That kind of story

Aug 19th, 2018
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  1. There were eight of us, in a class of thirty-one, who chose still to be be babies by my final year of high school. Less than average, but not strikingly so.
  2. What did it mean to be a baby in high school? Well, like all teenagers we went to class, did our homework, sat our exams at the end of the year, considered our career options, and did far less of all that than the adults around us would like.
  3. What it did mean is that our uniforms were different, for boys shorts and a polo shirt instead of long trousers, shirts ties and blazers. Girls wore skirts regardless, but the babies often wear brighter tights. All desks have bottle holders, but mine has printed blocks over it, and a rubber nipple, as opposed to a sports cap; Im allowed to wear a pacifier on a ribbon around my neck (mine are both red); during break times we can go to a playroom filled with toys rather than the fields. Last of all, like all good babies, I wear diapers. Currently, I was favouring plain white, but I had all sorts of prints and patterns at home. As long as it was thick, snug and bulky, I wasn't fussy.
  5. Normally I wasn't very aware of these differences, my entire school career some of our class had been one way, the rest another. We chatted, we worked together, but we had some pretty big lifestyle differences.
  6. The reason I was at this moment acutely aware of it all was our science teacher had just paired the class up for a project, a poster on cell structure. I'd just been paired with Marissa. She was a 'grown-up' kid, with long dark hair, she wore a heavy silver necklace and I'd just realised she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen.
  8. "So, I think if we start with a rough sketch it will help us layout... Andy, are you listening?"
  9. "Wha? Yeah! A rough sketch!" I said, pacifier falling out of my mouth as my attention snapped back with the use of my name.
  10. I had in fact been looking at how delicate her hands were, and how she gestured to sublimely with her fingers as she spoke, but I didn't think she'd appreciate that as an answer.
  11. Satisfied, she continued outlining her plan, as I zoned back out, watching the sunlight from the window create a halo around her head. I sighed outwardly, letting go of my held bladder as I did so. The seat of my diaper grew warm as it expanded, and I shifted my weight to better feel it squish under me.
  12. "The bells will go soon. Look, I hate trying to coordinate group work over skype" Marissa declared, closing her books " We've got a free period next, how do you feel about at least trying to get it done then?"
  13. "Oh, sure" I replied "Let me swing by my locker first though...
  14. I normally wasn't shy about getting changed. If I wanted to get my diaper changed, then I would say so, but something prompted me to be delicate.
  15. Marissa smiled indulgently at me, the bell rang, she slipped the last of her books into her brown satchel and put her hand on my shoulder.
  16. "Meet you in the library then?"
  17. Her hand on my shoulder sent a tingle down my whole body. I waited until she stepped away, put my pacifier in my mouth and sucked hard. Then I loaded my things into my Winnie the Pooh backpack and left class.
  19. From my locker I pulled a big, fluffy white diaper and headed to "changing room B". It officially had no name, but was a room by the toilets with changing mats and supplies, but every one called it changing room B because that's what it was, but to stop it getting confused with the one for P.E.
  20. You could always get changed in the nursery, by one of the staff, but the queue was often long and I thought I might be too "excited" to do so without embarrassment.
  21. Once inside, I hung my shorts on a peg and hopped up on to the plain-white changing mat.
  22. Tapes, wipe, new diaper, powder, tapes, done!
  23. From my laid position I tossed my balled-up used diaper into the bin, and fist pumped in celebration when it sailed straight in.
  24. After that I stood up, wiggled my bum to feel the soft, snug padding. Ran my fingers along the inside to sort out the forgotten leak-guards, put my shorts on and headed to the library.
  26. "Bad news" Marissa said, waiting for me by the the library doors, there's a class in there, no spare tables. Study rooms out too. So unless we can get an empty classroom, I'm out of ideas."
  27. We stood for a moment, trying to think of a likely empty yet unlocked classroom, with little coming to mind.
  28. "Okay" I said, with some apprehension "I have an idea"
  29. The moment I opened the door, I was greeted with a sing-song tone.
  30. "Hello Andy! Have a free period do we? I'll put you on a milk. And who's this, have you brought a friend?”
  31. Despite knowing about it, Marissa had never actually seen the inside of the nursery. She followed behind me, sheepish and wide eyed, looking around with astonishment. I guess if you weren't used to it, I could see why.
  32. The walls and floors were decorated with soft colours and cartoon characters.
  33. Around the room activity tables and stations were set up: the pillow den, role play area, colouring table, building blocks, T.V. area ( showing a superhero show made for teen-babies. Most liked the aesthetics, but there was only so much actual teletubbies one could watch. It was also considered bad form for actual kids shows to promote diapers).
