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Dadonequus Discord Part 286

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  1. >Scrappy is the first to land on your bed as you dive in as second. Events still fresh in your mind.
  2. >You had to hope Thorax was telling the truth. And Luna didn't react to the news of another you in the way you thought. Was she that good at keeping her composure? Or did she just not care too much?
  3. >And then there was Chrysalis, you just had to hope your plan worked. If she can lie to you, then she better fucking expect that you can lie to her.
  4. "Scrappy"
  5. >You call his name as he bounce off the bed
  6. "You understand the plan right? We just tell her we threw him off into a bottomless pit and that you ripped his wings off. Ok? He spazzed out when we told him we were taking him off. That's what we're going to tell her."
  7. >"I understand, this is what Master Applebloom would want. Right?" He tilts his head at you, internally confused, wanting clarification. Now that he was a bug again. Those innocent eyes looked even cuter than when he was a puppy. He was so lost.
  8. "Yeah, totally. Plus, Chrysalis lies a lot too right? I think she'd be proud that we're so good at it"
  9. >"Right, that's true too." He then makes a scheming face as he bends forward and looks around "We could take over all of Equestria if we tell the right lies. Then I could play fetch with Master Applebloom later." He snickers to himself "I'm so good at being a captain, I should be a general."
  10. >Wait, wasn't a captain typically a general in this army?
  11. "Aren't you already one? Don't you command the entire changeling army?"
  12. >"Yeah. But general sounds more menacing. Right?"
  13. >You chuckle at that. Him? Menacing? Could never happen.
  14. "Yeah, but let's not worry about that now. Let's just get this over with so we can see Scootaloo"
  16. >Scrappy tenses for a second. He didn't forget about her. But it seemed he was still worried about how she'd react when she sees him. "Yes, I-I can't wait"
  17. >But you don't notice his plight. Utterly focused on seeming as truthful as possible for when you see Chrysalis.
  18. >And so you both make your way to the basement, down the gravity stairs and through the living room's trap door and straight into the hive.
  19. >As you both approach her track, with the throne in the center. You notice she was resting on it, looking miserable as a single changeling rubbed her head. Others either looking at her with strained pained looks, others just sleeping about.
  20. >Christ, what happened to her?
  21. >"...I swear, If I had one tenth of my power I would have turned that pink pony into pink pulp. Even if she's brimming with love, she's better off as dog feed. How dare she even suggest having a....hrm?" Chrysalis notices both yours and Scrappy's presence. She just turns her eyes towards the both of you with a disinterested glare. "Oh...you're both back. Perfect timing I guess.wait...."
  22. >She immediately gets up, throwing the Changeling massaging her head back onto the ground behind the throne. He let out a screeching yelp as he fell.
  23. >"You're both back! Splendid!" She smirks as she approaches the both of you "I really need this right now. Thorax's cries of pain will bring me sooooo much...." But as she drew near, she noticed he wasn't with you. She tilted her head left and right to see different angles. But no Thorax. "Alright, what is this? Don't tell me you both couldn't find him. That coward couldn't have been that hard to track. uggghh" She winces as she puts a hoof to her head. "Great, this is all I needed, failure in all fronts."
  24. >Pink pulp? Pink pony. Oh, she must have run into Pinkie Pie....christ. Without anyway to get rid of her, Pinkie's attitude must have drove her up the wall.
  26. >Welp, you just had to hope that the "news" you had was good enough to brighten her mood. Because she looked like she was about to chew the both of you out.
  27. "Actually, we did find Thorax. Things got a little more violent than I thought it was going to be."
  28. >"You what? Violent? wait...." Chrysalis groaned as she put her hoof to her forehead "Are you telling me that wimp actually fought the both of you? How can that be? He's a coward and a wimp. Do you not realize having him run about out there is NOT something I need right now? I should REALLY ju-....what?"
  29. >You just silently pulled "his wings" out when she was on her rant and dropped them in front of her.
  30. "Yep, things got violent. And yeah, he was pretty wimpy. But when he found out he was going to be brought back here? Woo, Chrysalis...he just lost it. But it was still two against one. This, is actually all that's left of him."
