Anon - Dance For Us

Sep 8th, 2015
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  1. >"Good, now dance for us!"
  2. >Sigh...
  3. >You knew this whole slave thing was a bad idea
  4. >You stand in Diamond Tiara's massive room, wearing a frilly maids outfit and holding a classic feather duster
  5. >Diamond Tiara sat next to Silver Spoon on her bed, both of them staring at you aggressively
  6. "The dress was enough, I'm not gonna-"
  7. >Before you could finish your sentence, a wayward grape connects with your head
  8. >You flinch at the oncoming projectile
  9. >"Shut up! You're my slave and I want you to dance! Or am I gonna have to show you how it's done?"
  10. >You think about it for a second
  11. >Well, the more time she is dancing, the more time you aren't
  12. >Seems like a good deal to you
  13. >Diamond just stared at you, and you stare back
  14. >The both of you stare each other down until she scoffs and hops off her bed
  15. >"Ugh, fine! But you better watch closely, I'm only doing this once!"
  16. >She walks over to her pink bedazzled stereo and presses the play button
  17. >"Okay, now watch me."
  18. > (freshman girls still listen to this, right?)
  19. >The music comes to life, Diamonds body finding the rhythm quickly
  20. >You step back a bit and get a full few of her
  21. >It starts with her legs, tapping her feet until the beat kicks in
  22. >Her hips start swaying side to side flawlessly
  23. >Not to sound like a creep or anything, but you never really noticed her perfect tiny body until now
  24. >As her hip swinging becomes more passionate, her whole body begins to join the rest
  25. >Watching her movements was almost intoxicating, you wouldn't be surprised if she's had lessons on this
  26. >You found yourself staring a little harder than you expected, but she didn't notice
  27. >Although, you forgot about the other little girl in the room
  28. >"Hey DT, I think he likes the way you groove girl!"
  29. >Lost in her own little world, Diamond looks back at you and catches you staring
  30. >"Couldya blame him though? Just look, I'm perfect!"
  31. >Diamonds arms fly up to her head and into her hair, then fly out as her hair dances along with her head movements
  32. "Uhh..."
  33. >You could only stare as Diamonds puts even more emotion into her dancing
  34. >Her whole body is now moving to the beat, wildly swinging and flashing in perfect rhythm
  35. >Diamond does a spin and faces you, giving you deep bedroom eyes with a smirk
  36. >"I DID tell him to pay attention."
  37. >You could hear Silver Spoon laughing while Diamonds body does a worming motion, puffing out chest and ending with her little rump down to her slender legs
  38. >You never though you'd say this about a freshman girl three grades below you, but...
  39. >UNF
  40. >Her hands dance across her body, rubbing and touching herself all over
  41. >"Woo! You go girl! Haha!"
  42. >Diamonds lips curl into a grin, obviously enjoying the little show she is putting on
  43. >Suddenly, Diamond shifts her back to you, still moving to the beat
  44. >Before you could even register what's happening, Diamond spreads her legs and bends down, prominently displaying her butt covered by this black shorts
  45. >Your eyes go wide as her hands trail her inner legs, sliding from her calves up to her inner thighs
  46. >Her fingers slide up to her privates, cupping herself for a brief second and arching herself back up
  47. >...
  48. >Something tells you her lessons didn't teach her THAT
  49. >"Woah..."
  50. >You look over to Silver, she is blushing and is just as wide-eyed as you
  51. >You look back, only to be met with Diamonds hand raised high in the air
  52. >It comes down with a force, resounding in a very healthy *SLAP*
  53. "Oh god I'm gonna get arrested just by standing here..."
  54. >Diamond giggles at your response
  55. >"Hehe, that would be a sight! 'Highschool senior arrested for pedophilia while wearing a frilly dress!' Haha!"
  56. >Oh hell no
  57. "Hey now, they can't arrest me if I haven't even touched you!"
  58. >You raise your hands defensively
  59. >Diamond stares at you briefly
  60. >"Well then, looks like we're gonna have to fix that now aren't we?"
  61. >What?