  34. And at each of these stations, were high schoolers. Playing, watching, doing. Some with the care of an older mind. Constructing elaborate towers and drawing (impressively) fine pictures. Others engaged with the reckless abandon of toddlers. Some had lost their skirts and shorts the minute they got in, showing a dizzying array of diaper styles. Others had headed straight for the costumes in dress up corner and were in all manner of outfits. Some just lay on a beanbag with their bottle.
  35. And at the center of it Miss paged with her bright blue apron and irresistible smile.
  36. I'm not sure Marissa really knew where to look.
  37. "Hewwo miss Pages" I said, practically defaulting to baby speak. I blushed, remembering who I had with me, but it'd be weirder to stop now so I continued " We gots a gwoup pwoject but the libwawied closed. Can we use the colouwing table pwease?"
  38. "Of course you can Andy" she said, taking me by the hand and guiding me to a seat, then, turning to Marissa "And whats your name sweet pea?"
  39. "M-marissa she stuttered"
  40. "Lovely name. Take a seat love, take a seat. You've dropped lucky you know. Andy’s our best colourer!"
  41. I practically turned scarlet, and Marissa just said "Oh" but the ibdominatable Miss pages steam rollered on
  42. "Now, can I get you something to drink, Marissa?"
  43. "Oh, um, no thank you"
  44. "I have some mugs, in the back, if that's what you're worried about. Tea, coffee?"
  45. "Oh! Coffee sounds nice thanks!"
  46. After that, Miss Pages shuffled off and we began in earnest. Marissa already had the papers, and a rather fancy box of fine-line felt tips. We decided early on to put the diagram of the cell in the middle of the poster, but simply tracing it out of the textbook looked woefully inadequately small, so we got out some rulers, measured the approximate size of the organelles, did some quick calculations to scale them up and began sketching up from either side of the poster paper.
  47. Every now and again, I just glanced over at Marissa. She seemed woefully out of place. Not only was her mature attire at odds with the infantile setting, she seemed to jump at the crash of blocks, the yells of pretend games, or even just staring at the bare diapers on display. The work, however progressed nicely, and we were starting black outlines of each part when Miss Pages popped around to our table.
  48. "Well, looks like we're doing well here, drank all your milk Andy?"
  49. The empty bottle was clear to see, but I answered anyway
  50. "Yes fank you, it was yummy"
  51. "Good, good" then ascan aside to Marissa "Andy always likes a bottle of warm milk when you come in, settles him right down. Another coffee?"
  52. "No thank you" Marissa replied, quietly. Had I replied to softly I would have been asked to put a bigger voice on, but Marissa was spared that routine.
  53. "Do you need a diaper change there Andy?" Miss Pages said, turning back to me.
  54. "No fwank you miss" I said from around my pacifier, which had found its way back into my mouth. In truth I was a wet, but only a little, and I was far too engrossed in the task at hand to bother. I'd worn diapers long enough to know how much it could take. Besides, it was still warm.
  55. "Well I'll believe you without checking today, on account of your guest. And I promised Pippa a bottle and a story ten minutes ago, so I best do that before her next class starts..." and with that, Miss Pages wandered off again.
  56. Just as we got the membrane outlined, Marissa spoke up.
  57. "Drat"
  58. "What is it?" I said, concerned we'd done something wrong on our diagram.
  59. "Nothing, just, ever since she said about your...I've been feeling that coffee badly"
  60. Now, what I nearly said was "Go on in your diaper", until I remembered that Marissa wasn't that kind of girl. So instead I told her to and I'd make a start on the colouring.
  61. Initially my plan was to just colour code each part in the same colour as the picture in the textbook. I started with the Golgi Complex and the more I looked, the more I realised that that each part of the cell was a complex object, and how best to show that.
  62. Noticing the range of shades in Marissa's felt tip set, I started making a colour gradient, trying to give each part more texture, imply an existence in three dimensions. I'd got through a couple more and onto the Endoplasmic Reticulum when I felt a presence over my shoulder.
  63. "That's... really good" Marissa said "Miss wasn't joking when she said you were good at it"
  64. I nearly jumped out of my skin, and certainly leaked into my diaper, feeling it grow warmer, as Marissa spoke behind me
  65. "Jeez!" I said, hand on my heart "Sorry, i didn't hear you come back"
  66. "I'm quiet when I want to be" she grinned a cheshire grin. Whatever her follow up or explanation for her covert entrance was, it was promptly interrupted by Miss Pages addressing the room.
  67. "Five minutes to the bell little ones. Tidy up if you have class after the bell!"
  68. With a grumbling and shuffling of feet princesses and pirates disrobed, blocks put back, diapers recovered and bottles unscrewed so their contents could be swiftly drank.
  69. "Ugh" Marissa groaned "We haven't even got to the labels yet. And I've got prefect duty at lunch..."
