345. Added number of items must be sold to the msg: "Sell some items to the market"
  347. Fixes:
  348. Unable to use a skill book to advance in a skill even more than max number of skill had been reached
  350. 13Apr
  351. Changes:
  352. Rounds have been renamed as Seasons
  353. Added a Mimic event. Can be triggered randomly or when messing with chests. Mimics are from Dark Souls
  355. Fixes:
  356. Swordsmanship and marksmanship swag messages incorrectly sent during a duel when the weapon is broken
  359. 12Apr
  360. Changes:
  361. Added !P Top Flood. Count for top flooders will begin today.
  362. Added flood achievement Since pirates who flood will get brigged, they will not earn doubloons for these achievements
  363. Time added for when Cap'n can perform !P CAPTAIN EMPLOY during ship tasks cooldown at a port
  365. Fixes:
  366. Port taxes after a raid timeout
  367. msg confirmation when using !P Counter
  368. Bounties not being deducted from the person placing the bounty in some instances
  371. 11Apr
  372. Changes:
  373. Added !P Port Claimed <other ship>
  375. Fixes:
  376. When sailing or anchored, !P Port STATUS
  378. 10Apr
  379. Fixes:
  380. Rare weapons dbase issues
  381. Rare weapons could be repaired in some instances
  383. 09Apr
  384. Changes:
  385. Added auction house achievements and tasks
  386. Fixes:
  387. Trader task when buying goods
  389. 08Apr
  390. Changes:
  391. Bot ship (The Revenge) now has a chance to claim a port
  392. Reward for the ship that controls the most port has been halved
  393. Added a protection tax for ports. If a port is claimed by a ship and the ship returns to the port, the ship will get a protection tax from the port. Ships must be gone longer than 1 hour to earn the tax
  394. Added Dead achievement fer pirates that have been dueled too much in a day
  395. Used fruit will now have a chance to increase stamina if not player is not diseased
  396. Coins in markets now limited to 1 per pirate
  397. Fixes:
  398. Bot will no longer target itself in a prank
  399. Independent ports' previous factions being lost
  400. Player status gender inconsistencies
  401. !P AH List and !P AH Bid inconsistencies
  403. 07Apr
  404. Changes:
  405. Reduced brig time for ship flooders from 5 mins to 2 mins
  406. Captcha question will change if a player answers incorrectly after more than a few tries
  408. Fixes:
  409. Bounties will no longer be posted if a player onboard is not high enough of a level to duel
  410. Captain command reminders for Cap'ns less than level 5
  412. 06Apr
  413. Changes:
  414. Added a max number of skills you can learn with skill books (4)
  415. Round bonuses can only be chosen once. IE if you chose the Diplomat round bonus once, you will never be able to choose it again.
  417. Fixes:
  418. !P Bored dig
  420. 04Apr
  421. Changes:
  422. Increased chance for bot to post item to auction
  423. Added highest bidder to !P AH List
  425. 01Apr
  426. Changes:
  427. A player's chosen round bonus, if any, will be shown in !P Info <player>
  428. Auctions reduced to 24 hours
  429. Brig Bribe Vouchers now act like other vouchers; they must be used n' not just be in your chest. Use !P Vouchers to see what vouchers are active
  430. Cap'n level will be random in !P Top on April's Fools
  431. Added player Task at round 11 'round bonus'. if players have not used the bonus
  432. Round bonuses are active for player who have played more than one round: !P Bonus
  433. Added faction name when docked at a port
  434. Added visibility to raw rep points in !P Rep
  436. Fixes:
  437. !P Ships Near not showing ships when all ships are moored at the same port (event)
  438. Task infect completed when urinating and infecting a player with a disease
