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  1. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.unionism.catacombs.350
  2. /q e v false
  3. /q e ToFind iffound essalonia.blessedwar.unionism.catacombs.400
  4. /q e ToFind !ifcompleted essalonia.blessedwar.unionism.catacombs.400
  5. /q e ToFind onenterregion essalonia.catacombsmiddle
  6. /q e OnFind dohearsound ZOMBIE_WOODBREAK
  7. /q e OnFind DoCmd /pve mob skeleton essalonia,5861,115,5554 5 none attr:Generic_Max_Health=100 attr:Generic_Movement_Speed=.3 attr:GenericArmor=10 name:<green>Bone_Horror=true collides:false money:0 attr:Generic_Attack_Damage=3 silent:true trackertag:unionismcure1
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