Greek Ponies 7

Jan 17th, 2013
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  1. ***3 months later***
  3. I stood in the middle of my room, satisfied that I'd managed to clean everything up. The quarantine of campus was finally going to be slackened enough to let family members come visit. It was going to be the first time I'd seen my parents since before I contracted what is now colloquially referred to as "The P0ny Plague". I should have been more worried about how they'd react to me in person, but instead I was just mostly relieved that my room was presentable. Maybe it was the fact that I'd accepted the situation a lot faster than I thought I would, or perhaps it was the fact that I'd already told my parents via Skype once the CDC lifted the communications ban two weeks into quarantine.
  5. It had been an amazing three months, all things considered. The funny thing is, it wasn't amazing because of any further unbelievable happenings stemming from the Plague, rather the opposite; things actually went back to (relatively) normal. Since a noticeable minority of people exposed to the virus proved to be immune to the effects, (though still contagious), many of them channeled their boredom into helping make certain changes to buildings, bedrooms, and campus fixtures to make them more p0ny-friendly. Some of them even offered up blood samples in the hopes of finding a cure, or more likely, a preventative vaccine.
  7. These same people, with the CDC's blessing, helped set up some video cameras and projectors so that many professors could still teach, as many of them had been safely at home during the outbreak.
  9. My paranoia towards the CDC was thankfully misguided. Once they had blocked off the campus and tracked down the very few infected that had eluded initial sweeps, the CDC quickly shifted to a support role; they sent in regular deliveries of food, brought in HAZMAT-suited doctors, (and veterinary doctors for the transformed), and generally tried to keep things comfortable.
  11. In fact, the veterinary visits contributed more to my nervousness over my impending visitors than anything else... I really hoped Dan would be here with me by the time my folks arrived.
  13. Speaking of Dan... One would think that something as traumatic and life-altering as our transformations would have irreparably strained our relationship, but honestly... We'd never been closer. We had always found each other very attractive, but something about our new forms... I couldn't place it, but seeing him as a stallion made him immensely more masculine yet simultaneously adorable, like puppy dog adorable. I got the feeling that, likewise, I seemed more feminine as a mare than as a woman. God, I still couldn't clear from my mind what happened once things began calming down...
  15. ***2 months and three weeks earlier***
  17. "So, Sunny, you're still sure you're okay with me moving in with you? Bubbles won't be too inconvenienced, will she?"
  19. I giggled. Fuck I hated it when I did that, but I couldn't help it whenever Dan called me that; it just felt even more fitting now that I was a p0ny.
  21. "No, Dan, in fact she insisted. You gotta understand, she loves me like a sister, and now that I'm somewhat more helpless than before, she has pounced on the opportunity to help me take care of myself, since she was lucky enough to avoid the transformation. From her point of view, you're doing her a favor by giving her another 'cute lil p0ny' to take care of."
  23. Dan rolled his eyes. "Well, okay... She better not start treating me like a pet, though," he grumbled.
  25. I nuzzled up close to him. "Don't worry, I made her promise to otherwise try to act like we're normal roommates," I looked up at him, eyes half-lidded, "which includes giving us our space when we need it."
  27. One of Dan's blue ears drooped as he cocked his head in confusion. "Give us our space? Whaddya mean by- BWAA"
  29. I scarcely gave him time to finish that sentence as I shoved him onto the floor. "Really Dan? Do I really have to spell it out for you after all this time? And here I thought you male types always had sex on the brain..."
  31. His eyes lit up in realization. "Ohhhh, so that's what you're play-"
  33. I shut him up with a kiss, pressing my muzzle into his as I laid down on top of his exposed belly. We slowly explored each other's mouths with our tongues, quietly moaning to one another. I could feel the heat in my own belly and nether regions building while I felt Dan's pulsing member beginning to slide out and poke me in the stomach.
  35. We continued like that for a few more minutes before Dan suddenly shoved me onto my side, eliciting a loud and involuntary 'squee' from me as I felt his forelegs envelop me, turning me to face his still-growing length.
  37. I looked back and shot him a toothy grin before I began slowly trailing my tongue up and down his shaft, pausing at the tip and base to trace circles around his rod. I could hear him gasping, and felt a small but steady flow of pre as I returned to his tip.
  39. My own loins were practically on fire, and I couldn't stand it anymore, so I stopped servicing Dan and thrust my soaked rear end into his face. Fortunately for him, he quickly got the hint, and began happily lapping at my folds as I struggled to focus and return to pleasuring him.
  41. I writhed happily as he encircled my waist with his forelegs, and thought I'd climax right then and there when I felt his tongue wriggling inside me. He must have felt me getting close, as he suddenly stopped. I quickly found out why he'd stopped once I felt the base of his length begin to twitch. After one last lick, I wrapped my mouth around the first few inches of him, and began mercilessly attacking his tip with my tongue. I was finally rewarded with an almost continuous gush of his salty seed, and I greedily gulped down as much as I could, mostly out of an OCD-driven fear of staining the carpet.
