Sweet Session [untypeset]

Dec 9th, 2016
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  1. Sweet Session Translation
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  4. [Cast and Characters]
  6. >Ushio: Every friday is curry day. The Shipgirls alternate as the weekly chefs.
  7. >Ushio: But even though it's us, the 7th Destroyer Division's turn this week...
  8. >Sazanami: We're in charge of cooking today! Why are we expected to be on sortie duty?
  9. >Oboro: This is an emergency, it can't be helped!
  10. >Oboro: Sorry, Ushio!
  11. >Sazanami: We're going to have to leave it to you!
  12. >Akebono: Ushio
  13. >Akebono: Do as much as you can. | We'll come and help as soon as we finish the job.
  14. >Ushio: Mhm, | fair winds and following seas!
  16. >Ushio: Ushio
  17. >Ushio: will do her best!
  18. >Ushio: If we add these vegetables we should be good.
  19. >Ushio: If the standard carriers had stayed, they'd have helped a lot....maybe.
  20. >Ushio: Huh?
  22. >Ushio: The ships on-base today are... | Fusou, Yamashiro, Sendai, Abukuma, Tenryuu, Tatsuta...
  23. >Ushio: ....what should I do | could any of these uppperclassmen (literally: Adults) tell me...?
  24. >Sendai: Right! Outfitting cruise (note: sea trials may also work) complete!| Good work, everyone!
  25. >Sendai: Today's yasen training is hereby complete! Well, since the sun is already up!
  26. >Sendai: Destroyers, you can rest as soon as you clean up!
  27. >Akatsuki: ....Whew...
  28. >Abukuma: After a whole night of training my bangs are all messed up.... | I wana take a bath....
  29. >Sendai: Abukumaaaaa
  30. >Abukuma: Hawaaa!
  31. >Sendai: You were the slowest today at training. | You're coming with me for some remedials!
  32. >Sendai: Destroyers, the rest is up to you!
  33. >Akatsuki: [yawn]
  34. >Akatsuki: Hey, Inazuma and Ikazuchi, get up. | We gotta clean up.
  36. >Hibiki: Akatsuki, | I'll clean up. | Take those two to their rooms to rest.
  37. >Akatsuki: Ehh....I feel bad if it's just you, Hibiki.
  38. >Akatsuki: Is it really okay?
  39. >Hibiki: No problem.
  40. >Ushio: After this, we'll be ready as soon as the meat tenderizes.
  42. >Hibiki: Whoo....
  43. >Ushio: Geh
  44. >Ushio: Ah.....
  45. >Ushio: I wanted to that not okay? | Umm....
  46. >Hibiki: Спасибо (Thank You)
  48. >Akashi: Huh? You brought it all the way here?
  49. >Akashi: It's fine, my workers would have moved it. | You could have just left it there.
  50. >Yuubari: Workers?!
  51. >Akitsushima: I just came to help, now I'm a worker?
  52. >Akashi: Thanks for your help.
  53. >Hibiki: By the way, | Ushio's getup....
  54. >Ushio: ...Today is curry day, but....umm....
  55. >Ushio: The ships on base....umm.....
  56. >Ushio: Nagato
  58. >Ushio: The rumors say that Nagato can't eat spicy foods.... | But, umm....the only curry powders left in the kitchen are spicy.... | umm
  59. >Ushio: I wonder if she'll be able to eat it...maybe.
  60. >Ushio: I have a chance to make her....happy. | ....what is should I...
  61. >[Ushio: Ahahaha][Sorry, I said some embarassing stuff]
  62. >But if I give it my all, | I'm sure I can convey it....I think.
  63. >Ushio: пирожок (Pie/Pirozhok)
  64. >Ushio: досвидания (Bye!)
  66. >Ikazuchi: Mm?!
  67. >Ikazuchi: What, what?!
  68. >Ikazuchi: What's going on?!
  69. >Ikazuchi: Hibiki?
  70. >Ushio: Although it's actually really good....
  71. >Ushio: It's really spicy after all.
  73. >Ushio: Mm.... I guess it can't be helped. | I guess I'll just let it stew....
  74. >Ushio: H....Hibiki-chan?!
  75. >Hibiki: Honey
  76. >Hibiki: Milk
  77. >Hibiki: and Mangos
  79. >Hibiki: The three pillars of a mild and sweet curry! | Super secret ☆ 6th Destroyer Division Curry--Jan! | jan!
  80. >Hibiki: I will help.
  81. >Ushio: ...okay.
  82. >Yuubari: Welcome back.
  83. >Nachi: Leave the radars over there.
  84. >Ashigara: So tired.
  85. >Akebono: I'm taking my leave.
  87. >Oboro: Hold on, Akebono!
  88. >Ashigara: What's the rush?!
  89. >Akebono: Ushio's been doing all the cooking on her own!
  90. >Akebono: I can't just let her do all that on her own!
  91. >Ashigara: Well, | A nosy one, aren't'cha?
  92. >Akebono: Haah
  93. >Akebono: Haah
  94. >Akebono: Sorry for the wait, Ushio--
  96. >Akebono: Whoo....whew.....mmm.....That's great, no problem, wonderful, right.....haaaah....whew.....hmm.....
  97. >TTK: Sazanami, Oboro! Do you know where Akebono went?
  98. >Sazanami: ....W-who knows--?
  99. >Oboro: In the kitchen.
  100. >TTK: Is that so~
  101. >Saznaami: .....
  102. >Oboro: what?
  103. >AKebono: You're so noisy, fucking kuso Admiral!
  105. >Ushio: Sweet and delicious curry | is finished!
  106. >Ushio: We did it! Hibiki-chan!
  107. >Ushio: It's delicious curry....ummm....
  108. >Ushio: C- (note: Th-)
  109. >Ushio: Спасибо (Thank You) | Ushio-chan!
  110. >Nagato: It seems like the destroyers
  111. >Nagato: Made a curry, just for me.
  113. >Nagato: I must reciprocate their kindness!
  114. >Mutsu: ...there you go doing unecessary things again.
  115. >Mutsu: Are you interested in trying my spicy one?
  116. >Nagato: kind of a little....
  117. >Mutsu: Ara?
  118. >Mutsu: Ara ara? Is it okay for the glorious and most-dignified battleship to display such weakness?
  119. >Mutsu: Biggu Seben!
  120. >Nagato: I'll eat it then! | There is no obstacle too great for the Big 7!!!
  122. >Akebono: The curry was too spicy for Nagato, so she went to sleep.
  123. >Ushio: Ehhhh?!
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