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  1. It has come to my attention some people are having difficulties remembering ban times, and the reasons.<br>
  2. Please find below, the pre-set ban reasons as well as the time for each offence.<br>
  3. <br>
  5. <b> Ban Reasons </b><br>
  6. Advertising is not permitted on Habrockz<br>
  7. Being disrespectful to staff/members is not tolerated on HabRockz<br>
  8. Multiple Accounts/Account Sharing is not allowed<br>
  9. Giving out personal information (WHAT THEY GAVE)<br>
  10. Abuse of the CFH system<br>
  11. Hacking threats<br>
  12. Other (DETAILS)<br><br>
  14. <b> Ban Times </b><br>
  15. Advertising - Permanent
  16. Hacking(Threats) - Permanent<br>
  17. Account Sharing - Permanent<br>
  18. Giving Personal Information - Permanent<br>
  19. Racism - 7 days - Permanent (Depending on the level)<br>
  20. Disrespectful / Abuse / Harassment - 2 Hours - 7 days <br>
  21. Abuse of CFH - 2 hours - 2 days<br><br>
  23. Please note, if the Harassment/Abuse is beyond the level of a 7 day ban, notify <b> Haidyn </b> of the ban so it isn't questioned when veiwed.
  24. <br><br>
  25. If the level of racism is extreme, the ban will be longer, for smaller cases keep it to a shorter time.<br>
  26. If the CFH abuse is continously reporting none emergencies, or using it as way of communication with staff, use minimal ban times.
  27. If its abuse, aimed at users/staff or general continous abuse ban time may be upto but <b> not </b>exceeed 2 days.<br>
  28. If the reason is "Other", you <b>must</b> give details in brackets or the ban will be removed.<br><br>
  30. If any of the above is not done from now expect to be striked, its a simple procedure to follow.<br><br><b>
  32. Thanks, <br>
  33. Haidyn
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