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  2. allieToday at 1:44 PM
  4. is this rude
  5. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:45 PM
  6. i mean
  7. i think talking to u about appearance stuff is a really tricky/delicate situation and its something i avoid at all costs
  8. i never said i wouldnt take pics tho
  9. ??
  10. allieToday at 1:45 PM
  11. he just
  12. wanted to bring up
  13. flaming my eyebrows
  14. so he made that up
  15. its a boy joke
  16. u wouldnt understand
  17. boys ahve intricate and not rude sense of humro
  18. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:46 PM
  19. the last part of what he said
  20. was nice
  21. allieToday at 1:46 PM
  22. what part was nice
  23. "you could look nice u just dont"
  24. ?
  25. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:46 PM
  26. that u could be alexis
  27. or w/e
  28. allieToday at 1:46 PM
  29. how is that nice
  30. LOL
  31. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:46 PM
  32. its saying u already are beautiful
  33. allieToday at 1:46 PM
  34. i dont interpret it like that
  35. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:47 PM
  36. o
  37. well
  38. idk i kinda skimmed thru
  39. that bit
  40. i just saw the very last thing he said
  41. and i was like awe
  42. allieToday at 1:47 PM
  43. it all seemed mean to me
  44. like "you could look nicer you just dont look nice rn"
  45. and aside from wearing clothes that don't fit that well and not doing my hair
  46. i dont think the rest of me looks badly
  47. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:49 PM
  48. its just a really touchy topic
  49. that im scared to go into
  50. allieToday at 1:49 PM
  51. ??
  52. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:49 PM
  53. im lazy somedays too w my appearance so idk
  54. allieToday at 1:49 PM
  55. but what else
  56. am i doing wrong
  57. in your opinion
  58. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:49 PM
  59. pls allie i love u so much
  60. hair is a huge thing tho, its not like somethin anyone should skimp on (even tho i do it all the time)
  61. its just idk
  62. i dont envy people w long hair
  63. cuz i know how much work it is
  64. i cut off like 8 inches before i came here
  65. over the course of like 3 months
  66. in my opinion ur eyes would look better if u used more concealer under ur eyes and less eyeliner on the underliner cos it makes you look like u got no sleep (which u sometimes dont get) - its hard for me to tell u that because i know i overdo my makeup somedays especially when im rushing it at like 7:20-7:45
  67. so im not sayin
  68. apply more makeup
  69. u could also do less eye stuff. but ive already told u that like before
  70. thats all i feel
  71. allieToday at 1:53 PM
  72. i c
  73. jenna chu 🍃Today at 1:53 PM
  74. like ur eyes dont need much help
  75. they are naturally rly beautiful
  76. and i know u think putting on more eye makeup makes them pop and stand out but they dont need that imo
  77. i think andrew is trying to be a good friend when he actually tells u that stuff via text because i would never have the nut to say anything like that to you
  78. like never
  79. i just think andrew is
  80. kind of a douchebag and bad at conveying those things
  81. in a polite way
  82. but there isnt really a polite way to tell someone, hey u would be fucking stunning if u put more effort into your looks - which is somethin people figure out on their own but it sucks to hear it.
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