  70. "How about after school? I suggested. I could call my Mommy and see if you could come around?" I didn't mean to say Mommy. I tried to say Mom. But I've always called her Mommy and it just came out.
  71. "Oh. Um. It might be late after dinner..."
  72. "Come round for dinner then! Mommys always happy for guests." I was committed to it now. I still called her Mommy. Sometimes Mama. I think, judging by the rest if it, it didn't come as a surprise. It was just embarrassing in front of the girl I had a huge crush on.
  73. "Oh. Sure!" She said cheerly.
  74. I had just somehow got her round for dinner though. So that was in my favour.
  75. So we called parents, organised and a plan was set.
  77. The day went by, and soon we were stood together by the road waiting for Mommy to pick us up. Me, the overgrown baby and her the beauty with black hair.
  78. We chatted while we waited. She was an only child like me. She was a prefect, and in the drama club. She liked chart music, but occasionally dabbled in blues. Her eyes lit up like polished jet whenever she talked with passion.
  79. She was starting to tell me about her cat when Mommy arrived.
  80. "Hello Pumpkin! And you must be Marissa, lovely to meet you. Jump in!"
  81. Marissa climbed into the car, and I got in in the other side, buckling myself into my car seat. It felt strange, to be propped up higher over the much more mature girl. A little awkward perhaps.
  82. "So, Andy didn't tell me you weren't a little" Mommy started babbling "He normally only brings home other babies. Only the one set of diapers to change today then! Its Mac n Cheese tonight, hope that's okay. Andy’s favourite. I wish he'd told me..."
  83. Mommy babbled on, occasionally asking Marissa about herself and school, before launching off into another comment. Marissa for her part answered politely, but I was thankful when we pulled up to our driveway and we went inside.
  84. I began to show Marissa into the living room, but Mommy intercepted.
  85. "Come on pumpkin, lets get you changed"
  86. And before I could object, I was whisked upstairs and onto my changing table.
  87. To be honest, my diaper likely could take more, but that was the policy. Get home, get changed.
  88. "She seems nice" Mommy commented, wiping me down "I thought you'd never bring home a grown up girl, and I'd be stuck changing your diapers forever."
  89. "We're just doing a group project, Mom" I protested, but without any real conviction. The cross-fire between my feeling for Marissa, and the idea of her doing any of... that hadn't crossed my mind yet.
  90. "There you go buster" she declared, fastening the last of the tapes. "Let's pick you out a onesie"
  91. My heart stopped in panic.
  92. "Mommy, just this once, can i get changed into outdoor clothes? Or my uniform?"
  93. "Nope. I'm thinking Seashell pattern, it really sets off your eyes"
  94. "But Marissa..."
  95. "Marissa won't need changing twice more before bedtime, pumpkin. So unless you're changing yourself, it's onesies for you.
  96. I considered it. I really did. But I'd never changed myself at home before. Ever. I only learned because of the queues at school...
  97. So I waddled downstairs, diaper bulging around my blue seashell onesie with the pearl coloured snaps, pacifier in mouth to greet Marissa, who looked like she was trying to sit in as small a space as possible on the long leather sofa.
  99. We started well, we laid out everything we needed on the kitchen table, read up on what we needed, drafted out the position and content of our writing... but it just didn't quite work.
  100. For a start, we have a round table, so we were forever shuffling books, papers and losing sheets. Then I had to keep getting up for scissors, glue, more paper. Lastly, and most importantly, Mommy sings while she cooks.
  101. I love Mommy, I love Mommy singing to me, but as a teenager I can admit she doesn't sing *well*.
  102. Amid the chorus of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now, Marissa and I exchanged one, long significant glance.
  103. "Is there..." she began
  104. "Let's go upstairs" I finished.
  105. We gathered up everything from the table, and I waddled upstairs, diaper crinkling with every step. Marissa followed behind and I thanked my lucky stars I hadn't messed yet.
  106. I paused, briefly, by my door.
  107. "Now, before we go in, I should warn you..."
  108. I must've been leaning against it harder than I thought, as it swung open mid sentence.
  109. I had a reasonable sized room. It fit a lot of stuff in. The walls were adorned with pastel blues and greens, as well as teddy bear prints. Along one wall was my changing table, stacked underneath with changing supplies, including a veritable rainbow of diapers, above it my mobile (ducky themed. I had my bookshelves, with several shelves dedicated to Sci-Fi, and the bottom three all storytime books. My crib, with high rails and an inordinate amount of fluffy blankets and teddy bears stood in the center, by my jigsaw playmat. And close by the door, my extra-long colouring table. Filled with every kind of colouring implement and garnished with half finished projects.
