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Nov 16th, 2017
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  1. 15 Pokemon changed, 3 added
  2. -Lurantis-1: Smooth Rock replaced with Heat Rock. (It has a Sunnybeam set, so Smooth Rock was a mistake.)
  3. -Turtonator-2: Smooth Rock replaced with Heat Rock. (Same deal.)
  4. -Vikavolt-3: Air Slash replaced with Mud Shot.
  5. -Incineroar-3: Outrage replaced with Flare Blitz. (It knew no Fire attacks in SM Tree.)
  6. -Togedemaru-3: Air Balloon replaced with Red Card; Wild Charge and Spiky Shield replaced with Zing Zap and Nuzzle
  7. -Electivire-3: Moveset changed from a special set to a physical set. Old version had a set of Thunder / Focus Blast / Flamethrower / Psychic, Modest nature, HP/SpA with Expert Belt; new version has a set of Wild Charge / Earthquake / Fire Punch / Ice Punch, Adamant nature, HP/Atk with Expert Belt
  8. -Togedemaru-4: Reversal and Nuzzle replaced with Endeavor and Zing Zap.
  9. -Alolan-Golem-1: Quick Claw replaced with Air Balloon; Smack Down, Bulldoze, and Counter replaced with Double-Edge, Rock Blast, and Earthquake; EV spread changed from HP/Atk/Def to just HP/Atk.
  10. -Aerodactyl-1: Knows Iron Head, Earthquake, and Ice Fang in addition to Rock Slide
  11. -Rhyperior-2: Knows Earthquake and Ice Punch in addition to Rock Wrecker and Rock Polish
  12. -Porygon-Z-2: Knows Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, and Shadow Ball in addition to Hyper Beam
  13. -Magnezone-3: Nature changed from Modest to Timid; EV spread changed from Def/SpA to Spe/SpA; Charge Beam replaced with Thunder
  14. -Alolan-Golem-2: Nature changed from Adamant to Jolly; Air Balloon replaced with Weakness Policy
  15. -Magnezone-4: EV spread changed from SpA/SpD to HP/SpA
  16. -Electivire-4: Shuca Berry replaced with Life Orb
  17. -Raticate-1, Arbok-1, and Golbat-1 added to bring total up from 996 to 999 Pokemon. They have bad movesets, so they're probably early Tree trash mons.
  19. Fun fact: Milotic-4 and Regice-4 are still Impish instead of Bold. They've had the same natures since the Subway, so GF's been using the wrong natures for 7 years now.
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