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  1. Sometimes I dream my lover is elastic...
  4.         We had been gazing into each others' eyes for what seemed to be
  5. forever.  Finally, she changed her glance, and with that mischievous
  6. squint and sly grin, leant over and whispered in my ear, "I have a
  7. surprise for you..."  ...and with a quick kiss on the cheek, ran off,
  8. giggling, into the bedroom.
  10.          I had not yet really been invited into the bedroom; she always would
  11. laugh and say, "It's my sacred space", and I never pushed it as I was
  12. trying to be a gentleman about it.  Besides, I never had any reason to
  13. have any complaints about my lover; we would be passionate nearly
  14. everywhere (nearly caught at it many a time; part of the excitement!).
  15. Consequently, I was a little apprehensive, but thrilled that there might
  16. be a new adventure.  I waited an appropriate amount of time, then
  17. approached the door, which was slightly ajar, and pushed it.
  19.         I stood there and looked in awe of the surroundings.  Candles
  20. everywhere, casting red and orange light and shadows over the muted,
  21. cloud painted walls.  A plush, hunter green rug, centred on the finely
  22. polished hardwood, emulating grass.  A magnificent, 9 foot by 9 foot
  23. four-poster bed with no canopy, draped in lush, silky, floral sheets....
  24. and at the centre of it all, my beautiful lover; lying crosswise on the
  25. bed head propped up, her lucious hair flowing over her arm, motioning me
  26. into the room.
  28.         "Stop", she said, holding up her hand, "take off your clothes..."; I
  29. undressed slowly, not looking away.  I stood naked, quivering; then
  30. started to advance again....
  32.         "Stop", she said again, and sat up, and the mischievous grin returned.
  33. She then began to reach behind her, about a foot over her head, and
  34. grasped one of the posts of the bed.  she then slid down towards the
  35. opposite corner of the bed and hooked her foot around the post there at
  36. about the same height.  Then the other hand, then the other foot.
  37. Incredible!  She was all stretched out like.... I'm too embarrassed to
  38. use that clichÈ here..."Mount me; NOW", she grinned.
  40.         But I did feel a little clicheish, and flung myself at her, as if to a
  41. trampoline...she drew in a sharp breath as my weight met her torso,
  42. slightly flattened, and her already long limbs lengthened even
  43. further...and then I found myself flung, fortunately, back onto the
  44. plush, green carpeting.
  46.         "...Maybe a little slower this time?"   A little red, but still
  47. aroused, I clumb onto the bed.  Facing her glistening pussy, I gave it a
  48. little rub, and gingerly pushed it down, the better to climb up onto her
  49. with.  Her legs began to stretch, and she gave a little moan.  I could
  50. only imagine what kind of exquisite pleasure this incredible elasticity
  51. was giving to my partner, but I certainly intended to give her as much
  52. as I possibly could.  Climbing onto her was a little awkward but i
  53. managed to roll myself onto her; her tightened body curiously conforming
  54. to my own, like being partially wrapped in spandex that was made of
  55. flesh.  But her wonderful, delicious breasts were cushioning me like
  56. comforting pillows.
  58.         I had just managed to balance myself on her, reaching and gripping her
  59. very slender arms; her shins nearly fitting  between my big & second
  60. toes, when I felt something winding around my wrist.  I looked up to see
  61. her lengthening fingers, stretching themselves around my wrist, having
  62. somehow wrapped her own wrists around the tall bedpost. I was aware of
  63. something similar happening at my ankles, although I could not see it.
  64. I stiffened my body a little with the sudden realization that I was
  65. somewhat helpless, spread-eagled, and this made the two of us start to
  66. bounce, slowly, together.  I could feel her quiver with my whole body,
  67. and as it slowed, she said, a little breathlessly, "Get into to me,
  68. now."
  70.         I was already very hard, and wiggled my body to position myself inside
  71. her moist, warm, vagina.  Oh that feeling!  It was as if I started to
  72. grow even more once inside!  I thrust, and we began to bounce again....
  74.         thrust
  76.         bounce
  78.         thrust
  80.         bounce
  82.         higher;
  84.         The stretching of her fabulous limbs began to sing as we flew
  85.         I started to feel as though I really might explode, and felt my lover's
  86. flesh begin to throb when
  88.         SNAP!
  90.         Fingers and toes whipped around, away from my wrists and ankles as we
  91. fell together onto the mat.....
  95.         Uhn?
  98.         I sincerely hope the telemarketer felt all the rage intended for him as
  99. I slammed down the heavy receiver of my antique phone.                
  100. Only in my dreams...........
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