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  1. Seth:Hey Cp, I was thinking about going on holiday soon and I was curious if you wanted to come along!
  2. Cp: um... Why?
  3. Seth: because it would be fun! Plus we could go where ever you wanted.
  4. Cp: mmmmm... Fine.
  5. Seth: ok! Where do you want to go then?
  6. Cp: Huh....That’s a hard question to answer. I'm not exactly sure...
  8. Cp: Where did he come from?
  9. Seth: he's my new friend! Anyway we aren't going to space
  10. Marcus: yeah... That’s dumb
  12. Popuko: what about a mansion or resort?
  13. Marcus: How about Isle Delfino?
  14. Seth: no.... Clue what your talking about marcus
  15. Cp: Well let's go there to find out then.
  16. Seth: ok then! Pack your bag boys were heading to isle delfino!
  17. Rest of them: OK!
  19. [montage of them packing and driving to airport]
  21. Marcus: Popuko, nice car!
  22. Popuko: Thanks! (It’s so weird being logged into MillionCenturies and then seeing MillionCenturies typing lmao)
  23. Marcus: But i feel like it’s missing something.
  24. (Marcus hands out the very cool mini-Marcus the Book and places it in front of the window view.)
  25. Marcus: There!
  26. [cut to shot of the mini-marcus book just sat on the window view, shining and sparkling]
  27. Popuko: Really unnecessary.
  28. Marcus: Well, Popuko, that’s the point!
  29. Marcus: Hey, what? We’re here at the airport!
  30. Seth:About time,I felt like I could just teleport in the same spot.
  31. Marcus puts down his windshield.
  32. Marcus: Huh? What? Did you complain? Lol!!
  33. [cut to them going to the plane]
  35. Marcus: Ok, Club Penguin.
  37. [Popuko playing a game on his phone]
  38. Flight attendant (while plane is flying) sir, please turn that off
  39. Popuko: Okay!
  40. He turns the phone off, and the plane starts to fall down
  41. Attendant: TURN IT ON TURN IT ON
  42. Popuko turns the phone back on, and the plane reverts to normal.
  43. Comax: Hmm, that was weird, I felt very death-y.
  44. [Cp falls asleep,bored]
  45. Marcus: This is the best plane flight e-
  46. (Ad on tv on the seats plays)
  47. Ad: Welcome to Isle Defini-
  48. Other voice on the ad: Delfino.
  49. Ad:Isle Delfino! Hehe…
  50. Other ad: that’s it.
  51. [The ad Cuts to black with the ad voice saying OW! STOP! DONT HURT ME! AAAH!]
  52. Marcus: ..what
  53. Seth: does everyone noticed how the ads sounds like it's trying to warn us?
  54. Comax: What are you talking about, it looks wonderful!
  55. Seth: The ad's screen just cut to black,not evil at all.. [Sarcastic]
  56. [cut to demonic chanting on ad]
  57. Comax: I know! I knew you’d agree!
  58. Seth: I was being sarcastic,what's wrong with this plane!?
  59. Comax: Of reality??
  60. Seth: [Heavy Facepalming] what's wrong with you?
  61. Comax: The demons are controlling m -nothing
  62. Seth:Hmmmm,sure…
  63. Comax: Please Lord get some Holy Wa- Great trip isn’t it?
  64. Cp: [wakes up] What's happening?
  65. Comax: [Coughs up black liquid on table] Hey guys- whats up?
  66. Everyone:[ Looks up in surprise and disgust]
  67. Marcus: Congrats Comax! You get the award of getting hundreds of people’s attention!
  68. Everyone: [looks at camera]
  69. Cp: Oof, great job Comax!
  70. Comax: What… happened  though, I was just sleeping!
  71. Seth:[Seth thinks for a while,then breaks the TV on the seat,making the ritual on the tv end] Guys,break the screens!!!
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