Infernal Gates: WAR!

Nov 20th, 2017
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  1. Wars and death are an integral part of the inferno. Glory must be achieved through wars to gain the support of the demons to your nation.
  2. There Are 2 types of wars you can choose from.
  5. --
  6. 1: War for blood and glory!
  7. --
  8. You fight for blood and glory. You can target any other nation even if they are not bordering you, both you and the nation you attacked gain 50% more glory from this battle!
  10. --
  11. 2: War for conquest!
  12. --
  13. You target a specific tile bordering a territory that you own that belongs to a different nation. Your armies will be affected by the type of the tile you battle over. Note that some tiles have fortifications (Cliffs & Fortresses) which will result in a penalty to your army's strength.
  15. --
  16. 3: Plunder their lands!
  17. --
  18. You target a specific tile to breach from a bordering territory that belongs to a different nation. Your armies will be affected by the type of the tile you try to breach from.
  19. If you successfully breach the nation from that tile, you raid and steal an amount of Obsidian that equals to 200 per tile in the other nation's territory and slay an amount of slaves that equal to 10 per tile in their territory. Fortress Tiles will not be counted.
  21. -------------
  22. Rules for battles:
  23. *Attacking nations with less overall strength than yours will result in glory penalties. The base amount of glory you gain equals to half the enemy nation's strength (base strength, not accounting specific bonuses in battle).
  24. ** The 1d100 roll you make with this action enhances your army strength by %. So scoring 50 will enhance your army's strength by +50%. Rolling 100=200%, Rolling 1= always failure.
  25. *** The nation that loses the battle also loses one random army.
  26. **** Attacking nations who have less territory than you will result with a mobility penalty(30%) to all of your armies. Penalties are always calculated before bonuses in battles to determine a specific army's strength (done by program).
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