Red Riding Hoof v0.11b Walkthrough

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  1. 1. After the dialogue between Ferana and Ruby, pick up the Shopping List from the table next to Ferana. Leave the house. Watch 2 consecutive conversations.
  3. 2. Go down the road until you end up in the main square. Now you can either explore the map or visit the building in front of you - the biggest one on the square (Mortell's house).
  5. 3. Talk to Mortell in his house. Agree or refuse to help him.
  7. 4. Leave Mortell's house and go along the road next to the hill on your right until you see a wooden cart loaded with vegetables. Approach it and then interact.
  9. 5. Turn around towards the lake and go down the path next to a small hill until you see a bleeding death knight on the right side. Come closer and interact with him. Watch a number of dialogues.
  11. 6. After you end up in the chapel, go down to the first floor and approach Father Hoyt who is now standing at the entrance.
  13. 7. After the dialogue, turn around and go to the upper right corner of the chapel. There you will see a small totem on the table next to the confessional. Interact with it.
  15. 8. After the scene, you will end up in front of the chapel. Now go visit Mortell once again. Talk to him.
  17. 9. Leave the building and head to the house on the square where the man entered. Interact with its door. Come inside. Approach the lovers. Watch an H-scene.
  19. 10. After the dialogue, leave the house and go around it. On the back side you will see another large stone building up on the hill - the bathhouse. Approach it and then come inside.
  21. 11. Talk to Sylvia on the right side of the bathhouse. Then come to the succubus receptionist and talk to her. Return to Sylvia and talk to her again.
  23. 12. After Ruby changes her clothes, come back to the succubus and talk to her once more. Then go to the doors behind her and interact with them. Ruby will end up in the VIP-lounge.
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