  440. ---------------March 2018 Changelog---------------
  441. 31Mar
  442. Changes:
  443. Added a brig cooldown to keep pirates from bein' brigged over and over and over
  446. 30Mar
  447. Changes:
  448. !P Ships Near has a chance to spot a sailin' pirate ship when one is near (and own ship is sailing)
  449. The bot will start votes for random punishments on random players requiring !P Aye
  452. 29Mar
  453. Fixes:
  454. Autosell not being triggered once the port has been claimed by own ship
  455. Changes:
  456. Removed !P Aye/Nay from rusty list (will take effect once the db is cleared which is most likely next round)
  459. 28Mar
  460. Fixes:
  461. Ship spotted message will now only occur at a minimum of 30 minutes
  464. 27Mar
  465. Fixes:
  466. Auctions will no longer notify bidders of items ending soon more than once
  469. 26Mar
  470. Changes:
  471. Added chance for ship that was spotted by lookout, fix, or work will be notified they have been found
  472. The Cap'n will not be penalized for changing course (!P Sail) when another underway pirate ship is nearby (detected from !P Lookout, !P Work or !P Fix)
  473. Players who bid on an auctioned item that is ending within 2 hours will now be notified
  474. !P Lookout, !P Fix, !P Work will now return is another pirate ship is nearby when sailing
  477. 25Mar
  478. Changes:
  479. Decreased standard auction times to 36 hours from 48 hours
  480. Increased 'epic monster' event difficulty by 25%
  481. Added additional wager checks when bidding on auctions
  482. Added 'shortcuts' for other ship captains when dueling, robbing, and checking power. Example: !P Power Captain <other ship name>
  483. Admins and Mods are shown by having the nicknames 'Admin' or 'Mod'
  486. 24Mar
  487. Changes:
  488. Added a daily reward for pirates who have been brigged the most for the day (except when brigged for flooding, captcha, or from a mod)
  489. Once a new round begins, ship will get underway and sail to a random port
  490. Pirates who walk the plank now have doubloons and stamina penalties reduced, but cannot perform commands for 5 mins
  491. Added rusty to !P Bored
  492. Auctions are now live! Currently only the bot can post auctions
  493. Player options: Check to see if your options are still set as desired !P Options
  494. New players will have msgtype set to automatic in !P Options
  495. Fixes:
  496. Ability to use a health elixir on a dead pirate
  497. Epic skill book message when trying to use it
  498. Cheat code 005 could reveal a player's password from !P Options
  499. Instance where cheat 005 does not last the full 5 minutes in some instances
  502. 21Mar
  503. Changes:
  504. Level 5 Charisma effects on mutinies can only be used once per day
  505. Fixes:
  506. !P Awake
  509. 20Mar
  510. Changes:
  511. Added rob to !P Bored
  512. Players defined as channel bots will no longer count as active players
  513. Reduced level requirements for landlubbers on all ships
  514. Fixes:
  515. Mutiny being cancelled from not enough pirates regardless of mutineer's level 5 charisma
  518. 19Mar
  519. Fixes:
  520. !P BJ <hit or stay> incorrectly responding to non-participants
  523. 18Mar
  524. Fixes:
  525. Market buy chest lock dialogue
  528. 17Mar
  529. Changes:
  530. Once a player advances a level that is below level 10, the work command counter is reset
  531. Pirates below level 5 will no longer trigger a Zonbi outbreak when fishing or digging
  532. Boosted low level work commands (swab, rig , clean, etc) payouts and reduced cooldowns
  534. Fixes:
  535. Floodin' ship check
  538. 16Mar
  539. Changes:
  540. Added a daily reminder for ships with low crew populations (<10 pirates enlisted) and can be turned off in !P Options Reminders
