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  1. Rank -
  2. Byond Key: SuperGinger9001
  3. Character Name: Leech
  4. Race: Namekian
  5. Alignment: Lawful Good
  6. Character Age: 24.3
  7. Rank Applying For: Elder
  8. Topic:  You have watched over your people for a countless amount of years. Recount the time your people struggled the most, and how you guided them through it.
  9. RP:
  10.  As the Changeling possessing the greatest power Leech had ever laid eyes upon planted down on the green soil, a large explosion would tear through the lands of Namek, destroying anything in its path. The Earthquake brought havoc upon villages and cities. As Treble was growing old, his power was growing weaker...  The Changelings set out his grunts to seek demolition to every living being that roamed his home.
  12.  With the quick knowledge of the Changeling spreading all throughout Namek, he knew what must have been done. Leech would move his index finger to his temple, pushing slowly. A message was sought to seek his followers. "Gather the Dragonballs, citizens of Namek. Bring them to my Temple. It is time to call upon Porunga..." With the messaging spreading throughout Namek, the Dragon Balls arrived over the course of an hour. He had left two with his student, Vharok. Vharok was one the greatest Warriors on Namek... but, he would not be enough to take on the threat, not nearly enough.
  14. The Changeling had personally come down to the planet a few hours later, wondering what all the ruckus was about. Leech and Vharok had been doing their best to take out the Changeling's soldiers, and was having some success at the task. Dead bodies were scattered around the Namekians, who glanced over their shoulder, spotting the Changeling lord.. who was holding the two dragon balls that had been entrusted to Vharok, looking at them oddly.
  16. "Now, Namekians... what ARE these?"
  18. Vharok and Leech began to stammer, they could sense the Changeling's power level, and it was quite larger than theirs combined, and they were the two strongest Namekians ever to be, despair began to flood Leech's body as he realized what a hopeless fight it truly was. However, just as he was about to sink to his knees, something caught the corner of his eye. It was another Namekian, moving very quickly. They tackled the Changeling over, catching them by complete surprise.
  20. The dragon balls flew out of the Changeling's grasp, rolling over to Leech, who quickly grabbed them, flying away from the scene, leaving the other Namekians, Vharok and Kaobell, who he faintly recognized as his brethren, take care of the Changeling for now. Flying over to the Porunga shrine, he set the two dragon balls down, leaning on the altar to regain his breath. As he regained his energy, he began to chant. Few moments later, Porunga had appeared, the dragon causing the skies over Namek to become an odd darkened green.
  22. He hadn't the time to think of a smart wish, he was more hellbent on getting things done, as he was contacted telepathically by his counterpart, Koabell., who sounded quite... pained. He was calling for help, and, regardless of their strained relationship, he wasn't going to deny him. "Porunga. Grant me and my followers enough power to beat this foe!". With that, the Great Porunga would vanish, the skies settling. Flying off back to his brother, he suddenly felt his body jolt, power coursing through his veins, this was odd, very odd... did his wish grant him /this/ much power?
  24. Shaking his head, he continued his flight, happening upon quite the scene. The Changeling held Kaobell by the neck, slowly squeezing his hand, and constricting the airflow to his Kaobell brain. His Kaobell also seemed to have a much larger energy signature than before, but it was draining rapidly, and Leech didn't know if there was anything he could do about it. Despite their power up, the Changeling was still many times stronger than them. Although, he stood no chance if the Namekians combined forces.
  26. <This.. This is the final stand.>
  28. With the words leaking from Leech's mouth, he would stand there, his arms divided. He would begin to hone in on Kaobells energy source, nodding to him. They both realized what needed to be done. As seconds went by, Kaobell would begin to soar in the air, screaming as he broke free from the Changelings grasp.
  30. "We... are one!"
  32. The Namekians energys would no longer faulter against the Changeling, Kaobell and Leech's energy slowly combining into the true, ultimate Namekian. As they combined, Leech's body would grow massively, whilst Kaobell began to fade. Leech's veins would portray through his muscular figure. His heart began to change pace, from a simple thud..thud.. to a thudthudthud. He was in the heat of the battle, as he launched back, he made eye contact with the Changelings Obsidian globes, rearing back his arms. "You will now feel the pain of the Namekians!" As he launched his arms forward, his index fingers would collide, begin to charge a beam at his fingertips.
  36. As the energy lurched from the Namekian, the Changeling would attempt to rebuttal with his own ray, but was simple destroyed from the might of the combined Namekians. As it shred through his flesh, the hell-bent crys of the Changeling struck Namek, ringing through the plains.
  38. Leech had won, but had a heavy loss accustomed to this. He had lost his best friend, and was now his best friend...
  40. Heavily panting, Leech would end the beam, realizing the Changeling was disintegrated... Falling to his knees, he was the true savior of his people, in their greatest brawl.
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