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  1. Things to know abut me/Get asked alot
  2. How old are you: Im 17 going on 18 in a few months
  3. Whats your education level: I graduated from high school and im thinking of going to college not sure yet
  4. Do you work: no but i do do free lance work
  5. What intrests you: videogames of course im huge into news and history i love youtube and streams thats what 40% of my day is spent doing
  6. Whats your fav food: idk i love pizza and tacos i love spicy stuff but my favorites places to eat are Chickfila FiveGuys Ledos(BestPizzaEver) and Chipotle
  7. Whats your religion: Atheism
  8. What kind of music do you like: I have always loved Lil Wayne since i was a kid but i like rap/hiphop and i love house/dance/dubstep/electro i love Steve Aoki Hardwell skrillex
  9. What is your fav movie and tv show: i love documentaries comedys my fav movie would be step brothers and fav tv show has to be viva la bam
  10. Whats you fav game and whats a game you cant wait to come out:i can not wait for gta v and my fav game of alltime is allstarbaseball 05 i have easly 5k hours in that game
  11. Have you played any sports: Yes i have played 11 years of baseball 3 years of basketball 1 year of football and 1 year of wrestling
  12. What are somethings you like before but not anymore: i was a WWE fanatic still kinda like it but i dont watch it anymore my fav superstar was and still is Eddie Guerrero
  13. Whats your fav sports/teams: My fav sports are Baseball 1 and Basketball 2 football bores me my fav team Redsoxs Heat Broncos Penguins
  14. Have you done any admin work or dev: Yes i have admined 3 dayz server and did antihack work on breaking point
  15. im a mod on 5 twitch channels Fwiz Nadeshot Leathal Frags opticgaming aka hecz and im a mod on the just released opticcraft.tv minecraft server
  16. Whats your fav website: Reddit.
  17. Are you looking for a team in csgo: yes
  18. Whats your role in csgo: im mainly a frager but i love to play support and i consider myself a leader
  19. PM to ask me something
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