Doggo Conjuration

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  1. Conjuration Sphere
  3. Biped: Size Medium; Speed 30 ft.; AC +2 natural armor; Saves Fort (good), Ref (bad), Will (good); Attack 2 slams (1d4); Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 11
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5.                                                               Plant Creature (type)
  6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Your companion mimics the properties of plants. While it is still an outsider, magical effects and spells that specifically target plant creatures may affect the companion as if it had the plant type. The companion gains low-light vision and a +2 bonus on saves against paralysis, poison, polymorph, sleep, and stunning effects. This bonus increases by +1 per 2 Hit Dice.
  9. You may take this talent twice. If taken twice, your companion gains a +2 bonus on saves against mind-affecting effects that increases by +1 per 2 Hit Dice, immunity to paralysis, poison, polymorph, sleep, and stunning effects, and no longer requires sleep.
  10. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11.                                                                  Spell Conduit
  12. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Your companions can deliver touch spells and sphere abilities for you. If you and one of your companions are in contact at the time you cast a touch spell or sphere ability requiring a melee touch attack, you can designate your companion as the “toucher.” You may touch a companion within your natural reach as a free action during your turn to initiate this contact; your companion may do the same during its turn. The companion can then deliver the touch spell or ability just as you would. As usual, if you cast another spell or sphere ability before the touch is delivered, the touch spell or ability dissipates.
  15. You may take this talent a multiple times. If taken twice, the companion may be anywhere within close range of you when you cast the touch spell or ability and may also deliver ranged touch attacks, using its attack modifiers and serving as the effect’s point of origin. Each additional time this talent is taken, increase the range at which this ability functions by one step, to a maximum of long range.
  16. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17.                                                       Additional Limbs (3) (form) [Core]
  18. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. Your companion gains one of the following sets of limbs: a head, 2 arms, 2 legs, a tail. This does not automatically grant any additional attacks. See the alteration sphere for descriptions of bonuses gained from these limbs. A companion may gain this talent multiple times. The effects stack.
  20. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21.                                                        Magical Companion (form) [Core]
  22. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Your companion’s Charisma increases by 1/2 its Hit Dice (minimum: +1). It also gains a spell pool equal to its Charisma modifier and a caster level equal to 1/2 its Hit Dice. The companion may select magic talents with its feats and treats Charisma as its casting ability modifier. With GM permission, your companion may also gain a casting tradition. A companion can never possess the Conjuration sphere.
  24. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25.                                                           Bestial (form) [Core] (3)
  26. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. Your companion gains a new set of natural attacks chosen from the list below. A companion must possess the prerequisite limbs and cannot already have a natural attack attached to that limb. A companion may gain this talent multiple times. Each time they gain this talent, they gain a new set of natural attacks.
  29. 2 slam attacks (primary, 1d4, 1d3 small, requires arms).
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