Anon - An blown dandelion

May 14th, 2014
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  1. >"Wait up!"
  2. >You gallop happily after Orange Pop and FLower Tart as they chase the new friend the three of you made, a little red headed white filly named Scetch
  3. >You are having the time of your life, laughing with your friends as you pick up the pace to catch them
  4. "No way, you cant catch me!"
  5. >Flower Tart blows a raspberry as you and then speeds up herself while giggling heartily
  6. >You are all playing tag and you're it
  7. >"Dandelion is going to catch you!"
  8. >You close in on Scetch as she's lagging a bit behind
  9. >SCetch turns around and gives out a squeal as she tries her best to get away from you
  10. >But then, suddenly the ground gives out
  11. >You were all running along a cliff in the woods and seems like it chose just that time to landslide
  12. >You push your little hooves and try to get away, but then you loose your footing and tumble down along the cliff
  13. >You can hear your friends yelling out to you as the world spins in your eyes, but it does not hurt
  14. >After a while you come to a halt but the world still keeps spinning
  15. >"Whoa..."
  16. >You sit there until your head clears and then you look around
  17. >You've rolled down quite a long way, you can no longer see anything familiar as you sit there in the dense bush
  18. >You get up but then feel a weird tugging in one of your hooves
  19. >You glance at it and notice that a large branch has pierced your hoof
  20. >"Whoops"
  21. >Casually you slide the branch out of your hoof
  23. >There is no blood, just like always
  24. >You look at the grayish gaping wound in your hoof
  25. >"Awwww, no Dandelion has to stitch this up..."
  26. >Sighing and hanging your head low in defeat, you pull out the conveniently hidden needle and string from the depths of your fluffy coat and start to stich your flesh back together
  27. >It won't heal by itself after all, not anymore
  28. >With the needle between your teeths you get to work and patch the wound close as well as you can
  29. >It does not hurt at all, the most you feel is a slight tugging sensation as the string pulls your flesh back together
  30. >After a while you get it done
  31. "Dandelion, you down here?"
  32. >Your ears perk up at the sound of your friends
  33. >"Yeah,Dandelion is down here!"
  34. >You bite the string to cut it and then get up and your coat conveniently hides your stichwork like always
  35. >As your friends come into sight you hide the needle and string back into the depths of your fluffy coat
  36. "Wow Dandelion that was quite a tumble! You ok?"
  37. >You give Orange Pop a toothy grin and a smile
  38. >"Yeah, Dandelion is all ok!"
  39. >Now Flower Tart comes into sight with Scetch behind her
  40. "You're really lucky like always, you could have gotten hurt by that fall"
  41. >You sheepishly rub the back of your head
  42. >Flower Tart grins
  43. "Oh, and you're still it! Run awayy!"
  44. >And your friends take off galloping again while laughing and you join in and chase after them
  45. >...
  46. >...
  47. >...
  48. >You sigh in your recliner as you take a sip of the red wine in the fancy glass in your tiny hooves
  49. >You always end up reminiscing the past during quiet evenings like this
  50. >You take another sip of the wine and make a mental note to deliver fresh flowers to their graves
  51. >Ynd you need to send that wedding gift to Orange Pops grandsons wedding
  52. >You sigh and set the glass down onto the table and hop off of your favorite chair
  53. >As you walk around in your large home you pass a mirror and take a look at yourself
  54. >Still the same, a young filly stares back at you with tired eyes
  55. >"Hahaha, look at yourself Dandelion the undying fashionista, you look like crap..."
  56. >Maybe it is time to settle in for the night
  57. >As you make your way to yoru large luxury bed you can't help but to feel humoured at your career choice
  58. >Who would have guessed that patching yourself up would make you become so good at sewing
  59. >You sigh as you slip into your luxury nightwear, perfectly sized for you but yet a tad too adult-looking on a fillys body, even if it is as old as yours
  60. >Too bad you have to hide yourself most of the times, with your friends gone and most of the ponies not taking too well the fact that you are a walking corpse who's coat hides under it countless of old wounds and stitches that keep you from falling apart
  61. >As you see the sun starting to slowly rise up you pull down your light blocking curtains and settle down to sleep throughout the day like always
  62. >You miss those times when you were a foal with your childhood friends, ignorant to the bizarre state your body and being is in. Those were the best times of your life so far
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