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  1. amen to that, just don't worry too much about the grounding, guys who can build this also have the knowledge to ground things right; it's in all 4 cases the pretty much same : ground the chassis to which the heatbands, SSRs and motor is connected. that's why always make control box enclosures from metal sheets, not just to protect against water...
  3. about the other safety issues, yes :
  5. - make sure a person can fall accidentally against the machine, ie : shield the couplings
  6. - make sure water can fall on the whole machine
  7. - make sure to protect against fire : no wood drawers or plastic enclosures
  8. - make sure you know on what the machine can fall, mount it just on the floor
  9. - make sure a big emergency button (s) is accessible in all dangerous situations
  10. - make sure when the machine falls side ways, it has no sharp corners which slice body parts on its way.
  11. - no power cable can be ripped off, in any way, they have to be connected to the frame, every 10 cm
  12. - use breakers, use proper cable plugs
  13. - create lot's of contrast with colors for shapes exceeding the machine's  boundaries, this needs to be  done especially for parts when the machine is in maintenance mode but the guy left for a leak ;-)
  15. more or less this should be fine, that address higher safety standards, this adds 100 - 200 Euro to all machines, labor excluded.
  18. about the educational ready to go kits, with some luck there is some proper material from us coming by the end of the year, we're still in the dark, somebody here's still working out the courses together with clients :-)
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