  31. >"What?..." She couldn't believe it. So much so that she inspected the wings. Could she remember what wings go to which Changeling? Welp, if she could, then this would be the perfect test to see how good your magic truly was. "You ripped his wings off? Where's the rest of him then?"
  32. >Scrappy saluted, with a big evil grin. You couldn't even tell the guy was lying when he spoke. "My Queen, I attacked from behind as he flailed against Anon. I bit his wings off and then headbutted him into an endless pit. His screams of agony before the shrieks of his fall was very satisfying. I only wish you were there to hear it.....Did I do good?"
  34. >Chrysalis's pained expression twisted into a grin just from hearing that. "You did, my little captain. And you too Anon. I didn't think either of you were capable of something so vicious. Anon..." She lifts your head gently with her hoof. Looking directly into your eyes to spot any falsehoods while attuning herself to your feelings. "I'm surprised you didn't do anything to save him. So tell me then, is this all true? Or did the little bastard make some sort of deal with you to be left alone. I wouldn't put it past him to you both come back with his wings. And although I trust the captain. I wouldn't put it past you to pull off some trick with your horn." She lifts the horn with her hoof and places it gently on your head as your eyes fill with false dark magic "So, you did have to use it for something. Hmm? What deal did you make with him. Tell your queen" She began to gently stroke under your chin. Internally, she was ready to chew you out on the word go. And yet, she also wanted to hear that this was the truth. She was hoping that you were finally becoming more vicious. Like her. That she'd be able to mold you the more you drop into her ideology. That perhaps, especially since she did know how the CMC has been treating you lately, that you'd see that ponies were bad and she was good. She wanted to hear this in some form.
  35. "I didn't make any deal with him."
  36. >You look her straight in the eye. Then salute like Scrappy.
  37. "I wasn't about to make a deal with some scummy puss ass changeling that was just trying to get away"
  38. >Chrysalis looked hard at you. Not a single tingle of guilt about you. She waited for a moment. Then gave you a gentle pat. "Good Anon, very good. " She smirked as she then gave you a gentle rub "Are you beginning to understand how good it feels to be under my rule? Successful missions Anon, earn you special praise and privileges. I could make so many things yours, if you just decided to be more cooperative in the future."
  40. >Egghhh...she was trying too hard. Or maybe she actually thought you were becoming evil? you were filling your thoughts with cruel ideas. If only to throw her off.
  41. "Nope, sorry Chrysalis. I just saw a douchebag that tried to annihilate me and we annihilated him first. Nothing more than that"
  42. >"Well, for me. I thought you, my queen, would enjoy the fact that I would destroy any who brings you grief and suffering" Scrappy bowed to her. Still sounding genuine without faltering on a single word.
  43. >"Hmm. At least one of you understands. But with time, you too Anon, will understand the joys of evil and the benefits it comes with. You could even bring your little marefriend along if that would satisfy your "other" needs. Because, the way I see it, nopony seems to respect you. Doesn't that hurt? Doesn't it make you wish there was somepony you could come to who can make all that pain go away?" She gives you a dreamy look, brushing her hoof through your mane with such gentle daintyness that it left a nice tingly feeling.
  44. >But you just couldn't. Even if you were disrespected. THERE was ponies who DID respect you, did love you, and did care about you. And eventually. Chrysalis would see, that if she just saw the good in being good. She could share in all these wonderful feelings. Hell, if Thorax integrates without the evil aspect that even Scrappy has. Then you would truly know it could be done.
  45. "Maybe next time Chrysalis, maybe next time."
  47. >"Hmph" She rolls her eyes as she returns to her throne, annoyed, her headache coming back to full force as she lay on her back and let her head hang from the side of the throne. "Fine, but you'll see eventually. In anycase, I picked up your homework and left it in your room. also,I gave the excuse to your stupid teacher that you were taking care of me and just happened to fall ill. You should have seen your class fawn over me as I dramatically told them that it was my pleasure to help my little brother and that..." She put her hoof over her forehead as she shifts her tone to pure sorrow "that his suffering brings me so much pain in my heart that I can't spend another minute away from his side for another second"
  48. >Oh god...She was winning over the entire class too easily. At this point she was going to have colts and stallions at her beck and call....more so than Rarity. The evil she can wrought.