  541. Fixes:
  542. Day not being reset in rare instances
  543. Double notifications when Cap'n rewarded the crew with rare weapons during !P Captain Special
  544. Bot being declared poorest player and getting a bonus
  545. Everyone flooding the ship
  548. 15Mar
  549. Fixes:
  550. Rare instance answer can be a partial number in HiLo minigame
  553. 14Mar
  554. Fixes:
  555. Ability to use Davey Jones on yeself
  558. 13Mar
  559. Fixes:
  560. Fixed Charisma level 5 effects during mutinies
  563. 11Mar
  564. Changes:
  565. The winner of a round will be removed from the brig (if brigged).
  568. 10Mar
  569. Changes:
  570. Added skill books:
  573. 09Mar
  574. Changes:
  575. Round duration can be seen at !P Ship Info <balnk or another ship>. Example: "We be deployed fer 7wks 6days 5hrs."
  576. Pirates granted revenge will no longer have a chance to become a Zonbi after a duel
  579. 08Mar
  580. Changes:
  581. Pirates under a parlay can no longer have their chests lockpicked
  582. Brig code optimizations
  583. Fixes:
  584. Brig Bribe vouchers can no longer be used if one is already active
  588. 07Mar
  589. Changes:
  590. If an infected pirate has more than one disease, the greater the chance of spreading a disease
  591. Fixes:
  592. Prematurely being able to use !P Scuttlebutt at charisma level 3
  593. Rob locations always in the brig
  596. 04Mar
  597. Changes:
  598. Added !P Port Winner to see what ship won the most claimed ports
  599. Ships that controlled the most ports will give the Captain +1 power in Cap'n vs. Cap'n duels (Cap'n vs Cap'n duel while ships moored at same port)
  600. Ships that controlled the most ports will automatically sell ornamental items at ALL ports for the pirates who have the auto-sell option enabled in !P Options
  601. Pirates can now automatically sell ornamental items at ports that be Independent and have the auto-sell option enabled in !P Options
  602. Fixes:
  603. Incorrect port name in !P Port Status
  606. 03Mar
  607. Fixes:
  608. Cheat code 021
  611. 02Mar
  612. Changes:
  613. More than one fruit can be purchased at the market at one time: !Pirates Market Buy Fruit <name> <qty>
  614. When the Captain changes factions while moored at a port and the port has not been claimed from own ship, the port claiming time will change based on the Captain's new faction
  615. Increased time to 64 days before pirates who abandoned the ship are deleted
  618. 01Mar
  619. Changes:
  620. When a pirate is granted revenge, odds are now in their favor for robbing, dueling, trolling, etc
  621. Fixes:
  622. Corrected receiving the "Thar be requests made o' ye." message when it should not have been sent in some instances
  623. Captain task share will now count towards the Cap'n that performed the task regardless if they lose their captaincy by performing !P Captain Share
  626. ---------------February 2018 Changelog---------------
  627. 28Feb
  628. Fixes:
  629. Controlled most ports bonus amount message
  630. !P Power task
  633. 26Feb
  634. Fixes:
  635. Unable to !P Troll during Revenge in some instances
  636. !P Power fixes
  639. 25Feb
  640. Fixes:
  641. Brigged pirates bein' able to play games from the brig
  644. 24Feb
  645. Changes:
  646. Added cheat codes: 021, 022, 023, 024, 025
  647. Pirates who reenlist in the crew can now be immediately sponsored
  648. Fixes:
  649. Bonus for the ship that controls the most ports is now correct
  650. Players from other ships displayed as available to be dueled when moored at same port
  651. Fixes for mass payouts such as !P Captain Share
  653. 23Feb
  654. Changes:
  655. Decreased cool down for !P Ship Insult
  656. !P Sponsor now lists pirates you can sponsor
  657. Fixes:
  658. Missing level in !P Power <pirate> <other ship>
  659. Level 5 skill requirements set at 250 instead of the correct 200 in some instances
  660. Pirate with the same name as a Cap'n in the duel unable to place bets
  661. Incorrectly failing at !P Rob when should have won in some rare instances
  662. Quest task for level 8 pirates
  663. Rare weapons not credited when chest is full
  666. 22Feb
  667. Changes:
  668. Added a chance for other ships to be notified when an own ship's pirates use !P Ship commands to look up info on other ships
  669. Skill msgs are more clear when ye have reached the max # of skills you can learn
  670. Specific msg when victim is in the brig during a !P Rob
  671. Cooldown for !P Top is now based on how many times a player has used the command
  672. Fixes:
  673. Tavern cooldown initiated even when player stamina is full
  674. !P Scuttlebutt not dispensing doubloons
  675. Players under mercy will no longer be listed under !P Level
  676. Additional pirate joining a !P Sabotage after the min # of pirates is already met
  677. Victim correctly getting poisoned for level 5 thiefs during a !P Rob
  678. Crabbin will now be listed in !P Bored
  679. Rewrote !P Power
  680. Ship tasks and dive being listed incorrectly in !P Bored in certain instances
  681. Rusty msg shown when using !P Cell
  682. Parlay time not being consistent when using !P Store
  684. 21Feb
  685. Changes:
  686. Cheat codes can now be used for all players, but will can only be used once per player (codes entered as of today will be permanently recorded)
  687. Fixes:
  688. Captcha number, symbol, or letter
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