  62. What does she mean by-
  63. >You couldn't even finish your thought before Diamond grabs your hand and yanks you towards her
  64. >You're yanked forcibly, turns out she is a lot stronger than she looks
  65. >The song on the radio ends, and another one starts up
  66. >
  67. >Oh god, you've been in a room with this playing before
  68. >Anybody under the age of 18 were NOT allowed in that room
  69. >Just as before, Diamonds body finds the rhythm of the song, and flawlessly follows it
  70. >This time though, she is extremely close to you
  71. >So close in fact that she is pretty much rubbing her body against yours
  72. >You could only stand awkwardly in place, almost afraid to move
  73. >Fuck...
  74. >With the way she is moving on you, it makes you regret ever putting on this dress
  75. >Jeans could easily conceal any... inconveniences
  76. >But a loose frilly dress didn't
  77. >The heat of your body begins to rise, your heart beating faster as you can feel a certain feeling you DEFINITELY shouldn't be getting by a little girl
  78. >Part of you wanted to get the hell out of here, but another part of you wanted to stay
  79. >It was pretty easy to tell what those parts were
  80. >Before any of those feelings become too much to bare, Diamond backs off
  81. >You thought it was over, until a few dreaded words escape Diamonds lips
  82. >"Hey Silver, care to join us?"
  83. >Silver Spoon was staring intensely, a hard blush crossing her face is this offer is brought to her
  84. >"O-okay!"
  85. >A little too eager for your liking, Silver hops off the bed and joins DT
  86. >She started off slowly, but soon Silver began to pick up the rhythm
  87. >There was no escape now, the girls were surrounding you
  88. >Diamond was in front of you, grinding and rubbing up against you while she dances
  89. >Silver was behind you, planting her hands on your back and occasionally giving you a small butt bump
  90. >Silvers actions would sometimes cause your crotch to hit Diamond, but she didn't seem to mind
  91. >It was almost like it was planned, every time Silver would bump you, your crotch would hit the small of Diamonds back, right above her butt
  92. >You were sweating now, trying tor damned hardest not to give in
  93. >That was getting harder and harder though, their small bodies rubbing against you definitely didn't feel bad
  94. >Well, maybe for your conscience, but fuck that guy right now
  95. >With her back to you, Diamond turns her head back and looks you in the eyes
  96. >"Are you just gonna stand there like a weirdo or are you gonna dance too?"
  97. >Oh god, should you join them? What if someone walks in and sees you grinding against two little girls wearing a maid outfit?
  98. >You think for a second, but your thoughts are clouded by steam
  99. >Aw fuck it
  100. >You begin to move your body slightly, starting with your hips and shifting your shoulders
  101. >"Geez, it's about time!"
  102. "Hey, just be lucky I'm doing this at all!"
  103. >"You know if you were uncomfortable with this then you woulda left by now, tells a lot about you doesn't it?"
  104. >Fuck, she's right
  105. >"Well now that we know your stance on the situation, I think it's time to have a little fun!"
  106. >Fun?
  107. >What could she possibly be-
  108. >Suddenly, you could feel little fingers crawling all over you
  109. >Their hands found their way into your shirt, sending shivers through your body as they rubbed and scratched your skin
  110. >The skin around your waist started to feel a bit cooler
  111. >Only then did you notice that they were actually lifting up your maid blouse
  112. >You'd be lying if you said this was uncomfortable
  113. >The beat of the music practically puts you in a trance, so resisting to their advances proved to be futile
  114. >By now, your entire body was flowing with the music, the blouse on your body now being lifted above your head and removed
  115. >You now stood between two girl bare chested, only wearing a frilly maid skirt
  116. >The girl's hands were now wandering your bare skin
  117. >You hear Silver speak behind you, her breath softly hitting your back
  118. >"Wow Anon, I had no idea you were so toned!"
  119. >"Eh, I've seen better."
  120. >Diamonds comment doesn't faze you, you already know you're no Greek god
  121. >Close enough though
  122. >"So Anon, now that you're touching us, why not go further?"
  123. >Silvers comment caught you by surprise
  124. >Do they really want you to?
