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  1. I wanted to run another round of performance benchmarks for `gnat` to see how it's request throughput has changed with the introduction of the `ConsumerSupervisor` which handles things like processing each request in its own supervised process.
  3. I used a CPU-optimized digital ocean droplet with 16 cores, gnatsd 1.3.0, erlang 21.1 and elixir 1.7.3.
  4. You can read the setup instructions below for more details and the `results_by_concurrency.md` contains details about a lot of different runs.
  6. I'm trying to measure the overhead in the system, so the requests are 4-byte "PING" messages and the responses just echo back the same 4 bytes.
  7. The `gnatsd` broker is running on the same host to
  9. # TL/DR; You can do 70k+ synchronous requests/sec
  11. > 4 server connections
  12. > 8 cliennt connections
  13. > 2048 concurrent requests
  15. ```
  16. It took 57.140892sec to make 4096000 requests
  17.     71682.46515997685req/sec throughput
  18.     min: 156µs
  19.     max: 146315µs
  20.     median: 24371µs
  21.     90th percentile: 47424µs
  22.     average: 27520µs
  23. ```
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