Fallout: Beyond Equestria 222: When In Roam (Finale Part 3)

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  1. [2017-05-10 13:27:49] <Shoat> 3Previously:
  2. [2017-05-10 13:28:26] <Shoat> 3The lead Imperial Guard looks increasingly annoyed as the argument continues and more of her Guards join in.  She finally barks, "Enough!" (in Imperial) just before leading the troop around a corner.  
  3. [2017-05-10 13:28:37] <Shoat> 3The argument has slowed their progress, but from the looks of the Royal Hall and the six great doors on the far end (the center two of which are three stories tall), they have arrived at the entrance to the Caesar's Court.
  4. [2017-05-10 13:28:56] <Shoat> 3...
  5. [2017-05-10 13:29:41] <Shoat> 3The filly moves up to her father's side, shooting Mwana a nasty look, and says encouraging things, pointing a hoof back at Get_Lost.  After a few moments and a few glances, the zebra bends over his lab workstation and gets to work, occasionally sending the filly scampering for an ingredient or a vial.
  6. [2017-05-10 13:30:01] <Shoat> 3The two talk as they work.  Jugeote perks an ear in there direction, and tells Shatara, "At least things are going well here.  We should have the first batch of changeling-revealing goop in an hour."
  7. [2017-05-10 13:30:08] <Shoat> 3Mitzi looks over to Shatara. "Du we have enuff time?"
  8. [2017-05-10 13:30:10] <Shoat> 3...
  9. [2017-05-10 13:30:33] <Shoat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Two Hundred and Twenty-Two: When In Roam (Finale Part 3)
  10. [2017-05-10 13:33:11] <Shoat> 3The one inescapable truth of bureaucracy, even one as streamlined as can be found in a dictatorship, is the wait.
  11. [2017-05-10 13:36:16] <Shoat> 3About to be tried by the Caesar of Roam, the three ponies find themselves ushered into a vast, indoor coliseum.  The are lead to a square in the center of the theater, and there they are made to bide their time, bound and under the watch of guards.
  12. [2017-05-10 13:37:04] <Shoat> 3The trial will be televised, broadcast throughout Roam and beyond.  A message to those who would stand against Caesar and "her people".  
  13. [2017-05-10 13:38:22] <Shoat> 3The capture, clearly, went much more smoothly than the preparations to hold the trial.  It takes over an hour for zebra technicians to okay the broadcast equipment and sound setup.  
  14. [2017-05-10 13:39:42] <Shoat> 3Even as one zebra is shouting to others to do a lighting test, in a hidden basement not too far into the city, the alchemist is announcing the first batch of his brew complete.
  15. [2017-05-10 13:40:15] <Shoat> 3Jugeote looks to Shatara, Mwana and Mitzi.  "Looks like we're up."  
  16. [2017-05-10 13:40:22] <Shoat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  17. [2017-05-10 13:42:46] * Mitzi nods and looks over at the others. "So dat goop makes bug ponees look like bug ponees again. How du we get eet tu Golden_Dream und da uthers?"
  18. [2017-05-10 13:46:03] <Golden_Dream> "... So, anyway, Bookie, I personally used Necessary Key and Laissez Faire's Interview compilations, combined with Fancy Pants' book "The Invisible Hoof and Forces of th' Market", and I kinda try t' apply it to my own style of marketing."
  19. [2017-05-10 13:47:54] * Bookwright "Well shoot, you got me beat. I only ever came across this stuff because I just read everything I could get my hooves on. Prewar economics are as interesting to me as the rest of the prewar subjects, so I only spent enough time on them to learn the basics before moving on. You must have a hell of a library."
  20. [2017-05-10 13:51:19] * Noble_Heart looks up towards the box seats at the top of the arena. Once upon a time, the true Caesar of Roam would sit here and watch zebras, and perhaps ponies, fight for their amusement. "We suppose that this place has not truly seen much of a change in use, despite the changing political climate." She sighed briefly, shifting her wings beneath the harness that held them to her
  21. [2017-05-10 13:51:20] * Noble_Heart sides.
  22. [2017-05-10 13:53:16] * Golden_Dream sighs. "Used to. Things was bad enough, I had to sell my books as soon as I had read 'em. There was this wagon that'd swing by that opened up into a little mobile book store that dad would always make damn sure I picked up somethin' educational every week."
  23. [2017-05-10 13:54:43] * Golden_Dream does those things.
  24. [2017-05-10 13:59:01] * Shatara spreads the scrawled note on the table, and glances at the prepared antibugpone...stuff. "Is that a shitton? Cause if that's a shitton, I think we could possibly try to seed the clouds with it...?"