  125. >Before you could do anything, Silver grabs your left hand and moves it behind you, reaching her left thigh
  126. >Diamond faces you and grabs your other hand, then wraps it around her back, low enough to be just above her butt
  127. (If the music has ended by now, the just pull up Pandora and play Brittany Spears radio or something, I don't know what teenage girls listen to nowadays)
  128. >You're in too deep now, much as well enjoy it
  129. >You hold your hands firmly against their bodies, pressing them against you as closely as possible
  130. >"Oh my god, is that what I think it is?!"
  131. >Huh?
  132. >Brought out of your mini trance, you look down at Diamond
  133. >She has backed up now and stopped dancing, looking down at-
  134. >Aw fuck...
  135. >You hadn't even noticed, but it looks like your body and loose boxers have betrayed you
  136. >The thin clothed skirt around your waist was being lifted by your very prominent manhood, which currently stood at half mast
  137. "Oh- uhh..."
  138. >Diamonds looks at you in disgust
  139. >"Wow, what a perv! I know I'm hot but seriously?!"
  140. >Diamond places a hand on her hip, and pinches the bridge of her nose
  141. >"You know, I can't say I didn't think this was gonna happen."
  142. >fuck, maybe this was too much
  143. >You take your hands off of the girls and move to cover yourself
  144. "Fuck- uh, sorry, i- I think I'm just gonna le- AAhhh!"
  145. >Suddenly, you feel a few small digits wrap around your shaft
  146. >You look down and see a grey hand reaching from behind you
  147. >"What's the rush Anon? We didn't say it was a bad thing..."
  148. >A shiver creeps through your body as you feel another hand touch you, this time, a pink one
  149. >"Yeah Anon, don't be such a party pooper!"
  150. >Their small hands grope and prod your clothed shaft, making you release a sharp breath
  151. >The girls begin to dance again, but this time with your skirt covered cock in their hands
  152. "Ah, are you girls okay with this?"
  153. >Diamond gives you an annoyed look
  154. >"We wouldn't be touching your dick if we weren't you idiot, now I think it's time I get a little more comfortable, you're gonna like this!"
  155. >Diamond releases you from her grip and backs up, but Silver remains attached to you
  156. >Her body is still moving to the beat, popping her body and giving a little shake here and there
  157. >Her hands reach to the bottom of her shirt, tugging and playing with the fabric
  158. >She looks at you with half lidded eyes and begins slowly lifting her shirt while dancing
  159. >You couldn't take your eyes off her, the cloth moving above her midriff and farther up
  160. >She moves her body a little more before finally pulling her shirt over her pink bra
  161. >Her breasts are small, but perfectly fitting for her body type
  162. >Your erection has easily reached full mast now
  163. >Her shirt goes over her head and is finally off
  164. >She tosses it to the side and poses in front of you
  165. >Diamond does a few poses in front of you, puffing out her chest and placing her hands on her well toned hips
  166. >"Well Anon, what do you think?"
  167. >Not a word leaves your mouth, you are too caught in the moment
  168. >"Hmp, speechless!"
  169. >Diamond Tiara laughs and moves back to you, rubbing her now bare stomach against your crotch
  170. >She only stand a head under you, so her stomach is pretty level with your dick
  171. >Silver has now resolved to slowly stroking you through the skirt
  172. >She speaks up from behind you
  173. >"You know Anon, this skirt is starting to get annoying, let me help you with that..."
  174. >Silver removes her hand from you
  175. >You feel the button holding the skirt together being fiddled with for a second
  176. >Then a cool breeze hits your bare shaft as the skirt is unbuttoned and falls to the floor
  177. >Your manhood is now in the open, poking out through the flap in your boxers
  178. >The cool air causes it to twitch a bit, sending a small bit of pleasure through your body
  179. >You look at Diamond Tiara, who is now eyeing your penis without saying a word
  180. >Speechless.
  181. >You were now, officially and thoroughly turned on
  182. >But a thought crosses your mind, Diamond said she wanted to get comfortable, what about Silver?
  183. "Hey, Silver?"
  184. >"What is it Anon?"