  110. Honestly I could go on. But I reckoned these were likely the things that caught Marissa's eye as the proverbial curtain drew back. She stood still and looked at it for what felt like ages, until finally nodding.
  111. "It's ... cute"
  112. It sounded like approval. And we had things to get on with. I stacked up my unfinished colouring pages and we laid out our work. Then, we began in earnest.
  114. Just over an hour later, we finished.
  115. "Whew!" Marissa exhaled "That...that looks good"
  116. "Yeah..." I echoed " Good job Marissa!"
  117. "Good job to you too Andy, I really couldn't have done it myself."
  118. There was a satisfied silence, but there's only so long a silence can comfortably hang
  119. "So..." Marissa looked around the room, taking it in now her focus was no longer on our work "Into teddy bears?"
  120. "Yeah!" I said enthusiastically " They're super fluffy, and nice to cuddle. I get one every year on my birthday, then there's a few from build a bear, a couple I won at the fair... there's some in the toy chest too..." I admitted
  121. "Aww, do they all have names?" Marissa asked
  122. I was about to respond, but Mommy called up that dinner was ready, so we headed downstairs.
  123. "Hey-O kiddos, hows the project!" Mommy asked as we entered the kitchen.
  124. "Finished!" I declared, beaming "It looks really good!"
  125. "You'll have to show me later" Mommy smiled, then went to sit at the table.
  126. Two places were set on the table, steam still rising off the food, either side of my high chair.
  127. It wasn't actually much higher than the table setting, so Mommy could reach easily. But it had all the aesthetics of one. Plastic seat, fold over tray, the lot. On it sat my disney themed plate, fork and sippy cup.
  128. Mommy helped me get sat in, as Marissa took her seat and waited patiently with her hands on her lap.
  129. "Oh you start dear" Mommy said to Marissa, don't let it get cold.
  130. Marissa took her fork and began eating, complimenting how it tasted as Mommy took my fork and scooped the first of it into my mouth. In between Mommy took a few fork fulls at a time from her own plate while i sipped juice, or had something to say to either Mommy or Marissa.
  131. Talk again centered on school, with Mommy curious on how we knew each other. There genuinely wasn't much to tell. We'd barely talked before, we just shared a science class.
  133. Marissa, unsurprisingly finished her meal first, and after again complimenting Mommy on the food and twirling her fork a bit, she piped up with a question.
  134. "So... do you get fed like this at school too?"
  135. "No..." I responded
  136. "I just spoil him rotten, don't I?" Mommy said, pinching my cheek. "Hardly enough staff for that. I taught most things before he went to school. Some he was stubborn on not learning" my diaper got a pat at that comment "but he likes it, and I'm happy to oblige"
  137. There was another pause.
  138. "If your foods going cold ..."
  139. Mommy smiled.
  140. "Like to have a go?" Mommy said, handing over the fork.
  141. Marissa shuffled closer as Mommy resumed her attention on her own plate.
  142. Her hand was unsteady at first, it took some head maneuvering to get my mouth quite at the angle the fork was, but I wouldn't have cared if it'd gone all over. Her smile as I took each fork full, the catching of her eye each time, the tender care with each movement. I was in heaven.
  143. Too soon my plate was empty, and Mommy left me and Marissa, swearing off any help clearing up.
  144. "Thank you-" I began, uncertain how else to respond to the surprisingly intimate moment we just shared.
  145. "Don't mention it" she waved off "your Mommy-" the word seemed uncertain in her mouth "- looked like she'd let her food go cold feeding you."
  146. I blushed
  147. "Normally she eats first, while mine cools. And it's not EVERY meal" I was keen to clarify "just certain ones..."
  148. Not long after Marissa's parents were called to pick her up, and Mommy came out of the kitchen.
  149. "Bottle time!" Mommy said, shaking a bottle of warm milk.
  150. "Mommy..."
  151. "Oh hush," she replied "You always have a bottle after dinner. It's only a few minutes.
  153. So we went to the living room. Me sat in Mommy's lap, Marissa sitting next to her. The bottle was placed into my mouth and I suckled earnestly, letting the sweet warmness flow into my mouth.
  154. "There you go," Mommy cooed at me, then to Marissa she said "You know, years of routine and he tries to break it for you. You should be honoured."
  155. "Oh" Marissa said. Then unsure how to properly respond, she asked a question.
  156. "So how long has he...?"
  157. "Oh, always!" Mommy replied " He hated change as a little one. Was adamant he didn't want to learn to use the potty, leave his pacifier... any of it. It's not so unusual for kids to return to those things, so rather than fight it, we just let him keep being a baby"
  158. "What... so he never..." Marissa trailed off.
