Overworld dark spells

May 22nd, 2018
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  1. You can spend an action and an amount of Faith (permanent points) in order to cast a dark spell.
  2. The power to cast a dark spell is drawn directly from the god of the realm, stolen from him. For each faith cost the god loses a power point!
  3. *If you roll 1d100 and score 90 or over, you get away with casting the spell and not losing faith
  5. [Dark Wish]
  6. Costs 1 Faith
  7. Destroys the weakest unit in a nation of your choice
  9. [Quell]
  10. Costs 1 Faith
  11. Choose a nation who hasn't made its turn yet, that nation is unable to pray to god this turn.
  13. [Conjuring demons]
  14. Costs 2 Faith
  15. You conjure and army of Pure-Blood demons to recruit into your army's ranks. These demons don't count towards your army cap. Choose 2 traits from this list . Demons have 500 base strength
  17. [Infernal cleansing]
  18. Costs 3 Faith
  19. You can burn down any 3 tiles with no fortification on the map and turn them into "Barren" wastes.
  21. [Shadow Bridge]
  22. Costs 4 Faith
  23. Choose any 2 points on the map with nothing built on them. Portals will appear on these tiles, those tiles are now connected as if they were adjacent tiles.
  25. [Defying god]
  26. Costs 5 Faith
  27. The god of this world can not grant any prayers at the end of this turn
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