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  1. Hey
  3. I wanted to talk to you about something that I've been wanting to do for some time. I really been trying my hardest to like get out of the whole a thing people call it "DMer", and it's been a hard time getting out of it, but thing is on the bright side, I'm not really a "DMer" because every single killing I do is with a reason and I've never gotten ajailed for "DM" or poor reason to kill or just the rule deathmatch, I don't really like breaking rules, I've always been scared of doing it, even like when sometimes my friends call me on discord I always tell them I'll call them after I'm done RPing due to me being scared of either getting in trouble or banned, it's just a thing I've been fearing ever since my last ban.
  5. I just need some advice of how to change for the better and maybe do some good for the community, I'm already in FMP and I've giving suggestions and replying to threads here and there. But I don't think that really sums it all up because, even though I'm in FMP, people still see me as "Oh that's the guy who uploads videos on YT of him shooting people". I just really want a change and I want to change for the better but I don't really know how. The reason why I'm asking you this is because you made Hood President change for the better and now look at him, he's a Trial Administrator and soon to be an admin, and I'm friends with the guy, I've known him for almost a year and a half. I just really need a change and need advices on how to do so, that's why I'm here asking you to give me advices on how to change for the better.
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