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  2. The Forever House has insane resources. It's a massive powerhouse, but it's not unlimited. There are heavy limitations, specifically on what can cross its threshold. When Death became aware of the Forever House, she imposed rules and limits on it, specifically that because even stepping through the door is crossing a planar boundary, than anything can be carried back and forth through the door, due to the technically unlimited resources in both planes. However, it is to be noted that the Basement is insanely dangerous, as is the sub-basement. They will ALWAYS be dangerous, packed with abominations and nightmares, because the sub-basement and basement are infinite like the plane. Like the surface, the further you go from the epicenter or the entrance, the worse it gets.
  4. The house will provide them, initially, with a room and minor things, but no complex equipment etc. It will also not provide them with food or water. It cannot summon anything from below or above or from outside, and it does not exist to simply serve users.
  6. However, it should be noted that while people can use resources found in the house to create goods they then sell, they cannot simply bring in an army of workers and export resources. It doesn't work like that and wouldn't allow that.
  8. Further, if something is made using matter from the house, they cannot remove more than 50 pounds of material from the house per day with a total of two hundred and fifty a month.
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