  185. >You could feel her hands snaking around your legs, feeling up all she could
  186. "Don't you wanna get comfortable too?"
  187. >You could tell by her hands that she twitched at the question
  188. >"O-oh. uh, well... that would be nice, I was thinking though, could you maybe... do it for me?"
  189. >The slight curiosity in her voice is adorable
  190. >By now it was hard to believe that you absolutely hated these girls before you got here
  191. "Heh, yeah Silver, I could do that for ya"
  192. >"Wow, could you guys be any more pitiful?"
  193. >You ignore Diamonds question and turn to Silver, who is now sporting a hardcore blush on her face
  194. >Her face is looking up at you with those big purple eyes
  195. >You couldn't help but smile
  196. >Your hands found their way to Silvers waist and slide down to the bottom of her shirt
  197. >The cloth begins to lift with the help of your hands, slowly revealing her perfect grey skin
  198. >Slowly past her midriff
  199. >"Oh, wait."
  200. >Silver removes her glasses and holds them
  201. >"Okay."
  202. >You stare for a second
  203. >This girl has beautiful eyes
  204. >She notices your staring and looks away with a blush worse than what she already had
  205. >"Jeez, write a freakin' novel while you're at it!"
  206. >Diamond Tiara seems impatient
  207. >You nod and continue
  208. >Her shirt lifts more and more, and soon reveals a simple black bra
  209. >She is noticeably larger than Diamond, but not by much
  210. >Silver lifts her arms and you remove the shirt fully
  211. >You toss it to the side stand back
  212. >"Thanks Anon, but aren't you forgetting something?"
  213. >Huh?
  214. >You look at Silver and see she is tugging at her skirt
  215. >It didn't occur to you that she wanted to be THAT comfortable
  216. >then again, you did have your dick out
  217. >Silver turns around waits for you to remove her skirt
  218. >Not wanting leave her waiting any longer, and to be honest you couldn't wait either, you grab the waist of her skirt and pull it down
  219. >The waist slides down her figure gradually revealing a pair of this black matching panties, but there was one thing taking both you and Diamond Tiara by surprise
  220. >"Damn Silver! I never knew you were packing so much back there!"
  221. >For a little girl, Silvers ass is practically eating those poor panties
  222. >"Sh-shut up! Can't a girl enjoy her cake?!"
  223. >You fully remove the skirt and toss it with the rest of the clothes
  224. >Holy shit, this girl has a serious ass on her!
  225. >Her hips perfectly curve along with her thighs, both her cheeks jiggling with every move she makes
  226. >"It's not too big... is it Anon?"
  227. >What kind of silly question is that?
  228. >You take both of your hands and place them on Silvers cheeks, giving them a nice squeeze and causing her to let out a small yelp
  229. "I like it."
  230. >Silver calms down and lets out a giggle
  231. >"Thanks Anon, I like your, uhh... thing, too."
  232. >She can't even bring herself to say dick, this is too cute
  233. 'I'm sorry, my what?"
  234. >Silver flusters
  235. >"Uh, your... you know."
  236. "No I don't know Silver, what are you talking abo- Ahh!"
  237. >"This!"
  238. >Silver turns around and wraps her hand around your dick again, softly stroking it just like before
  239. >"Wow Silver, you're helpless."
  240. >Diamond shakes her head and walks over to the both of you, taking your dick in her hand along with Silver Spoon
  241. >You sigh in pleasure as both of their soft little hands work on your shaft
  242. >Not being one to receive without giving, you let your hands wander their bodies
  243. >You reach down to their butts and give them both a healthy squeeze, causing both of them to breathe sharply
  244. >"Ah! You really are a perv Anon..."
  245. >Something tells you that the whole dancing thing has now been thrown out the window
  246. >"Say Silver, when was the last time you actually saw a dick?"
  247. >"Hey, I've seen one before!"
  248. >"Our slumber parties don't count, I swear that's like, all you ever use my computer for. I'm starting to get tired of having to delete the search history every time you stay the night."
  249. >"Shut up!"
  250. >"Have you ever sucked one?"
  251. >"Have you?!"
