Cold Edge Anon Part 18

May 19th, 2014
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  3. > Emerald looks to you, chin on her palm.
  4. "So how did you two meet? Was it romantic?"
  5. > Well,
  6. "I was laying down the road from the north gate, and I saw a beautiful mare in the snow in the middle of a blizzard. So of course, I go to see if she needed any help."
  7. > Frozen puts a hoof fondly on yours.
  8. "So I tried to freeze him."
  9. > Andesite hid a smile behind her claws.
  10. "Oh no!"
  11. > You shake your head good naturedly.
  12. "Oh yes. As you might guess, it didn't work. I figured out that she was a yuki uma, and told her in no uncertain terms to stay away."
  13. > The dragonettes look at Frozen with some apprehension.
  14. "You're a heat-thief?"
  15. > Frozen smiles demurely.
  16. "I'm retired."
  17. > You clear your throat.
  18. "Anyways, you can guess how well that worked. I hadn't gotten more than fifty yards away when she appeared out of nowhere and brushed up against me flirtatiously. She's been with me ever since, and I couldn't be happier."
  19. "Awwww!"
  20. > Just goes to show, it doesn't matter who you are, sappy romance will overcome the stigma of marrying a monster.
  21. > Of course, these are dragons you are talking to, so the distinction is fuzzy.
  22. > You wrap a leg around Frozen's shoulders.
  23. "So what about you two, how'd you get together?"
  24. > Emerald glances at Andesite.
  25. > She smiles at her, then starts talking.
  26. "We had neighboring tunnels in the mine. We didn't talk much, but we we didn't rub each other the wrong way either. One day, the rock we were digging through started warming up. Turns out, we had hit a river of magma. "
  27. > Emerald shakes her head.
  28. "We really should have reported it."
  29. > Andesite shrugs.
  30. "We were young and selfish. Do you have any idea how nice it is to bathe in magma no one else has been in? Probably not, since you're ponies. Just take my word for it, it's glorious. So we agree not to tell anyone, and carefully breach the surrounding rock. It took a full week, but we had a magma pool to ourselves. Our productivity fell pretty far. We just didn't want to leave that pool."
  31. > Emerald picks up the story.
  32. "We got to talking, and had a fair bit in common. It didn't hurt that mining does wonders for a dragon's physique."
  33. > Andesite grins at her.
  34. "Pervert."
  35. > Emerald sticks her tongue out at her.
  36. "Anyways, we get a visit from our supervisor just as I was getting into the pool. She was pretty angry, but Andesite talked her down. We got moved to another set of tunnels, but we still got the finder's commission for setting up the magma pool."
  37. > Andesite ruffles Emerald's spines.
  38. "Because you were so cute she couldn't bring herself to punish you."
  39. > Emerald bats her claw away.
  40. "Because our supervisor is a just and fair-minded person. "
  41. > Andesite smirks.
  42. "Only to you. She's a real pain to everydragon else."
  43. > Emerald smooths back her spines primly.
  44. "I just bring out the best in people."
  45. > The black dragonette holds her claw fondly.
  46. "That you do, that you do."
  47. > ohIknowexacltywhyIhavethisfeel.png
  48. > Frozen rests her head on your neck.
  49. "They pass."
  50. > You hum in agreement.
  52. > On your way to the ice mansion, your heart is beating rather fast.
  53. > To distract yourself, you ask Andesite a question.
  54. "Not that I'm complaining, but what is it you are attracted to in ponies? It seems kinda unusual for a dragon."
  55. > She looks at you out of the corner of her eye and smirks.
  56. "Feeling insecure?"
  57. "No, I-"
  58. > She bumps into you playfully.
  59. "Relax, it's a joke. To answer your question... how soft you all look. Although, that's less true with you, tiger. That aspect of you has it's appeal as well."
  60. > You nod slowly.
  61. "I can see how that could be."
  62. > Andesite brushes her wing along your side.
  63. "And you? Why are you open to a foursome with two hot dragonettes?"
  64. > You cast an eye along her lithe form.
  65. "Mining does wonders for a dragon's physique. It certainly helps that I've always admired the power and elegance of dragon kind."
  66. > Andesite brings a wing up to hide her face behind, looking at you over the edge coyly.
  67. "Flatterer."
  68. > You grin.
  69. "Only to the pretty ones."
  70. > That earns you another playful bump that sends you stumbling for a few feet.
  71. > Frozen speaks up from behind you.
  72. "Careful, young miss. I intend to hang on to that one for a long time. The only scratches on it should be mine."
  73. > Andesite rolls her eyes.
  74. "Sure thing ma'am. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm older than you."
  75. > Emerald taps the dragon's tail.
  76. "Not this one, dearest. She remembers the cursing of the Crystal Empire."
  77. > Andesite settles down considerably.
  78. "No kidding?"