  49. "Ugh, really? You couldn't just pick up my homework and that was it? Why do you feel the need to attract...never mind, you just feed off the love, right? Without even thinking how it affects me."
  50. >"You're almost right Anon. I do think how it affects you. And when they ask you how I'm doing you'll come home with their residue love in which I can snack on for a bit.I'm a very thoughtful queen. Don't you think?" She said as she stretched back a little further, her mane flowing down onto the floor as another changeling comes to massage her head.
  51. "I think it's just you being you. But I guess I can't complain. It is our game after all. I still have over you the fact that you saved A Equestria, you know. That's a pretty big win on my side. Y'know, that and the fact we've seen what you look like when you're reformed."
  53. >"More like enslaved. That other me, while intelligent, was still a loser. A shell of my former self, unworthy of the name and title of a changeling. As for saving that Equestria. It was a necessity. I did not do it out of the goodness of my heart." She does a motion with her hoof, like pushing a chess piece into place "Check and mate. Your argument is destroyed."
  54. >egh, she was right. She was...no. Wait.
  55. "What about when you saved my life? A little extreme for just another favor, don't you think?"
  56. >"That and the fact Discord would make my life hell if something happened to you. "Hell" is the right term, isn't it? Besides, we're also friends. Friends help each other. Ergo, an extra favor for me. Everypony wins"
  57. >Egh, that one felt less genuine. She wouldn't want you on her side that badly if it was just that. But she'd never cop to it right now. She's given you her feelings before but she always flip flops on it when she's the least bit vulnerable. If only you could get her to say "You really are my friend Anon, and I'd give my life to protect you. I love you, just like a real little brother. Just like friends should"...or something like that.
  58. >Still, if she wanted to be coy. You might as well be an ass yourself.
  59. "Alright, fine, I see how it is. So...I see you ran into Pinkie Pie."
  60. >you smirk at her
  61. "How did that go? Because where I'm standing, it seemed to have gone well."
  62. >"Ogh...." Chrysalis tenses just from her name "The pink hellspawn is truly a nightmare. That alone should give you reason to join my side. How do you deal with her?" she groans
  63. "By being friends with her. She's actually quite cute"
  64. >Chrysalis sticks her tongue out in disgust "You're too disgusting sometimes. Cute? More like insufferable."
  65. "Awww, can the big bug queen not handle a little pink pony?"
  66. >You say mockingly as you walk over to her and poke her nose.
  68. >She just stares at you silently for a moment. Then speaks with a stoic expression. ".....do you even realize how insufferable she is?" Despite her headache, she raise herself onto her butt and sat upright on her throne to explain her encounter. "She comes to me Anon. She comes to me directly, and asks me. "Hey! I want to throw you some STUPID welcoming party or whatever". Paraphrasing of course; I can't stand to say what she actually told me. But when I tried to get away, she stops me again to ask me what kind of cake I want. I did my best to be polite and told her I don't like cake. And she just wouldn't STOP. She was all like.."
  69. >Chrysalis began to quickly shift between a Pinkie form and a Nymous form.
  70. >"Oh, do you want a cupcake then?"
  71. >"I don't like cupcakes"
  72. >"I see, crumb cakes then?"
  73. >"I don't like crumb cakes"
  74. >"Ahhhh...then would you like decorative muffins?"
  75. >"I..Don't like...muffins"
  76. >"No problem, would you like some candy then, instead?"
  77. >"....I don't like candy"
  78. >"Aha! I know what you like! Ice Cream"
  79. >"I hate Ice Cream"
  80. >"oh......Ice Cream Cake?"
  81. >"I...I...GRRR"
  82. >Chrysalis burst into green flames as she changed back to her original form in pure fury "JUST THINKING ABOUT IT ENRAGES ME. I HAD JUST TOLD HER I HATED NOT ONLY NORMAL CAKE. BUT THREE KINDS OF CAKE. HOW DO YOU JUST GO BACK TO CAKE AFTER I....NGH" Chrysalis fell back as she grasped her head. "D-dammit, y-you...you did this on purpose..."