  25. [2017-05-10 14:00:31] * Bookwright "If we ever get back to the NCR I'm gonna take you to the Follower's public library and get you your own library card.
  26. [2017-05-10 14:04:59] <Shoat> 3Jugeote frowns and shakes her head.  "Not enough yet for cloud seeding.  That... will probably take hours.  There's enough though to make a mess of things in the Imperial Palace though."
  27. [2017-05-10 14:09:13] * Shatara frowns. "There goes plan A... well, whatever mess we can make will probably help..." He moves to the next item on the list." Err.. what stupid black tiles?"
  28. [2017-05-10 14:11:53] <Pony_13428> Mitzi looks to Shatara and pulls out the few chunks of that unpleasant black Rock and passes them to him. "Means dese Uh tink."
  29. [2017-05-10 14:21:35] * Mitzi takes one of the fragments and begins carving and shaping it with her claws. It wasn't a gem, and was far less appealing in looks and cut, but having a piece of it handy could very well be a life saver.
  30. [2017-05-10 14:23:52] <Shoat> 3Mwana speaks to the alchemist.  Then looks to Mitzi.  "He will be able to make enough to seed the clouds.  It will just take time.  Unless you want to wait, we will have to do this in stages."
  31. [2017-05-10 14:24:26] <Shoat> 3Mwana does not look like he is inclined to wait to rescue his marefriend.  
  32. [2017-05-10 14:24:48] * Mitzi looks to Shatara. "Wut else eez we dueen? Uh can't read Goldy's ponee squiggles."
  33. [2017-05-10 14:31:54] * Shatara nods to Mwana. "Right. We go to war with what we got, and when there's enough, Ditzy can use it to seed the clouds." He turns his gaze back to the unpleasent rock. "I'll see if I can make a few AMR rounds of this stuff. Should have some...interesting effects. We also need to get Parlay inside somehow, and get something set up to broadcast what she hears..." He tilts his
  34. [2017-05-10 14:31:54] * Shatara head a little at the note. "...I think."
  35. [2017-05-10 14:34:56] <Mitzi> Not having any metal to make a proper setting nor leather for a collar, Mitzi settles for carving her chunk of the stone into a crude but good sized ring that she tugs over her thick wrist. The rest she leaves to Shatara.
  36. [2017-05-10 14:37:09] <Shoat> 3Ditzi Doo nods and gives a smiling, energetic salute.
  37. [2017-05-10 14:42:42] <Shoat> 3In the coliseum, the ponies cannot help but notice the emptiness of the seats.  The Caesar may plan to broadcast this trial, but She has not called for a live audience.  
  38. [2017-05-10 14:43:00] <Shoat> 3Most of the zebras here are either guards or technicians, although there are a hoof-full of zebras who look to be mares or stallions of state.  And one whose ornately bedecked garb suggests a royal shaman.
  39. [2017-05-10 14:44:51] <Shoat> 3Bookwright is the only one to notice the unusual calm... both without and oddly within.  Despite what is about to happen and what is at stake, there is a peaceful feeling in this place, quite at odds with the normal preconception of an arena.  Golden_Dream and Noble_Heart feel this calm as well, but only Bookwright gleans that it is unusual.
  40. [2017-05-10 14:50:37] * Bookwright nudges Golden_Dream. "There's something wrong with this place. Do you feel... calm? Because I feel calm, and I don't think that's a normal response to the possibility of being executed on live television."
  41. [2017-05-10 14:50:58] * Noble_Heart peers up at the seats curiously. "Surprising. It seems she would prefer her populace keep their distance from the proceedings. Perhaps she wishes to maintain the cleanliness of the Roaman state. Executions are messy affairs in person. At a distance, they can look noble. Honorable. In person there is much more blood and screaming."
  42. [2017-05-10 14:55:22] * Bookwright nudges Noble_Heart. "I think our affects are being affected unnaturally. So is it spirits, the that shaman over there, or something else do you think?"
  43. [2017-05-10 14:56:35] * Golden_Dream gives a glance at everyone. "Huh. I don't see nothin'."
  44. [2017-05-10 14:56:52] * Noble_Heart frowns and contemplates that briefly. "Considering the nature of this place? We would be inclined to believe it is some form of spirits. This place is ancient, old even in Roam. If it was used for entertainment, We can only imagine what form of magics they may have bound to the place for that purpose."
  45. [2017-05-10 14:59:07] * Bookwright "But calmness doesn't make sense in an arena. Excitement, bloodlust, patriotism maybe. But calmness? That's what you want in a courtroom."