  43. That's what I told myself, anyway.
  45. As I felt the last few spurts hit my throat, I expected him to begin going limp. Judging by the throbbing heat my vulva was aching with, I have never been more happy to be wrong.
  47. Wiping my snout with my foreleg, I stood up, braced my forelegs against the couch, and raised my tail as high as I could, hoping Dan would get the invitation.
  49. Thankfully, he needed no coaching; he reared up and landed on my back, putting most of his weight on his forehooves against the couch, over my withers. After a few pokes and prods against my backside, he finally hit his target and began slowly sliding into me.
  51. Oh, fuck that. Dan is such a little wuss sometimes... I bucked my rear half against him as hard as I could, forcing him to slam his length further into me, causing us both to scream out in ecstasy. He struggled to pull out further against the grip of my inner walls, fighting to get halfway out before ramming himself home again.
  53. After a few more moments, he finally built up a rhythm, and I soon realized that my tongue was lolling out, a thin string of drool falling from it.
  55. I turned my head around and, with a foreleg, reached up to pull his muzzle down, greedily mashing his lips to mine.
  57. I felt myself beginning to near my peak, and moaned into his mouth. I pulled away for air, breathlessly moaning "I love you, Dan..."
  59. Suddenly, wave after wave of pleasure assaulted my mind, rolling and building from one end of me to the other. If my hind legs weren't instinctively locked straight, I would have completely collapsed, if my near-jelly-like forelegs were any indication.
  61. As Dan pounded away at me, I continued screaming breathlessly, leaving only his grunts and the loud squelching noises to fill the air. As another mind-shattering climax began to build in me, I finally felt that familiar twitching from Dan. His strokes became shorter and more rapid, before he hilted himself inside me one last time, triggering my orgasm as he exploded inside me. I could feel his hot stickiness fill me to the brim, increasing that wonderful pressure within my belly.
  63. Finally, we both collapsed onto the floor, him still inside me. With Bubbles gone for the rest of the weekend, I'll be lucky if I can move at all by the time Monday rolls around...
  65. ***Back to the Present***
  67. Just thinking about that weekend, and many other similar sessions, was enough to completely obliterate my ability to focus on any tasks at hand. Fortunately, all of my classes had been cancelled, since lab practicals are tough to administer via video link.
  69. Most of the courses that had been resumed were underclassmen core classes, anyway, much to the freshman classes' collective chagrin. That said, they found a certain novelty in having p0ny tutors, since several of the afflicted sought to ease their boredom by acting as teaching assistants.
  71. Councilors had been brought in at one point, though, since some transformees had a harder time than others accepting the change, and the fact that it very well may be permanent. I felt doubly sorry for the select few that swapped genders; once I finally got over my blinding anger towards Todd, I did my best to help her cope.
  73. She's done pretty well, even going so far as to insist on going by "Tabitha". I tried to help her pick a better name, but apparently her parents had thought "he" was a "she" before her birth, and would have named her Tabitha. I at least convinced her to let us call her Tabby, but regardless, she's turned out to be a decent friend; some of my sorority sisters, like Kat, had been changed into pegasi, and she agreed to teach them all how to preen, care for their feathers, and do other chores in exchange for being allowed to crash at our sorority house. I honestly think becoming a pegaus mare is the best thing that's happened to her; I'd been working with her since my sophomore year, and I never saw her this happy as a human male.
  75. I jumped into the air out of shock from the sound of my door opening; I sighed in relief when I saw it was just Dan.
  77. I landed in front of him before giving him a quick peck on the nose. "I'm so glad you made it, the CDC agents started bringing in visitors an hour ago, and my mom and dad should be here any minute..."
  79. Dan looked at me with concern. "Are you gonna be okay?"
  81. "I think so... It's just, there's so much I'm gonna be laying on my parents today, and I'm really nervous over how they're gonna handle it..."
  83. Dan lifted a foreleg and pulled me into a hug. "Come on, Sunny, your family has known about what happened to us since the communications blackout was lifted; I think the fact that they're coming to visit at all should tell you they're holding up well..."
  85. I pulled back, smiling. "I know, but you know THAT'S not the news I'm talking about..."
  87. He rubbed the back of his head, grinning sheepishly. "So the doc was absolutely sure, then?"
  89. I nodded.
  91. "Well, if I can deal with it, I know they can too. They're your family, I'm just your boyfriend."
  93. I gave him another quick kiss, this time on the lips. "You aren't just my boyfriend, you're my stallion~~."
  95. I felt his face grow hotter.
  97. "Ya know, Sarah, you're awfully more lovey as a p0ny," he laughed as I stuck out my tongue in response, "Not that I'm complaining at all."
  99. We both jumped up on the couch to relax and cuddle while I awaited my parents' arrival.
  101. Finally, the dreaded knock at the door.
  103. I took a deep breath. "C-come in!"
  105. Two figures cloaked in a plastic suit with clear bubble helmets traipsed into the room.
  107. "Hi Mom, Dad. Please, sit down."