  83. >You nod with a smirk
  84. "Yep. See, I can play puppet master too. Doesn't feel good now does it?"
  85. >"....hmph..." She does her best to cool her anger. She didn't want to be beat out.by you "Clever Anon, very clever. But nopony ever truly gets the best of me. If you're trying to make me feel bad about how I treat others. It won't work. Egh..." She sits back as she continues to dab at her head with her hoof "You're actually lucky that her sister pulled her away so they wouldn't be late for some trip to Manehatten."
  87. >Maud? Maud was in Ponyville? Dammit....you really wanted to meet her.
  88. >still, you felt satisfied that you got under her skin that hard. If only she'd realize that that very same reaction is something she shouldn't be causing in others.
  89. >"In anycase, leave me be. I'll just leave you with the fact that I'm proud. As for you, my captain. Keep up the good work. You know what I speak of" Chrysalis went back to having her head massaged.
  90. >Scrappy then salutes to her "Of course my queen, it shall be done."
  91. >With that encounter done. You and Scrappy head back up to go see Scootaloo. School should be over by now. It was quite the trip.
  92. >And Chrysalis...she was vulnerable after all. If she could just give in. And just see all Pinkie wanted to do was throw her a "Welcome to Ponyville" party. Maybe if you could get that scheduled yourself. It could help her.
  93. >You'd have to do this after Starlight though. You needed to help her with Sunburst after all.
  94. >But at this moment?...
  95. "You ready to see Scoots Scrappy?"
  96. >But no reply
  97. "Scrappy?"
  98. >You turn your head, to see the little changeling look at you angrily. "You insulted the queen again, you do know I'll have to destroy you for that right? The moment you accept my challenge. I will crush you beneath my hooves. I will use your bones to play fetch with Master Applebloom, and bury the rest." But then his anger subsided as he looked at you with curiosity "But we're still friends, right?"
  99. >.......fucking....
  100. "S-sure...yeah"
  101. >"Yeah! Now c'mon! Let's go! We gotta see Scootaloo and...oh" His excitement as he rushes forward quickly drops as he immediately remembers her own anger at him. ".....I hope she wants to see me...anyway"
  102. >This changeling. Scrappy...vicious, dumb, and a fragile heart that was actually worth protecting. Even if he was mad at you. He also wanted to be your friend. You had to help him with this. You simply had to.
  104. >As you both approach your floor door, or rather ceiling door where you both stood. You did have a question to ask the little bug.
  105. "Scrappy, what did she mean by doing your job. or whatever she said. That you knew what to do?"
  106. >"Huh? Oh...erm. I'm not really supposed to say. Not even to you. I told Master Applebloom though. She thinks it's a pretty bad idea. But, I still have to do it."
  107. >What?...He can tell her but not you?
  108. "Oh come on dude, just tell me what it is. I'm your master's friend right?You know that."
  109. >"Yeah but. It's super top secret stuff." He seemed very unsure of himself, like, he wanted to tell you. But he knew he shouldn't.
  110. "If it was so secret. Why would Chrysalis just say it in front of me like that? She knew I'd get curious."
  111. >"She did, she told me you would when you eventually asked. And when you did, I was supposed to lie to you because it's a super important thing. I'm sorry Anon, I don't want to disobey the queen. You're just going to have to ask Master Applebloom."
  112. >Ask her? Or maybe you didn't have to. You had to make sure he didn't lie to her to. He says he doesn't lie to her, and so far, it's held true. But this? Who knows. But you had to get it out of him if it was that important.
  113. "Well, I think Master Applebloom would want you to tell me. If you didn't, she might not want to be friends anymore."
  114. >"W-WHAT?!" Scrappy was paranoid of that it seemed. So he really did genuinely like her. So, most likely. He told her the truth. "O-ok ok...I'm...also supposed to find any way I can for us to break Discord's dumb curse. That's my main mission."
  115. >Him? Find a way to break Discord's curse? Christ Chrysalis...she must have really lost her mind when she gave him that mission.