  159. "Well, he had to stop somethings. We had to limit his Paci while his teeth grew in, he hated that. He learned how to feed and clothe himself, he just chooses not to. He's always had a crib though. Diapers... we never got the potty down, did we love?" Mommy patted my diaper with a loud crinkle. "Breastfeeding, well stopping that was a trauma." At that I felt my cheeks flush burning hot. I think Mommy got the hint and stopped there.
  160. "But we love him all the more for it. What about you Marissa. Have a Little phase?"
  161. Now it was Marissa's turn to blush, if only a little.
  162. "Oh um. Not me. My friend Lucy liked to wear diapers though..."
  163. "Andy come as a bit of a shock to you then?" Mommy asked.
  164. "No! Um. Well, it's been a bit startling, but it's not like their aren't others in the class, and I used to watch one of the shows... I mean, some of its surprising..."
  165. Her train of thought was interrupted by both a text indicating that her parents were outside, and my very noticeable messing of my diaper as I sucked the last dregs from my bottle.
  166. It was habit really. After dinner i had my bottle, and that left me feeling warm and fuzzy and content. So I'd just let go and feel the mush expand, and spread, and push my diaper out, and within moments I'd have a warm, squishy mass to wriggle against and make my diaper feel even bigger.
  167. Even from my awkward angle in Mommy lap I could see Marissa staring at the bulge in my diaper, she got so distracted she forgot to speak until her phone buzzed again.
  168. "It was lovely meeting you, " she said to Mommy " thank you for the lovely meal
  169. "Not at all" said Mommy "you're welcome anytime, I'll see you off.
  170. We followed Marissa to the door, feeling the mess in my diaper with each step. We waved to Marissa as she walked down the drive and into her parents car.
  171. "She seemed nice" Mommy said as her car drove off "you should invite her around again"
  172. "It was just for the poster, Mommy" I retorted, and popped my paci in my mouth, like it was punctuation marking the end of that.
  174. It was not however the end of that, as some days later, after we had presented our poster and received much praise for it, Marissa came to find me in the nursery.
  175. I was sans shorts, wearing a rainbow printed diaper, eating a cookie and watching Beatrice - a TV show about a diaper wearing high schooler when Marissa snuck up on me.
  176. "Gah!" I cried, dropping my cookie "Marissa-"
  177. "Told you I was good at sneaking" she declared proudly, as if I had doubted her ability previously.
  178. "What-" I said slowly, steadying my heart "Are you doing here?"
  179. "Not happy to see me?" She pouted.
  180. I was. It was just unexpected. And I wasn't sure how I felt about her seeing me in a bare diaper. I tried covering it with my hands, but realised it was futile and my hands were much better used eating my cookie.
  181. Marissa carried on without an answer
  182. "Anyway, the cinema has a one-night only reshowing of the first Sailor Moon film, and Im trying to get someone to watch it with. Interested?"
  183. I had a passing interest in the show as a pre-teen, but not much beyond that.
  184. I did however want to see more of Marissa, so I accepted eagerly.
  185. "Great, meet me at the cinema tomorrow, 7:30!" Marissa beamed, then ran off. Leaving me ever so slightly bewildered.
  187. I agonized endlessly about what to wear. I hadn't been to the movies with -that- kind of girl before. Do I wear my usual stuff? Do I go more grown up?
  188. I settled on a denim romper. It was something approaching a middleground, I turned up early, but Marissa was already there with a bucket of popcorn and an obscenely large soda - the kind only deemed acceptable at the movies.
  189. She was wearing a Sailor Moon hoodie, skinny jeans and a manic grin.
  190. "You ready?" She said as I approached. I nodded and we headed in.
  191. As we sat in our seats, Marissa put the massive Cola cup in the cup holder between us, and popped two plastic straws through the lid
  192. "Oh" she said to herself " I'm sorry, did you want..."
  193. "Straws are fine, thank you" I blushed at even being asked. But it was a fair question, I drank from a bottle when I could.
  194. Infact, looking around more than a few bottles adorned cup holders. I shuffled deeper into my seat, listening to the plastic of my diaper crinkle as I did so.
  195. "I bet that's useful" Marissa said " stops you having to leave to go to the bathroom halfway through. I hate that".
  196. I couldn't help but agree. If anything it supported my life long commitment to diapers. But I merely nodded in agreement.
  197. "I can lend you one, if you're worried" i teased, but I knew she wouldn't.
  198. The rest of the lead up was spent passing popcorn and commenting on trailers. However the moment the film started Marissa shot to the edge of her seat, focus immediately set to the screen.
  199. For my part, the movie was okay. I'm sure I missed some nuance for not being up with the show, but it was enjoyable.
  200. Marissa, however, seemed enchanted. She gasped, she gripped her seat, she even mouthed along with certain lines. At one moment, when reaching for popcorn, her hand even found mine. She squeezed it tight before realising quite what she was doing and pulling her hand away. I passed her the popcorn.
