All Towers Route and Minecart Flying Tips

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  1. -Exit shrine of resurrection
  3. -Mushrooms, apples, Wood Axe, Hyrule Herb, Arrows and Boko Shield on the way to Pleateau Tower (1). This food will be for level 2 cold areas later.
  5. -Fall damage cancel, bomb and magnesis shrines (either order, bombs first will save IGT for stasis launches)
  7. -Warp to Shrine of Ressurection, exit, left, 3 mushrooms, climb to cryo shrine (shouldnt have to eat)
  9. -Climb to top of Mount Hylia for Warm Doublet (shouldnt have to eat) and equip immediately
  11. -Shield surf and fall damage cancel to stasis shrine. (Get sledgehammer probably, need to test axe durability)
  13. -Rock launch to ToT, glider and bow.
  15. -2 Hyrule Herbs, rock launch off plateau toward castle.
  17. -Get 2 radishes (and maybe the truffle), tree launch to lone tree near broken cart.
  19. -Tree launch to the fountain area south of castle, get Hyrule Herb and big radish.
  21. -If stalfos spawn, headshot them quickly, then tree launch to stone slab in castle town ruins.
  23. -Crawl under slab, place bomb, then slab launch to the right of the castle, following the wall around to the West passage.
  25. -If you have no arrows, break the crates to the right. If you are low on food break the crate to the left and hope for RNG (might be food, might be elixir ingredients). You'll need at bare minimum about 3-4 hearts worth of healing later.
  27. -Bring minecart through the castle as shown:
  29. -Note that second turret tower you pass has crates with food in it if you are low
  31. -(Going the other way outside the castle is comparable in speed but riskier due to guardian placements)
  33. -Leave minecart on the ledge above east passage entrance.
  35. -Bomb rock wall in east passage, pick up apples if you need them from the crate. Grab minecart and bring it to the other one outside.
  37. -From here it's all flying. When you land on each tower, the minecarts will disappear in the cutscene but reappear afterward. You should rebuild the flying machine each time on the glowing blue warp pad as it's the only place on the towers where you have a flat ground and clear take-off path.
  39. -Northeast to Woodland Tower (2)
  41. -East to Eldin Tower (3) (this one is kinda hard to see until the last minute so ascend a lot on the way there and beware of heat areas)
  43. -East to Akkala Tower (4)
  45. -Southwest to Lanayru Tower (5)
  47. -South-southeast to Hateno Tower (6)
  49. -East-Northeast to Dueling Peaks Tower (7) (This one isn't visible until you clear the mountains but it is a lot shorter than you might expect. Descend gradually or else you might find yourself too high without enough time to descend. Take the pass between the peaks for the best route.)
  51. -South-southeast to Faron Tower (8)
  53. -West-northwest to Lake Tower (9) (Lighting storms happen often here so be careful. The mincarts attract the lightning)
  55. -West-northwest to Wasteland Tower (10) (This one is higher than it seems in the distance. Ascend early and gradually)
  57. -West-northwest to Gerudo Tower (11)
  59. -North to Tabantha Tower (12) (This path will take you through the Gerudo highlands and you will take 1/2 heart of damage per 10 seconds. Ideally you will only lose 1 full heart but stay vigilant and eat as necessary).
  61. -Northeast to Hebra Tower (13) (Hebra will also make you take cold damage. Rebuild the flying machine ASAP on the tower or you may not have enough food to survive.)
  63. -South-southeast to Ridgeland Tower (14)
  65. -Southeast to Central Tower (15) (No need to land the machine, just fly by at top speed and skydive as you pass)
  67. -------------------
  69. -------------------
  71. 1) Building the flying machine: Place the lower minecart with the bomb cage facing the direction you want to go. Grab the other minecart so that the lamp on the back is facing Link and stand to the side of the other minecart. Hover the upper one perpendicularly to the direction of the lower one, aim the blue indicator inside the lower minecart as far back from the bomb cage as possible, and centered. Then slam it down and release magnesis. When done properly, the lower minecart will pop its nose in the air, and the upper one will sit very stable in the lower one. This tilt is very important for midair stability. If the lower one is flat to the ground at take-off, the result will be a wild and hard-to-control mess with a lot of run-away acceleration.
  73. 2) Taking off: Turn off motion controls (unless you want every hand twitch to give you a heart attack at 30 thousand feet). Stand as centered as possible in the upper minecart with maybe a bit more favor to standing toward the front than the back. Make sure the area in front of the cart is clear, and magnesis the bomb cage of the lower cart while tilting slightly up on the right stick. When you feel confident that the cart is fairly stable (see below) press and hold d-pad up to accelerate.
  75. 3) Steering and keeping the cart stable: The carts move fast but they change directions like molasses. Never try to turn, ascend, or descend too quickly or the carts will break apart midair. In general though you want to constantly be making small adjustments to link's position while steering to offset the shift in weight and other forces. If you want to turn right, prime the carts by shifting link slightly to the right of center. Vice versa for left, forward for ascending, and backward for descending. The key here is subtlety. Never try to make too big a change at once, and make all your changes way before your destination. If you find yourself with no room to turn before reaching the end of your flight, release d-pad to stop acceleration and turn in place before continuing.
  77. 4) Random extra notes:
  78.     -Never release acceleration while descending in altitude too quickly. Try to level out first or else the sudden change in speed will make the carts separate.
  79.     -If you feel like the carts might fall apart, try your best to make your emergency landing over land so you can rebuild the machine. Losing them in the water is pretty much rip.
  80.     -The flatter the ground, the easier the take-off imo, but facing uphill is better for building the machine than facing downhill. If you're facing downhill, you will have trouble making the lower cart pop a wheelie.
  81.     -A lot of the tower warp pads aren't necessarily facing a good direction toward the next tower. Try to turn most of the way while hovering in place at the start of the flight before accelerating in order to prevent a long arcing flight line.
  83. Getting good at flying is really weird and maybe a bit discouraging at first but you'll learn pretty fast. Good luck!
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