  79. > Frozen blinks, and when she opens her eyes, it is not the grey of shadows or slate, but of witnessing untold centuries.
  80. > She blinks again, then smiles gently.
  81. "I have a good memory."
  82. > When you get to the mansion, Emerald tactfully suggests that everyone should take a shower after a long day of work.
  83. > For you and Frozen, it's meltwater. The dragons conveniently have their own water heaters built in.
  84. > While you srub Frozen's back, you ask her,
  85. "How you feelin', beloved?"
  86. > She arches her back into your watery ministrations.
  87. "Tended to."
  88. > A few minutes later, it's your turn.
  89. > Oh, that does feel good.
  90. > Your wife pauses.
  91. "And how do you feel?"
  92. > You shrug.
  93. "Nervous and excited. Never been in this sort of situation before."
  94. > You feel her mane descend to drape around your neck. She bestows a kiss on your horn.
  95. "You'll do well, I am sure of it."
  97. > Scrubbed and thoroughly awake, you meet the dragonettes in your bedchamber.
  98. > Frozen makes eye contact with Andesite, and pounces.
  99. > The black dragon is pinned on her back, tail lashing back and forth.
  100. > Frozen is trying to go in for a deep kiss, but Andesite is more interested in being the one on top, and is putting up a good struggle.
  101. > You look at Emerald, who is laying on her belly, wings fully open.
  102. > She winks at you over her shoulder.
  103. > It's going to be an interesting night.
  105. > You find yourself in dreaming again, and are a little disappointed the dragons aren't here with you.
  106. > Frozen nuzzles you, and suddenly you don't mind.
  107. > Then you realize. You're dreaming.
  108. "Let's go track down Luna. I have a bone to pick with her."
  109. > Frozen holds up a hoof.
  110. "On one condition."
  111. "Yes?"
  112. > Her pupils become huge, and the pout is opening your hnnnggg folder.
  113. "Piggyback ride?"
  114. > You sigh in mock reluctance.
  115. "Very well."
  116. > You crouch, and accept the weight of a mare on your back.
  117. > If you were a pony, this would basically be walking around while having sex.
  118. > Since you are a human, it's walking around while carrying an aroused pony.
  119. > You set off, only paying a little attention to the cute little gasps and moans your wife is making.
  120. > You have a pervert to catch.
  121. > As you expected, the porn section is occupied by moonbutt.
  122. > You clear your throat just as she sticks out her tongue to lick another book, a hoof between her nethers.
  123. > Something about that strikes you as odd, but you ignore it.
  124. "Having fun spying on me and my wife?"
  125. > Luna draws herself up, trying to regain some dignity.
  126. "Anonymous, thou hast found us during our customary random inspection. 'Tis good, for the time hath come for thy report."
  127. "Luna, you've viewed memories in this section before, and we both know what's stored here. What do you have to say for yourself?"
  128. > You set Frozen down so you can be properly indignant.
  129. > You ignore her small protest.
  130. > Luna tries to keep a haughty expression on her face, but a blush is building, and she just ends up looking at the ground.
  131. "I apologize for the intrusion; 'twas not my original intent. E'en as thy betrothed hath said, I sought to undue mental domination such as is common to certain creatures."
  132. "I... I cannot blame you for that. Afterward, though? This can't all be me and Frozen going at it."
  133. > Luna looks you in the eyes.
  134. "Thou wast alien to this world. Should I not have learned of thy ways in this most delicate of subjects?"
  135. "Fair enough. What is with the licking, though? "
  136. > You reach out to touch the book she had licked before.
  137. "It seems like an odd way of going abo-"
  138. > Your fingers make contact with the spine, and in a flash, you remember reading a certain Applejack pastebin.
  139. > Except, the emotional aspect is missing, because you know you were very aroused by somethi-
  140. > Luna's hoof was between her nethers.
  141. > Now you know what was odd about that.
  142. "But you don't even have the equipment to clop with!"
  143. > Luna looks away in embarrassment.
  144. "'Twas strange, but not unpleasant imagery. Thy state at the time did bridge the gap betwixt mine own urges and thy lewd memories."
  145. > Apparently, you have given Luna a penetration fetish, with the help of the based write and drawfags of /mlp/.
  146. > Wait.
  147. "So how did you like zombie Rarity?"
  148. > Luna leans in and whispers,
  149. "What the actual rut is wrong with humans?"
  150. > You gaze significantly at the licked book spines.
  151. "Nothing that is not present to some degree in ponykind."
  152. > You whisper back.
  153. > Well, as fun as this was, you continue at a normal volume,
  154. "As for my report, the hatchlings are farming quite well, and most of the crystal crops has been planted. They stay in the nearest crystal settlement."
  155. > Luna drew back, and nodded along.
  156. > You continue.