  202. "...and wow, the big screen made such a difference. Even the old animation really pulls off, it looked stunning.." Marissa seemed keen to recount the whole thing after the fact as we walked out of the screen. Complete with hand gestures and occasional sound effects.
  203. "... went Whoosh and... I had a really nice time thank you..."
  204. Her sudden change in tone caught me off guard, and I found myself replying
  205. "Me too thanks..."
  206. She took me by the hand. Intentionally this time. It was soft, and warm. My head suddenly felt light from excitement.
  207. "We should do this again sometime." Then she tiptoed up and kissed me on the cheek "Maybe I'll bring you a bottle".
  208. Then she left me, skipping to the door. And I wasn't quite sure what had just happened, as I felt my already bloated diaper expand as I stood slightly dumbfounded.
  210. The next time Marissa came to find me in the Nursery, I was prepared. I had picked a seat on the colouring table facing the door. If it opened, I'd be sure to notice...
  211. "Hi Andy!"
  212. ...at least that was the theory.
  213. "Are you free friday evening?" she didn't even wait for me to compose myself "My parents are bugging me that I should return the favour and invite you for dinner."
  214. "Oh, um. Sure!" I said
  215. "Great!" She replied "hows spaghetti carbonara?"
  216. "G-good" I replied.
  217. "Cool! See you then!"
  218. With that, she was off.
  219. "Miss Page!" I called as soon as Marissa left "I have a messy diaper..."
  221. It turns out I still had a reasonably casual button shirt in my wardrobe, and jumped at the chance to wear something slightly normal to meet Marissa's parents.
  222. They greeted me at the door with big smiles.
  223. Her Dad, a rotund, mustachioed man gave me a firm handshake. Her Mom, a petite lady with hair as dark as Marissa's insisted on a hug.
  225. We sat and chatted, but dinner was served shortly and while her parents were still asking me about school and teachers, we migrated to the dining room.
  226. "So!" Her Mom declared " I hear you're quite into the Little scene."
  227. I blushed.
  228. "Yes..." is all i managed. What else what was there to say? I practically lived it.
  229. "Oh, that's hardly surprising. Marissa's always been the maternal type, haven't you dear? We always expected she’d end up with a baby of her own."
  230. "Mom!" Protested Marissa, but her Dad just nodded along in solemn agreement.
  231. "Always playing baby with her dollies... dressing them up"
  232. "Mom..."
  233. "And there was that Alice friend of yours. You really doted on her, whatever -"
  234. "Mom!" Marissa objected even more aggressively.
  235. "Okay, dear, okay..." her Mom conceded. "Anyway, I hope the foods okay for you."
  236. "It's lovely thank you! Delicious" And it was, I was just becoming very conscious of the fact that I was being a lot more cautious with my fork fulls than everyone else, and as a result my plate was clearing much slower.
  237. Marissa, noticed too at some point.
  238. "Here Andy" she whispered, "you do it like this."
  239. She took my fork and expertly twirled the spaghetti around it, then she lifted it. I instinctively opened my mouth and took it from the fork.
  240. Rather than handing my fork back, she did it again
  241. "Watch closely Andy, twirl..."
  242. Another forkful. And another.
  243. She sat there feeding me, each time under the pretense of demonstrating the technique.
  244. Her parents said nothing. But I thought I saw cash pass under the table from one to another.
  245. Once everyone had cleared their plates, and I'd thanked them again, and offered to help clear up (to which her Dad had rebuffed profusely "nonsense boy, you are a guest.") We were left at the table chatting about anything and nothing.
  246. "Don't you normally have milk after dinner?" Marissa recalled "Do you have your bottle?"
  247. "It's fine," I replied.
  248. "Or I could get you a big if you-"
  249. "Don't worry, honestly. I can go one night."
  250. "As long as you're sure..." she said uncertainty.
  251. A gurgle in my tummy prompted a second reminder about my nightly routine.
  252. "I don't suppose you've got anywhere to change?"
  253. "Oh! Um. We don't have a mat. I suppose we best go to my room."
  254. I lost the battle halfway up the stairs. My bowels emptied with a soft gurgle as warm mess slid over the seat of my diaper. I could feel it mush against me with every step. I reached for my pacifier and grasped air before remembering it was in my diaper bag.
  255. "You're best getting changed on my bed" Marissa explained as we turned a corner at the top of the stairs." I'll put a bin bag down. But before we do I think I best warn you..."
  256. She nudged the door open to reveal a room smaller than mine, with a bookshelves, a single bed, a TV on the dresser... and everything was Sailor Moon. Bedspread, figures, manga, lampshade. The lot.
  257. "...I'm a little bit obsessed" she finished.
