T4R6M4 Jojolity Delibs

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  1. Oni-Yuki:
  3. I’ll be a lot more brief here than I was in my Quality Delib. MIA takes this 9-8. Demis’s 8 is largely carried by the rap verse, and I don’t have much more to say that I hadn’t already said above. I think more could have been done mechanically to make a special effort to discredit Uro Sho as a leader and to raise this score, but breaking out above a 7 to me has meant going out of your way to fulfill the Jojolity: a parody of Without Me counts for that, as white as the parody and the song choice are.
  5. This might be much ado about a 1 point difference, but I’ll give MIA’s strat the respect it deserves. Both players went with a “defeat opponent, give a one liner” format, but MIA goes above and beyond on that front. Calling the ambulance and playing medic for those you defeated was a strong play, but emphasizing that Uro’s failings as a leader in the context of MIA’s growth is particularly compelling.
  7. But my love of ludonarrative is matched only by my love of ludo (not the board game): how does this reflect mechanically? Rather well. Defeating Dennis by beating his swarm and then emphasizing how no one went to help him, shouting out Uro for committing friendly fire onto Joseph, commending Abraham for trying to defend Rachel right after her defeat all tie the mechanics of the strat to its narrative.
  9. So why not a 10? My complaint here is similar to my complaint for Quality. At times, the one liners feel a bit generalized as the tactics: I shoot you, Uro didn’t help you, check it. Rachel and Tyler both felt particularly phoned on this front. Nonetheless, from one of the harsher graders, especially when it comes to Jojolity, a 9 is something to be very proud of. You’ve come far, kid.
  11. Ushi-Oni:
  13. Uro was saved for last by both teams which was half surprising for me, while it does work, its wouldn't have been my initial thought of what would happen
  15. Demis: I don't think quite enough was done here in terms of assessing the threat of Uro which I went over in Quality delibs. The portapotty play was about expected and the rap was a nice bit for jojolity. I don't have too much else to say here, more could have been done, messing with his bombs, attacking him where it hurt, throwing insults, etc. I'm going to give this an 8 but just barely for the rap.
  17. MIA: This strategy integrates the discrediting a lot more throughout the entire match, trying to get the Savages to dislike Uro as much as possible. I would say the play with Joseph getting into friendly fire range is a bit of a hard sell, and the humiliating attacks on Uro were also about expected. I do think there was more that could have been done here, either playing more into the friendly fire or other tactics that could have been implemented. I'm going to give this strategy an 8 for how it tries to get the Savages to stop following him. Again more direct jabs and actions in general could have done a lot.
  21. Onibi:
  23. As per usual I'm going to be more brief here than in my Quality delibs.
  25. Starting with Demis, I'd say your jojolity play was solid. The rap verse was fun (But come on, Eminem? Even with how white Demis is, I shun you), and definitely a creative jojolity play, followed by taking a note out of Ric Hawkes' book and dunking on Uro into the porcelain; or I guess plastic, throne.
  27. So, all in all this was solid, but I do wish there was a bit more here. Your jojolity tasked you with discrediting Uro as a leader, and whereas this is definitely humiliating, I feel like it doesn't serve as well to 'discredit' as it could have, and beyond that, there just could have been a bit more in terms of content throughout the strategy to address this.
  29. On that note, moving onto MIA, I really liked your approach to this jojolity. Throughout the strategy, you make it a point in each individual fight to not only show and communicate the ways in which Uro is failing them as a leader, on top of using Uro against them in some instances, but also showing them how a better leader would carry it out yourself, sort of rubbing it in a bit. On top of that, you do a similarly good job to Demis in humiliating him, not necessarily as creative on the humiliation front as the rap verse, but the port-o-potty dump and finishing it all with a crotch-shot is definitely humiliating.
  31. All in all, I'm going to give a 7 to Demis and a 9 to MIA. I feel like, keeping MIA from a 10 is lack of variation at times in her discreditation of Uro, falling back on samey methods at times. As for Demis, I think the rap verse was creative and that in tandem with the port-o-potty dump was definitely humiliating, but more could have been done to actually discredit Uro as a leader, not just make a fool of him in general.
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