Jump 052: Tokyo Souls

Feb 25th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Jump 052: Tokyo Souls
  3. Location: Chiyoda Park, Tokyo
  4. Age: 20
  5. Identity: Vitality/Belief
  6. Drawbacks: [+600] Tall Dark Strangers, GASHUNK!, Abyssal Reflection
  8. [Free] Soulbearer
  9. [Free] Improved Vitality
  10. [Free] Improved Belief
  11. [100/1600] Psychometry
  12. [300/1600] Emperor's Eyes
  13. [700/1600] Ruin Touch
  14. [900/1600] Inner Brightness
  15. [1200/1600] Regrowth
  16. [1600/1600] Saint
  18. You know, I've been to Tokyo before, if not this one specifically. I feel like I probably would have benefitted from not being limited to a fraction of my power here, but... well, as interesting as my time in Kid Radd was, it definitely proved that breaking the universe accidentally is generally a bad thing.
  20. Dealing with the insanity that was Japan in the midst of a massive supernatural rewriting of reality was rather interesting, but at least there were ways to mitigate it, as well as plenty of individuals who were involved and trying to eke out their survival against the Abyss, against the unnatural forces that were invading their reality.
  22. Being one of those forces myself, well, I'm all about marketing myself as a better alternative. Unfortunately, being one of those forces also meant that it would mandate a reaction from the Abyss. It's perhaps fortunate that certain manga written by Junji Ito were never published here thanks to the very real horrors that existed, as otherwise there would have been a number of people who were suspicious when Japan's coasts began to be overrun by biomechanical, ghastly squirming fish... and other sealife. Or just gyo, as they were defined. Further inland, there was simply a vastly increased number of Returned in the cities.
  24. And for some infuriating reason, they always seemed to zero in on me.
  26. Now, that was not the worst of possible fates. Despite being restricted to a fraction of my full potential, I still was able to draw on certain aspects that proved as useful here as they did while I was in the Emperor's service back in that war-torn galaxy - and that translated into certain aspects that held true here. A pervasive nature that fights otherworldly things. That serves to close tears in the cosmos... not just limited to the warp. And here it even served to drive the weaker forms of corruption away or dispel them completely, and lessen the strength of the greater ones.
  28. Rather than taking the role of one who would solve all of the problem that everyone had locally, I instead served as a support. One that could be summoned in certain ways, one that could be in several places at once - even if I was weaker as an avatar than I might be if I were all there. And initially, that was fine. I dealt with Returned more than most things, though my travels often took me up and down the coast (and I could SWEAR I heard one of those beasts scream 'fuck you, I'm a shark' as it charged me). But it seemed that for some reason, they always seemed to know where I was. And occasionally I got more than the wandering creatures coming after me while I was supporting the locals who were trying to reconnect the power grid with each power, to fight against the darkness.
  30. An APC? Not surprising, but frustrating.
  32. A tank? Surprising, and frustrating.
  34. An ACTUAL ARMY of Returned? That was getting a bit ridiculous.
  36. A fucking blue whale GASHUNKing its way through the streets as it hunted me? Okay, yeah, there's something sinister beyond, hunting me.
  38. Eventually, the ambushes and the traps (and the very clever destruction of a skyscraper while I was inside it, which would have killed any mortal man) came to a close in favor of the monster revealing itself. It wasn't anything so dour as a personification of the Abyss, just someone who went into it willingly instead of being corrupted like most of the Returned and other creatures. We clashed three times, and each time it was stronger. But each time, I was not alone, and others were aiding me in the fight. The final time, the thing itself was the size of a large building, but the Grid at that point was nearly restored and the number of those willing to aid me was legion.
  40. Human will and the belief in a better tomorrow carried the day.
  42. And the Abyss slowly began to recede from the world.
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