  258. "It's... cute" I commented. That seemed to satisfy her.
  259. She lay the black bin bag out on the bed and I got out my changing supplies next to them, as well as my pacifier.
  260. It'd feel weird getting changed without it.
  261. "I'll wait outside." Marissa said " Call when you're done.
  262. I laid myself down, undid my diaper and began to wipe. Her bed felt firmer than mine. I noted. And her ceiling a plain beige.
  263. I was just taping up my new diaper, space themed, when Marissa called from the other side of the door
  264. "Done yet?"
  265. "Yeah" I responded automatically, packing up my wipes and powder, forgetting I was still laid on the bed trouserless.
  266. Marissa almost burst back in
  267. "Now that looks better" Marissa commented upon seeing me "It's been weird seeing you so... different."
  268. "You didn't like it?" I said, letting my paci drop from my mouth.
  269. "I like you more like this" she said, patting my diaper. I clenched my teeth as I felt her push the soft padding against me. She didn't entirely remove her hand.
  270. "You're a baby, Andy" she continued "you belong in diapers, with a dummy and someone to look after you. She pushed the padding in and I bit my lip. She crawled over and on top of me.
  271. "And babies shouldn't cover up their diapers or pretend to be big. Right?"
  272. I could've been agreeing or just moaning in pleasure. Either way it didn't matter because in the next moment she leant down and kissed me.
  273. Her lips were soft, and I instinctively arched my hips upwards until my diaper met her body. She let our lips break for a moment, before returning with passion. Tongue met tongue and I squirmed under her in delight.
  274. Then, predictably, my phone rang.
  275. "Shit" I said. Marissa just sighed. I reached for it and answered.
  276. "Hi Mommy. Yes I've had lovely time. Yeah ten minutes sounds great. Love you lots!"
  277. I slammed the phone against the bed as I hung up
  278. "I'm sorry" I began
  279. "It's okay" she said, climbing off me "inevitable really.
  280. "That was really..." I trailed off
  281. "Yeah..." she agreed
  282. "Does this mean?..."
  283. "I'm...not sure" she said, biting her lip. "Ask me tomorrow"
  284. There was a silence between us.
  285. "Did you mean it when you said?"
  286. "That you look adorable and I don't like you hiding it? Yeah. You're a high school baby, Andy. You can barely pretend otherwise."
  287. My heart skipped a beat, my fingers tingled. If my paci was in my mouth I'd be sucking it ten to the dozen.
  288. "Who was Alice?" I asked. I don't know why I asked it. It just slipped out. Marissa sighed.
  289. "Old friend. She went through a diaper phase. I liked changing her. She grew out of it and we drifted apart."
  290. She liked changing diapers? I was vaguely certain I was dreaming. The only sign I wasn't was my phone buzzing again, indicating my Mom was here. I leant over and she kissed me again. I wet my diaper as she did so, letting the warm, comforting and familiar sensation contrast the knew and electric one. She cupped the front of my diaper as we stopped.
  291. I put my trousers back on, thanked her parents and went home.
  294. That night laying in my crib, I could barely sleep. Shadows on the ceiling coalescing into visions of Marissa and memories of those moments. I rubbed the front of my wet diaper, reliving that moment over and over again until I came in a burst of ecstasy, followed shortly by sleep.
  296. Marissa found me again in the Nursery monday lunch time . I was in the book corner flicking through a favourite picture book when she startled me so badly I tossed it over my head.
  297. "I'll do it!" She declared, apropos of nothing "I have no idea what we're signing up for, what our dynamic will be. Whether I'll be your caretaker, girlfriend, both. I don't care! I'm giving it a go!"
  298. I smiled. I smiled to wide my jaw hurt and I was so happy I almost cried.
  299. "Oh Marissa, I stood up and hugged her tight as I could.
  300. However it was my turn to have a plan, and no amount of bliss could stop me saying it.
  301. "We should celebrate. Tomorrow. My place."
  302. "Oh! Marissa said, slightly taken aback "Sure, I-"
  303. "My moms out"
  304. "Oh!" She said, with an entirely different tone of surprise "It's a date then, baby."
  305. She kissed me on the forehead and skipped out of the room.
  306. I plonked back down, feeling my wet diaper squish under me, the happiest baby in a room full of happy babies.
  308. I answered the door as she wanted me to. Diaper ( cartoon giraffes), pacifier, onesie and nothing else. My Paci dropped from my mouth and swung on its clip as Marissa launched at me and kissed me. I kicked the door shut and we kissed all the way to the sofa, where she climbed on top as she had that night at her parents. We kissed, we straddled and we moaned. We embraced, we touched and we whispered sweet nothings to each other. She undid my onesie, I took off her top, then her skirt. I'm sure things would have progressed faster if either of us were more experienced, but at that moment making out and my diaper grinding against her panties was electric heaven and I could have done it forever.
