Dissenting Opinion - Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy

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  1. Dissenting Opinion written by Shea Deanna, MDWA Commercial Lawyer.
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  5. It pains me to oppose this proposal, having been written by a very close colleague of mine. However, it must be taken into account that "affordable" is entirely out of the realm of possibility for many lesser developed nations. While Jonathan Jer's defense of the word was very powerful, I do not believe that relinquishing hormone therapy to the private sector to reduce governmental costs to be entirely feasible for underdeveloped socialist nations. The proposal seems unnecessarily discriminatory towards autarkic and socialist nations.
  7. Of course, this is a relatively minor quibble. I am just not entirely convinced that this proposal is up-to-par as-is. It very well may pass, and if it happens, I congratulate Jonathan Jer on behalf of all dissenters.
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