  116. "I see, mmnnnn..."
  118. >And then there was Scrappy's reaction. He looked frantic. He looked like he had already lost his friends.
  119. >".I-I Don't want to lose anymore friends Anon, s-she wouldn't really do that if I didn't tell you things. Would she?" Scrappy gulped, he was shaking. Like a little lost puppy who scorned his mother.
  120. >Dammit, you just wanted to know. You didn't realize just how fragile the little captain truly was. At times, he was a devious schemer. But when it came to friendship. He didn't want to lose a single friend...ever. He was like a dumb kid, dumber and more innocent than even the CMC. You immediately regret your decision and backpedal.
  121. "No Scrappy, I just...I lied. I just wanted to know what it was."
  122. >You did. At least you knew there was no way he could accomplish it. He just isn't smart enough.
  123. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be a lie"
  124. >"You lied?........AWESOME!" He cheered "Lying and cheating is exactly what a changeling should always do. The Queen was right, you really really REALLY do have changeling tendencies. You really should listen to her more often."
  125. >What?! He....liked the lie? Even though it involved Applebloom?! That didn't make any sense! You went from feeling bad to feeling baffled and angry.
  126. "What?! Then what about Applebloom?! Have you been lying to her too, this whole time?!"
  127. >This was of course, also very important. You weren't always around them to know the lies he actually did tell.
  129. >"No!" He barks back at you, feeling anger well up inside of him just from the accusation "Master Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo are different! The queen doesn't want them. But I do, I want to be their friend. It feels nice. And when they feel bad, I feel bad! and when I lie to them, it hurts for some reason. So, no. I don't lie to them. Just you, because even though you're my friend too, the queen says I have to lie to you the most because it's part of the game. She wants to win reaaaallllly bad. She says when you lose you'd have no choice but to join us. And I'd really really like that too, since you're my friend. She said if you won the game then bad things would happen...and that makes me think bad things would happen to Master Applebloom too." He looks downwards, fiddling with his hooves. "I don't want bad things to happen to her or my other friends"
  130. "You don't see a problem with anything you just said?"
  131. >"....no" He shook his head, now wondering if he was supposed to.
  132. >That proves it. He didn't understand jack shit. He just went by his feelings and his urge to make everyone happy. He didn't know that if Chrysalis had her way. His friends would be no more. But if something happened to Chrysalis before you won. She'd be no more. And maybe, so would he. Unlike this Thorax guy, you don't think Scrappy would be the same if he lost Chrysalis. nor if he lost Applebloom and the others. Meaning, despite bugbutt's own selfishness, you had to be the one to win. For all their sake. As for you? You were obviously something Chrysalis wanted. She tasted friendship with you and truly wanted it. But she also wanted freedom. If she was the villain you know she is. If she escaped, she'd do something to give you an ultimatum. It'd be the only way she'd know to force you on her side if you didn't go voluntarily. When it came to her, friendship was a very scary thing indeed. But you knew most of this already.
  134. >You'd let him have his little dream for now. No need to break it. He was too innocent to know the truth. At least you knew what he was currently spying around for now.
  135. "Ok good, because that's exactly as it should be. So uh.."
  136. >You give him a gentle pat. Which makes him smile and slowly relax. He really did like being treated like a dog it seemed. Applebloom's fault most likely.
  137. "Let's go see Scootaloo, huh? Trust me on this, I'd bet she really would like to see you right now."
  138. >"I hope so too, it's going to be so good when she sees her present! She's going to feel good and I'll feel good too! As long as she's happy. I'm happy." Scrappy exclaims as he flys up to the door and climbs inside.
  139. >Yeah, and you know what? You'd be happy too. In fact, you were sure you could handle anything Chrysalis throws at you. You got this far, and it seemed that you were just as good at this game as she was. Yeah, you really did have to make that "Welcome to Ponyville" party happen. It would be one of your big plays. She'd be stuck in a room full of ponies who'd instantly adore her. Hopefully, she'd see that it actually feels good to be loved and cared about.
  140. >You ascended the gravity stairs to get into your room. Except...now there was a problem.
