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  1. The start is meant to be foreboding: warriors going off to some hellish dark land to fight "monsters". The tawa e palisa thing is about them moving their swords (a workaround for describing fighting/action). The second verse is a rant about the narrator essentially about the interconnectedness of all things. The third is the narrator's (I imagined an old wisewoman) warning to the soldiers, essentially an "If you go, you'll die" type thing. The fourth verse is meant to be quick and action-packed, but possibly confusing in tp. They didn't heed the warnings. A fog stirred. They started fighting, and of course everyone involved died. I tried to make it unclear whether they were even fighting anything, as my original idea for this was a kind of madness that grips them with the fog - by thinking they're fighting enemies, they're killing off their own selves. This reflects war I think - you go in thinking you'll banish some evil or other, but really that "evil" is just another face, another version of the infinite self, if you will. Internally, this refers to "battling inner demons" which actually have something to give. Externally, I would like to put a word in about a woman who quit the CIA because she realized that all the people on the "enemy's side" were essentially people and only doing what they thought would bring the most good to their country and families. Essentially, there's no difference.
  2. The title reflects this. Maybe I should have made it "utala li sama e jan", but I guess "utala li sama" works too. War is the same. Both as this poem, and as a force that destroys both sides in the end, has people thinking they're doing good but in the end they're usually damaging some essential part of themselves instead.
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