  109. The couple remained quiet as they sat, still staring at the two p0nies.
  111. Dan fake-coughed. "Um, anyone gonna talk?"
  113. Finally, my dad answered. "It's so different seeing you in person... God I'm so sorry, honey..."
  115. My mom laughed. "Gary, you're such a teddy bear,"
  117. "Shut up, Carla..."
  119. Mom gave him a shit-eating grin and looked back over to me, "I wish I could hug you, dear, but the agents say it'll be another few weeks before they have a vaccine for us to even test..."
  121. "It's okay Mom, I'm just glad you're both finally here."
  123. "Same here," Mom turned her gaze to Dan, "And it's so good to see you again, Dan, how are you holding up?"
  125. "Honestly, we'll both feel better once that vaccine is ready and they finish the last few renovations; I never thought I'd say it but I'm dying to go back to class, it'll make me feel so much more normal again. I just can't believe how quickly they started working towards that."
  127. "Yeah," Dad chimed in, "I heard a company is working with the CDC to recreate the virus, if they can make the change a temporary thing, they think it'll help with depression patients; calling it Pon-E or some other nonsense. What do you two think?"
  129. I giggled. "Dan seems to think my attitude has taken an upswing."
  131. Dan nodded. "Yeah, once everything calmed down, she's been less snarky. Then again, it could be the belly rubs. You guys just don't know. Bubbles sometimes has a hard time remembering that Sarah and I aren't actually pets. Doesn't make it any less enjoyable though, heh..."
  133. Mom laughed. "You two really are that far gone, eh?"
  135. "Maybe," I replied, "but it helps to know that we'll eventually be allowed to go out in public again soon, and if they get that drug working, maybe it will help other people accept us more easily. I've been surprised to see how well the immune students have adjusted to us."
  137. Dad nodded. "For your sake, I hope that's the case..."
  139. A short, awkward pause filled the air.
  141. "So, um," I muttered, "Mom, Dad, I kinda have something to tell you..."
  143. Mom perked up in her seat. "Oh? Tell us honey. Are you okay?"
  145. "Well, dear god this is embarassing," I muttered.
  147. "Sarah? Don't keep your mom and I in suspense..."
  149. "So, one of the side effects of this change is that the victims have a sudden increase in sexual urges. Basically, we start off in heat. Before I go on, Mom and Dad, I'm not the only one in this situation..."
  151. Dan nudged me. "Just tell them already..."
  153. "Well," I gulped audibly, "after Dan and I were affected, let's just say..."
  155. Dan poked me again.
  157. "Fuck it," I jumped down onto the floor and looked both of my parents square in the eye, "Mom, Dad, I'm pregnant."
  159. My dad fainted and fell off of his chair, while mom made the first "squee" I'd ever heard in a human. After she'd sat my dad back up she started giggling before kneeling down and gently hugging me, stroking my mane. The sensation of plastic-covered fingers running through my hair was an odd one, but still, it felt nice.
  161. "Oh, honey, I'm so happy for you!"
  163. I pulled away and sat back on my haunches, blushing slightly and grinning. "Wow, Mom, you're taking this better than I thought."
  165. "Well... I always had a feeling you and Dan were in it for the long haul together," She looked up at him, "congratulations, Danny, I'm sure you'll be a great son, er, colt-in-law."
  167. Danny just grinned sheepishly.
  169. "Wait a second though, when are you due, Sarah?"
  171. I rolled my eyes around in thought. "Honestly, I don't know. The doctor doesn't know either. Probably in at least six months. I'm a little under three months along, but since we're basically a new species, the doctor has no idea exactly how long my pregnancy will last."
  173. Mom calmly retook her seat, and tried to reawaken Dad. "Well, regardless, Sarah, your dad and I are of course behind you one hundred percent! Oh you two will have the most adorable baby, er, foal. It IS a foal, right?"
  175. I sighed. "Mom, I don't care. At this point, I'm still in shock over the fact that you are both taking ALL of this so well. I mean, for crying out loud, I'm a p0ny. A pegasus p0ny. A PREGNANT pegasus p0ny."
  177. Dad finally laughed. "You know what they say, laugh so you don't cry. Really, we're just glad that you're otherwise okay. When the CDC blocked off communication, we thought something had killed you all; two weeks in the dark like that can really drive a parent crazy. You are my little girl, I mean, filly, you know..."
  179. "Dad, you guys gotta stop with the horse terms."
  181. Mom doubled over laughing. "Fine Sarah, fine. Now, I'd say you will get a little hoarse if you keep growling at us like that, but it sounds like you're already going to have one soon!"
  183. The rest of us sat in awkward silence as Mom giggled like a hyperactive school girl.
  185. Finally, the rest of us died laughing following my dad's lead as he put his hands on his hips and yelled, "Carla!"
  187. ****
  188. End story arc. Maybe I'll continue on in later submissions with a description of how the new p0nies re-integrate with society, maybe focusing on how Sarah and Dan handle returning to studies while dealing with an impending foal. Who knows. I just wanted to finish this. Hope you all enjoyed!
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