  141. >You entered a dark empty void.
  142. "...the fuck?.....Scrappy? SCRAPPY! WHERE ARE YOU?!"
  143. >No answer.
  144. >And when you looked down. The door was gone as well.
  145. "F-fuck..what is...wait..."
  146. >You were in Discord's home after all. Who else could do this but...
  147. "Discord?"
  148. >You suddenly hear a gentle melody behind you. When you turn. You see Discord playing a song on a grand piano. Dressed in a tux. He looked very focused. opening his eyes just halfway to glare at you with a smirk. "Hello Anon, have a pleasant morning?"
  150. >You had no idea how to feel right now. Did you get mad? Did he want something? Was he going to mess with you? did he want to talk? This time, you should just approach with caution.
  151. "Yo Discord, what's uhh...what's all this?"
  152. >"Oh nothing. Just wanted to play a tune. Heavenly, isn't it? Not very often I play something harmonius." Discord says as he expertly plays the keys of the piano, the music was very relaxing.
  153. "Yeah, it's actually really nice. So, is it a song you're working on or you wanted me to hear?"
  154. >"Oh no, was just playing it for myself. It's just a little song with a very beautiful ending." Discord says calmly as it seems he is about to reach the end of the song.
  155. "Oh? I bet it sounds super great."
  156. >"Oh, it's quite marvelous. for the ears, one would find it quite therapeutic. An A here, a C there, and then finally" Discord stops and pulls a gigantic mallet from thin air and smashes down on the piano, obliterating it as pieces, string, and some of the keys themselves fly every which way. One even hitting your face. But you don't react. Again, used to it.
  157. >....why were you not surprised?
  158. "...Yep...shoulda saw that coming."
  159. >"Saw what coming? I really was playing that song for myself. But, now we have some business to attend to and since we have the time. I'd actually like to be thorough about it" Discord snapped his talons as he spoke. making the smashed piano vanish from sight.
  160. >Even if he had the time. You actually didn't.
  161. "Discord, I'm sorry but I have somewhere to be. I gotta get Scrappy to Scootaloo as quick as possible. Can you just make everything normal so we can go, please?"
  163. >"I very well can. But..." Discord makes a clock appear on his paw as he points out the time to you. "It's only noon, but if you're going to show up at the school with a talking puppy to sort out some issues then be my guest. Otherwise..." A chair appears from under you. Forcing you to sit down in front of Discord as he tosses the clock away, causing a small explosion. "Sit down for a spell, you'll actually like what I have to say"
  164. >Only noon?!....fucking. Chrysalis must have woke you up super early then. That extra rest you got with Scoots must have ensured you didn't feel tired when you awoke. Well then.....You might as well hear Discord out. You two were closer after all, you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even if he did abandon you during the chat with Celestia and Luna.
  165. "Alright, fine. I'll listen. I trust your word Discord. So, whatcha got?"
  166. >"Oh not much. For once, this will be very simply and clean. You see, I've noticed your influence has been spreading across the land. Both of your presence and your chaotic prowess, why..." He chuckles to himself "Telling Luna about that other you would have usually been very catastrophic, but it seems she's actually curious. Curious enough that when she DOES tell Celestia that they will both probably rack their brains on the subject. A subtle kind of chaos I can appreciate. I mean, I don't even get your fascination with what Luna told you but hey, whatever works"
  167. >Actually, you did kinda want that to happen. Good to see Discord was on board with that.
  168. "Yeah well, I like them but ya know.....uhm.....uhhh"
  169. >Huh, suddenly it all seemed so petty.
  170. "....huh...I don't even know why I should have cared so much...weird."
  172. >Discord gets up from his seat, walking past you as a light appears behind you. revealing your portal door. "Whether you care or not is not what matters. What matters is the chaos it will cause. A blameless chaos that nopony could blame you for. And for that....I present to you a gift. Take a look at the dial Anon"
  173. >The dial?
  174. >You hop off from your chair and walk over to the portal door's dial....huh...
  175. "There's more selections on it"
  176. >"Indeed, why don't you give them a try?" Discord just waits. His smarmy smile slowly melting into a more proud, fatherly type of smile.
