Twitter Protected Groups

Jan 6th, 2019
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  1. On Twitter's platform open racism, targeted harassment, and threat of violence against whites is encouraged ( there are other groups of people who are protected. If you make even a slightly aggressive tweet against any of these groups, your account will be suspended or permanently banned. The rules are arbitrary and selectively enforced, but they are the rules.
  5. Here's a list of Protected Groups on Twitter:
  6. Blacks
  7. Gays
  8. Jews
  9. Muslims
  10. Transgender and Transexual
  12. Blacks
  13. Point out anything that reflects poorly against blacks as a race and Twitter will drop the hammer on you. Point out that they make up 13% of the population but are responsible for 54% of all murders and Twitter will put you on a timeout (US Census Statistics - (FBI Crime Statistics - Point out that blacks have a lower IQ and Twitter will put you in the penalty box (NY Time -
  15. You can often avoid any penalties by rephrasing your tweet, by using 'a certain non-white race' as this ambiguous enough to give you wiggle room.
  17. Gays
  18. Using gay or homophobic slurs against people like President Trump is completely acceptable (Twitter -, use those exact same words against anyone else and Twitter will put the freeze on you. There aren't a lot of ways around this limitation, so tread lightly.
  20. Jews
  21. It's completely acceptable to notice Fox News has a higher than normal concentration of Blonde on air personalities. If you start noticing there is a higher than normal concentration of Jewish people controlling the print and television media companies and Twitter is going to kick you to the curb. Start noticing how it's always Jewish people who are behind the efforts to destroy Christian Family Values, lower White Birth Rates, stimulate population replacement through immigration and glamorize interracial marriage and interracial children, not only are you going to wind up in Twitter jail, your name will probably be shared with the SPLC.
  23. Instead of using the word Jew or Jewish try using the phrase 'a certain tribal group of people', it's ambiguous enough to give you wiggle room.
  25. Muslims
  26. Point out that the Religion of Peace was behind the single most successful terrorist attack in recorded history and Twitter won't be happy with you. Take note of the fact that 'Allahu Akbar' are the last words many terrorists yell just before they go on a murderous rampage and Twitter will give you a mandatory vacation period.
  28. I would try to educate normal people about how Muslims consider dogs unclean (
  30. I would educate how Muslims hatred of dogs causes them to try and poison any dogs in their neighborhood (
  32. I would inform people how Muslims in Spain declared a Jihad on neighborhood dogs (
  34. I would show people how Muslims in Canada tried to eliminate a local dog park (
  36. Transgender and Transsexual
  37. Transgender people currently make up less than 1% of the population in the United States ( Transgender people experience mental health issues at rates three times higher than average ( Twitter has decided that an incredibly small portion of society, that is literally crazy, should be able to force 99% of the population to go along with their insanity or be deplatformed from one of the most popular websites in the world. The complete lack of common sense and rational thinking here defies explanation.
  39. I don't have any suggestions on how to avoid the ban hammer here. As much it pains me to say this, for the time being we're going to have to go along with this insanity, or at the very least steer clear of this shit show. I completely understand that the inability to speak critically and criticize this issue is going to let it fester and grow into a bigger problem down the road.
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