Batmoth Battles

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >you are Anonymous
  2. >and you are faced with a dilemma
  3. >there's a bat pony and a moth pony in your house and they have been starting shit at eachother for a while now
  4. >but then a moth flew in and the bat catched it into its mouth, making your mothpomny friend glare daggers at the kekekeke-ing bat
  5. >and now you are trying to save the situation
  6. >"Echo let the moth go"
  7. >Echo shakes her head
  8. >"Echo please"
  9. >she shakes her head again
  10. "Just let it go you mangomunching earsore"
  11. >"Minty please, just let me handle this"
  12. "Well you are not doing a very good job"
  13. >"I'm trying dammit!"
  14. >Echo starts to giggle a bit at you while holding the moth in her mouth
  15. >"Shut up Echo!"
  16. >this just makes her giggle more
  17. >dammit that's it, normal means do nothing with these two
  18. >you need to think out of the box in here
  19. >"Echo, if you do not let go of the moth I will cum on your face"
  20. >both Echo and Minty raise eyebrows at you and look at you questioning if you are serious
  21. >"Look at my bulge Echo I'm being serious here"
  22. >Echos eyes take a quick glance but the moth is still in her mouth
  23. "I think thats what she would want, what a skank"
  24. >Echo glares at Minty and squeezes the moth harder
  25. >"Shut up Minty you've been enjoying it too"
  26. >Mintys eyes go wide as she gasps
  27. "Anon you asshole you promised to not tell anyone"
  28. >Echo almost lets the moth go as she is struggling to hold in her laugh
  29. >"Shut up you'd suck this too if you'd get the chance"
  30. >you grab your bulge and give it a shake
  31. >"And sorry Minty we'll talk about this after I have defused this stupid situation"
  32. >you pull your pants and underwear down in one swift motion and grab your cock
  33. >"This is your last chance Echo, let the moth go or feel the wrath of my penis"
  34. >Echo does nothing and you put all the muscles in your right arm to work at a high speed
  35. >years of masturbating has honed your skills as your hand is a blur as it almost does a sonic fapboom
  36. >it only takes a few seconds for you to blow a mighty spray of semen upon the batpones face
  37. >Echos mouth opens in shock as her face now has gunk on it and the moth drops to the floor and dies, because your cum made it unable to fly
  38. >"Fucking shit goddammit why does everything I do fail?"
  39. "You...actually did it"
  40. >you turn towards Echo, who has not moved yet
  41. >but Minty has already made her way to her
  42. "Are you bats really this dull, you should not let such fine seed go to waste"
  43. >and proceeds to lick some of your sperm off of Echos face, making her give a little scretch of eeeee
  44. >and then keeps licking Echos face while starting to blush
  45. "Well aren't you just servicing me, and actually enjoying it? You should be my servant you sad little mothpony"
  46. >Minty glares at the smug looking Echo
  47. "Shut up, you're enjoying this too arent you?"
  48. >both of them are now blushing and starring at each other
  49. >and then they start to french each other
  50. >...
  51. >what the fuck
  52. >"What the hell are you doing now"
  53. >the just keep at it and moan every now and then
  54. >"You know what, fuck the mind of females, I do not understand any of this being hostile towards each other and then making out, have your lesbian sex, I'm out of here"
  55. >you stomp out of the door and start walking towards the local pub
  56. >suddenly a little moth crashes into your face, and then the bat chasing it does too
  57. >"Oh come on!"
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