  177. >Curiosity piqued. You try the first of the, as you count, three new selections. The first, as you open the door is...
  178. "Oh...woah. It's the clubhouse."
  179. >"Indeed, it should make things more convenient for you." Discord closes the door for you as he awaits for you to make the next dial turn.
  180. >Wow, that was actually pretty neat. It made you excited for the next portal.
  181. >With another turn of the dial, you open the door and...
  182. "Canterlot? oh, this is because of how close I'm getting with the princesses, right?"
  183. >"Actually, It'd be more useful as a way to quickly dump flaming bags of dog poop at the front of their doors. Combine it with the map and they'd never ever figure out who's doing it. But, I suppose that's a reason too...Alright...try the last one" Discord closes the door one more time. And with one last dial turn.
  184. "....wait...is this?"
  185. >"It is" Discord gives you a gentle pat on the head as you gaze upon. Starlight's town. "I felt travelling by train everytime was a tad redundant. So, I made things a little more accessible . Consider these a reward Anon, I feel you have earned it"
  186. >....Discord. That made getting to see Starlight...a whole lot easier.
  187. "...I..I don't know what to say. I didn't expect this."
  188. >Discord started walking away as he approached.....another door?
  190. >"Of course you didn't. If you did, it wouldn't be a surprise. You're one of my best friends Anon. And this whole issue you've been having with that Starlight pony has come to trouble me. Especially since she has come to be friends with Fluttershy. And to avoid any kind of future trouble that may befall either you or her over this mare, I decided to give you an easy and quick way to go and solve it. But enough about that, I ALSO want to show you what our big next future venture will be." As kind as Discord was being right now, which you were truly grateful for. There was something about this other door. You recognized it as one of the doors leading to the future. But, you thought they were all gone.
  191. "Discord, I really appreciate the new places I can go. But I know what kind of door that is. And I don't think I'm ready for another kind of Equestria."
  192. >"Oh don't be a prude Anon, I'd be with you this time, so there wouldn't be anything to worry about. You certainly wouldn't have any limitations to the horn like you did back in that other Equestria. Come on, give it a chance, at least take a peek behind the door before you decide. I promise you that it will be quite interesting." He holds the door towards you, ready to be opened. "I used quite a bit of my power to keep this one around. All I'm asking for right now is a peek."
  193. >A peek huh? Mnnn, you really felt you couldn't say no to something like that. After that kind of gift? How could you without seeming like an ass.
  194. >You slowly open the door...only to reveal...Oh god....
  195. "....Crystals, ponies beating the crap out of eachother, and Canterlot..it's all crystally too and....Discord..NO!"
  197. >Your very fur stood on end from the horrible sight. Your face, contorted with shock.
  198. "A future where King Sombra ruled?! You have to be fucking....what? FUCK!"
  200. >He was gone, and you were back in your room. That damned Draconeequs. Did he do that just to fuck with you? Was he going to do it at some point? Or was it both?....goddamn him sometimes. You were NOT looking forward to that when he inevitably springs that shit on you.
  201. >Dammit....ugh. And nothing you could really do about it either. Was there?....no. For now, you would have to figure out what to do for the next few hours. And since you couldn't really traverse Ponyville due to Chrysalis's lie. Maybe, it was actually the perfect time to,well, see Starlight. If anything, the shorter the time Sunburst had to wait. The less of a chance of him spurging and trying to solve this shit himself.
  202. >Then you heard a gnawing on your bed.
  203. >You look over, to see Scrappy sinking his teeth and chewing on your pillow.
  204. "Uhhhh, Scrappy? What are you doing?"
  205. >Scrappy slowly stops, as his eyes shift towards you, he lets go of the pillow from his mouth and looks at it as he wipes his drool. "....I thought this was princess Cadence's face. Awww" Scrappy sighs in disappointment "I really wanted to rip it off."
  206. >.....hehe, note to self. He must really hate Cadence and Shining Armor due to them defeating Chrysalis. You would have to find a time to show him proof that they were ALSO "Master" Applebloom's friends....because that's just brutal.
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