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Jun 7th, 2019
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  1. Help 1.1 - The age reference should be changes, since one can now choose within a range of 18-30 years old. Perhaps with a recommendation for those new to the game to choose 18 to match inexperience?
  3. HELP 1.2 - Varian should be referred to as the Celestine rather than the Satus for consistency.
  5. HELP 1.3 - This could bring up the point that there is access to maps to help navigate between rooms.
  7. HELP 1.4 - Since the HELP files can be read from the website, one cannot assume that someone reading the introduction has already made a character and is in the game. Instead, explain the process one goes through in simple terms: First you create a persona, etc.. Also, are Hansel and Gretel really often available these days? With the colors plenty of other players have thanks to artifacts and other things, mentioning that they will have a certain color means that one needs to be excluded from the list of colors others might get, if this has not been done already.
  9. HELP 1.5.1 - This speaks of people joining guilds after leaving the introduction. Instead, it should mention that one is considered a Novice until after one has gone through the Academy, which is there to help new players with understanding more commands and important aspects of the game. Once again, this mentions Guides, and I have not seen any of those around in ages.
  11. HELP 1.5.2 - The first sentence is fragmented and confusing. It would be better if it was not broken up with an added explanation within a parenthesis. For example, "As a small player, even if you have not yet joined a guild or got a class, you have access to two basic attacks: PUNCH and KICK." In the last paragraph it might be good to mention that the Academy provides some items to handle this better. Also, this still mentions healing herbs rather than pills, and irid moss.
  13. HELP 1.5.3 - This should end with referencing to the Gods as Admin, not Gods, in order to differentiate between IC and OOC roles.
  15. HELP 1.9.1 - This mentions items decaying at this point, but I believe they might decay any time of the day, depending on when they were created? It might be best to alter this so as not to cause confu
  17. HELP 1.11 - Speaking on the GODS channel no longer works for emergencies. Outside of Leadertell, which is only accessible for Leaders, and Newbie, is there another way to reach Administration for players in case of emergency? And in such events, is it acceptable to make use of those channels? In any case, this section needs to be re-written to match the updated situation.
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