  46. [2017-05-10 15:04:20] * Golden_Dream has a thought. "Maybe it's just that they're eatin' everything else that's supposed to be there." She whispers.
  47. [2017-05-10 15:06:09] * Golden_Dream folds her forelegs and sits up. "Well, I ain't movin' up unless they make me."
  48. [2017-05-10 15:06:10] * Bookwright "That's the possibility that really concerns me. That this isn't the product of spirits, but the absence of emotion."
  49. [2017-05-10 15:09:02] * Noble_Heart scowls at that prospect. "That... Seems probable, yes." She contemplates a bit first. "Oh. Oh! Ofcourse. Execution. Naturally, yes." She snorts in annoyance. "That is why the arena is empty. She does wish to keep the zebras from the execution grounds. Because she does not wish to see them drain their criminals of all emotion, of all spirit and will."
  50. [2017-05-10 15:12:02] * Golden_Dream smacks her lips together. "Which means that everyone in here's a changerlin'." She looks up. "I hope they figure out that this is bein' televised. I also hope that they get th' idea t' blow th' roof."
  51. [2017-05-10 15:18:44] * Noble_Heart nods her head and looks upwards. "That does seem the most likely possibility, yes."
  52. [2017-05-10 15:20:49] <Shoat> 3Jugeote passes the new ammunition around.  Mwana chuckles.  "Better remember what you've got loaded.  No one will be happy if you take on an Imperial Sentinel and discover you're only shooting magic paint."
  53. [2017-05-10 15:24:26] <Shoat> 3Jugeote looks to Shatara.  "So, which way do you want to sneak into the Palace.  I'm guessing we're not going for a frontal assault."
  54. [2017-05-10 15:30:32] <Shoat> 3In the Court coliseum, preparations are finally reaching completion.  The stately zebras have taken their seats in special balcony boxes that will give excellent view of the proceedings.  
  55. [2017-05-10 15:35:01] <Shoat> 3Once again, a translation hoverbot is brought in.  Not the same one as before, but of the same model beneath the royal paint.
  56. [2017-05-10 15:36:06] <Shoat> 3A zebra steps forward from a platform above.  His voice is deep and booms in the coliseum through decoratively hidden speakers.  The robot translates.
  57. [2017-05-10 15:36:34] <Shoat> 3"Behold, the Beloved Caesar!"
  58. [2017-05-10 15:38:42] * Bookwright regretfully decides that blowing a raspberry would probably be counterproductive.
  59. [2017-05-10 15:39:43] <Shoat> 3Into the box of seats where Noble_Heart had looked before strides a zebra mare dressed in a rather simple red robe and wearing a golden laurel wreath studded with several small gems.  In one hoof, she carries a massive black scepter of twisted, thorny wood that reaches up into a clawed fist that clutches a large black ruby.
  60. [2017-05-10 15:42:43] * Shatara 's eye twitches. "I...I have no idea...where can you even go in...?"
  61. [2017-05-10 15:43:39] * Mitzi looks to Shatara. "Yu want me tu make a way een?"
  62. [2017-05-10 15:44:10] <Shoat> 3Jugeote looks to Mwana.  Mwana shrugs.  "I've never assaulted a Palace before.  All these years as a pirate... seems like an oversight."
  63. [2017-05-10 15:45:37] <Shoat> 3Jugeote rolls her eyes.  Then turns to Shatara.  "There should still be part of the old sewer tunnels running under the Palace.  They collapsed them to prevent smugglers from using them, but they should still be there... if someone can dig us a path through the rubble to them."
  64. [2017-05-10 15:45:52] <Shoat> 3Jugeote looks pointedly towards Mitzi.
  65. [2017-05-10 15:58:00] * Mitzi perks up her eyes, entirely unsure of what language Jugeote was speaking.
  66. [2017-05-10 15:58:04] <Mitzi> *ears
  67. [2017-05-10 16:01:10] * Shatara manages to put the bilingual input to decent use. "Okay, so we've got a way to a good spot to dig in from. Probably best not to try to pop up in the middle of everything,but we do want to breach as much security as we can. Hopefully they're not expecting tunneling..."
  68. [2017-05-10 16:03:24] * Mitzi nods. "Lots uv ponees not tink tu look down. Stripey ponees tink dey fighteen Pegasus ponees, which means dey lukeen up." She smirks.
  69. [2017-05-10 16:09:48] <Shoat> 3Mwana nods at Mitzi's assertion.
  70. [2017-05-10 16:10:43] * Shatara nods as well. "Death from below it is."
  71. [2017-05-10 16:16:11] <Shoat> 3--- End of Session ---
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