  309. That was until Marissa started arching her hips. Straddling my sodden diaper upright. She unclasped her bra and let it fall aside, she rode my diaper tall and gorgeous in nothing but white panties. Hair flowing around her, skin so smooth and perfect. Breasts bouncing with each thrust. Her moans like sweet music as her movements rustled the plastic of my diaper, her motion rubbing the warm, wet bulk against my rock hard member.
  310. Then, between gasps of pleasure, she said six words that ended it all for me in a moment of blinding passion.
  311. "Come for me baby. Come for me in your diaper."
  312. After that she held me silently as we basked in the afterglow. She stroked my hair and patted my diaper and told me what a good baby I was.
  313. I lapped it all up. I looked to her and she was still the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen.
  315. Aftera while she stretched, and sat up.
  316. "Come along little one, I'm hungry."
  317. She took me by the hand, my diaper inflated and sagging around my waist and led me to the kitchen.
  318. She hadn't bothered to redress either of us. My onesie lay crumpled on the floor, and she had nothing but her panties on.
  319. Her boobs, as an aside, were perfect.
  320. "What're we eating?" I asked. There was plenty of food in the house, but I'd made no plans
  321. "I am eating pizza" she informed me. "You've got a surprise.
  322. She helped lift me into my high chair, and pulled out of her bag a big yellow jar, applesauce.
  323. After getting me settled in, she disappeared for a minute, returning with a spoon, my sippy cup and a plate of freshly microwaved leftover pizza.
  324. She filled the first spoon with sauce.
  325. "Here you go baby, open wide."
  326. I took the sauce. It was sweet, slightly tart and soft to bite. Then came a second spoon, and a third. Occasionally she'd grab her pizza with her spare hand, but the spoons of the sickly fruit were constant. Little by little the jar emptied until.
  327. "All gone!" Marissa declared "Who's a good baby?"
  328. I beamed in the knowledge that it was me, as Marissa patted my head.
  329. "Well done, it's you! Now, who needs a diaper change?"
  330. She knew i did, I was soaked since before food. It didn't stop her feeling the front of diaper anyway and announcing "Yes it's you, yes it is! Did you wet your diaper like a good baby?"
  331. Heavens above all I wanted was to be her good baby. I nodded, and pursed my lips, resisting grinding my diaper into her hand.
  332. So she let me out from my high chair, and led me by the hand upstairs.
  333. As we approached the top, my stomach gave a worrying gurgle, followed by a familiar hot feeling as my bowels emptied themselves. Not for the first time I messed myself entirely and uncontrollably in front of Marissa, my already droopy diaper filling up even further.
  334. And I started to cry.
  335. It started softly but before I knew it I was bawling big ugly sobs.
  336. "Baby, whats wrong?" Marissa asked panicked, turning round. She pulled me close. "Andy..." she grabbed the back my diaper, mushing the contents as she did so.
  337. "Is thats whats wrong buttercup? Did you make messies?"
  338. I could only nod in reply.
  339. "Oh honey. You've made poopies in front of me before! It's okay!" She pulled me close and I buried my face into her shoulder.
  340. "Let's get you upstairs". She pulled me along into my room. The side of my crib was down, so she sat on its edge and pulled me in close, my head resting on her lap.
  341. The poop squished around my diaper me as I climbed on, I could feel its warmth spread as I lay flat, looking up at her as she stroked my hair with an adoring smile.
  342. "What's wrong darling?" She asked again.
  343. "I-I" I managed between sobs "I wanted - you to change - my diaper. But now - but now I messed it and it's icky and I ruined it and-"
  344. "Oh Andy" she said pulling me in even closer "don't you worry about a thing like that"
  345. My head was now pressed against her breast, and I found myself nuzzling against it.
  346. "Go on" she whispered "I know you want it"
  347. I didn't need asking twice. I took her nipple into my mouth and began suckling with gusto. The more I suckled, the more a feeling of peace and calm spread through me like wave after wave of bliss, and it slowed to a steady rate as she held me close and ran her fingers down my back as I sucked.
  348. “Good baby, I know you were missing this. You lay here in your messy diaper and suckle from me as much as you need.
  349. I squeezed her hand with one of mine. A little gesture to let her know this meant something to me.
  350. "Andy" she said "I'm going to look after you. If that means messy diapers, fine. If I eat every meal one handed so I can spoon feed you, fine. If everytime you look at my boobs you want to suckle and cuddle, fine. If i’m following you every free period to look after you in the nursery, I couldn’t be happier. From nearly the minute we spoke, I've felt the need to look after, care and protect you. My adorable little one. So that's what I'll do."
  351. And to this day, she always has.
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