  252. >"W-well, uhh..."
  253. >"That's what I thought!"
  254. >You decide to chime in to their little conversation while they jerk you off
  255. "You know, there's a first time for everything girls."
  256. >The both look at you, then back at each other, then back at you
  257. >"You first."
  258. >"You first."
  259. >...
  260. >"... Rock Paper Scissors?"
  261. >Oh my god
  262. >Do you have to spell it out?
  263. "Why not together?"
  264. >They look at you again, then back at each other
  265. >"Wanna try it?"
  266. >"Well, we've gotten this far."
  267. >They both shrug and get down on their knees, both their faces close to each other and your cock
  268. "Hold on, these boxers are starting to bug me."
  269. >quickly, you pull down your boxers and remove them, then toss them to the side
  270. >The looks on their faces is a mix of curiosity and reluctance, but soon their faces get closer to the point of their hot breath hitting your shaft
  271. >Diamond is the first one to make a move, she licks her lips and leans in, wrapping her small lips around the head of your dick
  272. >The sensation is instant, you let out a small gasp and open your mouth
  273. >Seeing Diamonds actions, Silver leans in too and puts her lips on the side of your shaft, moving back and forth along the length
  274. >Their wet inexperienced mouths are starting to drive you crazy with pleasure
  275. >Diamond starts to move past your head and takes more into her mouth, while silver licks and slurps your length, occasionally reaching your balls, giving them nice flick with her tongue
  276. >The feeling alone is almost bringing you to the edge
  277. >But you hold back, not wanting this to end so soon
  278. >Diamond is now bobbing her head, seemingly getting the hang of it
  279. >She would bob her head a bit, then pull back and give your head a few licks, then back into her mouth
  280. >But her movements aren't giving much room for Silver, she she resorts to your jewels
  281. >Her nose is practically presses up against your crotch, licking and playing with your balls with her tongue, sometimes popping one in her mouth and playing with it for a bit, then releasing it with a *POP*
  282. >For girls who have never done this, they seem to catch on quick
  283. >Although as good as this feels, you think that it's maybe a bit too one-sided
  284. "Hey girls?"
  285. >Both the girls pull back and gasp for air
  286. >Their faces are flush with half lidded eyes and mouth open
  287. >You said it before and you'll say it again
  288. >UNF
  289. >"What?"
  290. >You think for a second, then come up with a plan
  291. "Say Diamond, would you mind if we took this to the bed?"
  292. >Her face shows confusion, then she seems upset
  293. >"But my sheets!"
  294. >"Oh you can wash them later!"
  295. >"But I- ugh, fine."
  296. >Both girls stand up and the three of you make it to her bed
  297. >But before you proceed
  298. "Am I gonna be the only one fully naked?"
  299. >You look at then and see they are still wearing their underwear
  300. >They realize this too, and nod to each other
  301. >"I get you, you get me?"
  302. >"Okay."
  303. >Diamond Tiara turns around and lifts her hair, letting Silver Spoon unhook her bra
  304. >Once it's unhooked, Diamond slips it off, showing her perky pink nipples on top of her small mounds
  305. >Silver crouches down and puts her fingers in the waist of Diamonds tight bike shorts, sliding them down
  306. >Diamonds cute little ass is now out, and you think you can see a faint trail of liquid connecting to her shorts and crotch
  307. >Now fully naked, Diamond turns around
  308. >You can see her perfect little slit, a light gloss covering her lips
  309. >Now it was Silvers turn
  310. >She turns around and moves her hair just like Diamond
  311. >The bra, once again, is removed, revealing Silvers small perky tits, her nipples are poking out as if she was in the freezer
  312. >Diamond leans down and stops for a second
  313. >"I still can't believe you've been hiding this ass from me for so long, is this why you're always wearing those super frilly bathing suits when we go to the pool?"
  314. >"Y-yeah, it's kind of embarrassing..."
  315. "Silver, these days some of the girls here would kill for a figure like that, you should be proud of what you got!"
  316. >Your comments gets a smile out of her
  317. >"Yeah, you're probably right, thanks Anon."
