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  1. # What's your characters background story?
  2. #### Frostie Donkey was born into this world as Joe Hope.  Joe hope was originally a country boy from a small town in the midwest who moved to the inner city to pursue a job in construction. Joe's first day in the city he wore a jersey of his favorite baseball  team the cardinals.  Joe didn't know that in his part of the city that their were members of the crip gang. On that unfortunate day, Joe got his ass beat for wearing the wrong colors on the wrong side of town.  Joe went back to his apartment and frantically looked through his wardrobe to make sure that he wouldn't make that mistake again. Joe was just a guy trying to survive in a new city. Joe was worried though. Every piece of clothing he owned could be contributed to a gang's color. Joe went down to the local thrift store and looked through the clothing trying to find something to wear that he knew wouldn't attract the wrong type of attention. Joe found a bin full of brown clothes that were on discount and bought the store out. He went out that day with a new perspective on the city. He wasn't going to be just another person who was bullied. He was going to make something of himself and help anyone who was in the same position as him. He decided he would dawn the colors no one else wanted. Brown. He was a leftover of the community who would rep the leftover color and help others who were on an island in life just like himself. Joe changed his name to Frostie Donkey and formed the Doo Doo gang.
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