  157. "In fact, I suspect at least some of the dragons will want to stay on as citizens. Seems that mining can get tiresome after a few decades."
  158. > That surprises her. But not too much.
  159. "We thank thee for thy report, Anonymous. We shall leave thee to thy companion in dreaming."
  160. > She walks away, and
  161. > Is she sashaying her hips?
  162. > Right before she turns the corner, her tail twitches to the side, revealing what you have come to know as the standard, featureless pony groin.
  163. > Doesn't matter, you don't need Rarity's spell to find diamond.
  164. > Frozen pokes you in the side.
  165. "You okay?"
  166. > You come out of your daze.
  167. "Yeah, just thinking about things. And plot."
  168. > Your wife gives you a measuring look.
  169. "Would you be up to practicing with your subconscious?"
  170. > You remember last night, but the shock has faded.
  171. "I think I'll be okay, as long as I don't look at the sky."
  172. > Frozen nods, and leads you to the far edge of the library.
  173. > The door opens onto a small courtyard, the outward wall having crumbled off the edge of a cliff that you have no intention going near.
  174. > Now that you're closer, the roiling sea of lights and shadows is more distinct.
  175. > You can see edges and silhouettes, teasing at vague memories.
  176. > Frozen points towards a small tooth of ice, steady in the tumult.
  177. "Call to it, Anon. It is your affinity for ice, and it shall be of great use to you in your CaOsRcReUnPsTiIoOnN."
  178. > That's quite an accent she has.
  179. > Whatever. Wishy powers, come to me!
  180. > The tooth of ice thickens and extends towards you.
  181. > You are reminded of the water tentacle from The Abyss.
  182. > As if to spite you, the tip forms your pony face, and hovers in front of you.
  183. > You just stand there for a few moments.
  184. > Finally you say,
  185. "What, am I supposed to make out with it or something?"
  186. > Frozen looks on intently.
  187. "Yes."
  188. "Seriously?"
  189. "Yes."
  190. "Not just because it's sexy for you, but as some weird soul cultivation dealy?"
  191. "Yes."
  192. > You take a final look at your waifu, then brace yourself.
  193. 'This is so gay'
  194. > You kiss the ice tentacle face, nice and chaste.
  195. > It really shouldn't surprise you that it forces it's way into your mouth, swirling around your tongue, pouring down your throat.
  196. > You would be choking or gagging, if you weren't also being overwhelmed with memories.
  198. > /*
  199. Your mouth hurts.
  200. Something cool parts your lips, and you rub your sore gums on it, glad for some relief.
  201. > */
  202. > /*
  203. Your foot still stings from the ants. How you hate them. You don't know where the idea came from, but you bring an ice cube to the sidewalk.
  204. They stop when you touch it to them.
  205. > */
  206. > /*
  207. It's your first winter with snow.
  208. It's also the first of many in which you take a snowball to the ear.
  209. You like the little igloo you hollowed out of a pile of snow.
  210. > */
  211. > /*
  212. Wow, you sure have eaten a lot of snow in your life.
  213. > */
  214. > /*
  215. It's just a cold, strong wind, blowing almost ceaselessly across the parking lot. While others complain and shiver, you just accept it.
  216. It doesn't bother you if you don't let it.
  217. > */
  218. > /*
  219. You haven't slipped on ice for a long time. You are careful how and where you step, and you catch yourself when you feel your foot shift unexpectedly.
  220. > */
  221. > /*
  222. You rest in a field of snow. You don't particularly feel like moving, just watching the sky. It's very quiet.
  223. > */
  224. > /*
  225. This movie is appealing, and the songs are good so far. Then she ruffles her hand through her hair and you have never hnnnnggggged so hard in your life.
  226. Then she's wearing a tight ice dress and
  227. Dose hips.
  228. Hnnnnnngggghhhhhhhisao-out
  229. > */
  231. > When you regain control of your body, the ice is nowhere to be seen.
  232. > You shakily look at Frozen.
  233. "What now?"
  234. "Expand your ice into your subconscious. Make a viewing place."
  235. > You wish ice out, anchoring it to the walls of the courtyard.
  236. > You will it down into the sea of shadows and lights, extending like blown glass.
  237. > You walk down the new stairs into a large, transparent sphere of ice.
  238. > You recognize what you see.
  239. > It's one of your old dreams, the one with the piñata tunnel, and the life-size piñata elephant, and that sink on the wall.
  240. > You extend the ice, and walk safely up to the sink.
  241. > Yup, there are those smiling marshmallows, saying goodbye as they swirl down the drain.
  242. > You blame that old Willy Wonka movie.
  243. > You turn to Frozen.
  244. "While this is nice, what is the point of this?"
  245. "Your power grows as you harvest useful things from dreams. Creatures, tools, places with special properties. Study them, and learn to recreate them."
  246. > Oh, this is going to be fun.
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