  318. >Diamonds fingers latch onto Silvers black panties and pull then down, then another surprise is revealed
  319. >The crotch area on Silvers panties is absolutely soaked, so much that some of Silvers liquid begins to trail down her leg
  320. >"Woah..."
  321. >This girl, this girl is going places...
  322. >Both girls now face you, completely naked
  323. >You can't help but feel like you've been staring for longer than you thought
  324. >"Yeah Anon, we're hot, we already established that. What's your plan?"
  325. >Coming back from space, you shake your head and remember again
  326. "Okay, first lemme get on the bed"
  327. >You climb into the bed and lay on your back, then stretch your arms out
  328. >It's a good thing this bed is fucking huge, or else this wouldn't work
  329. "Now, both of you climb in and lay your backs on my arms."
  330. >They nod and climb in, each girl situating themselves to each one of your arms
  331. >Silver Spoon now lays on your right side, and Diamond to the left
  332. >"Okay? Now whaaaa~"
  333. >Before Diamond finishes, you wrap your arms around the girls and begin to touch their bodies
  334. >You start off with their small breasts
  335. >Each hand groping and kneading the soft flesh in your hand, sometimes giving their nipples a slight pinch
  336. >Diamond doesn't reach too much to this, but each pinch drives Silver Spoon crazy
  337. >She whips her head back and forth, letting out small moans and gasps while her hands explore your body too
  338. >Diamond still enjoys the experience though, occasionally letting out a meek moan in pleasure and rubbing her legs together
  339. >Her hands are also touching you, rubbing against your inner thigh and up to your cock
  340. >Eventually, both of their hands find their way to your dick and begin stroking
  341. >Slowly, your hands start to dance across their bodies, touching their chest to their stomach going lower and lower
  342. >"Ahhh~!"
  343. >"OOoohhh yess~!"
  344. >Finally, you reach their sweet honey pots
  345. >Your fingers lightly rub their lips, coating you in a thin layer of their natural lube
  346. >They have now fully succumbed to the pleasure, letting out strong moans and gasps, now jerking your cock at a faster speed
  347. >Diamonds lips are thin and slick with fluids, but Silvers lips are puffy and soaking the area completely around her crotch
  348. >You rub a bit more forcibly, spreading and rubbing your fingers around and between their lips
  349. >The two voices moaning into your ears are like music
  350. >"Oohh Anon, I'm getting cloose~"
  351. >"M-mee too~"
  352. >You could feel yourself beginning to peak as well, your own moaning added to the symphony
  353. >The girls are now furiously jerking you, your balls are shrinking against your body as a sign of climax
  354. >Your fingers against their pussies rub more and more, and finally, you slip a finger inside both of them at the same time
  355. >They both yell in pleasure, orgasm beginning to rock their bodies
  356. >The swelling feeling in your cock is building up to it's peak now
  357. >"AAAhhhh~!"
  358. >"HHnnnggg~!"
  359. >Loud moans fill the room as the two girls cum, tightening around your fingers as you try to hold them in
  360. >Your own climax reaches as well as thick ropes of cum shoot from your cock, each pulse sending shocks of pure pleasure throughout your body
  361. >Your cum lands in streaks across you, Diamond, and Silvers bodies as all three of you simultaneously reach orgasm
  362. >Both of the girls are rocked and filled to the brim with intense pleasure
  363. >The three of you ride out your orgasms for a while, Diamond and Silver holding onto you tightly
  364. >Soon, their grips loosen as they pant and gasp for air, their orgasms subsiding
  365. >Diamond is the first to speak out
  366. >"Ahh... that... that was..."
  367. >Silver finishes Diamonds sentence with a sigh
  368. >"Amazing..."
  369. "Agreed..."
  370. >After a few more minutes of relaxed silence, Diamond wraps her arms around you, as does Silver Spoon
  371. >"So... how many more days does this slave thing last?"
  372. "two more days"
  373. >"O-oh, does that mean..."
  374. >You wrap the girls in your arms and hold them tight
  375. "Girls, I'm not going anywhere..."
  376. ~
  378. Fin
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