DF Game Club: A Vampyre Story (part 3)

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  1. (06:57:33) Glog78: Hi Syd
  2. (06:57:35) Syd: Should be ready in a minute or two
  3. (06:57:49) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  4. (06:57:58) Cheeseness: Fhqwhgod doesn't love us
  5. (06:58:03) Fhqwhgod [] entered the room.
  6. (06:58:27) Fhqwhgod: my god Twitch is a pain today
  7. (06:58:27) current topic is: Weekly Game Club starting 27th December: A Vampyre Story | FAQ | Home Page (includes countdown timer and time zone links - watch out for DST changes!) | Channel logs are published
  8. (06:58:55) Syd: Two different guides loaded up this time, if one leaves something out, the other should have it. Hopefully.
  9. (06:59:18) Cheeseness has changed the topic to: Weekly Game Club starting 27th December: A Vampyre Story | End of 2014 Survey: | FAQ | Home Page (includes countdown timer and time zone links - watch out for DST changes!) | Channel logs are published
  10. (06:59:49) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  11. (06:59:51) Sven_Q45: Hi.
  12. (06:59:54) Syd: Hey Sven_Q45
  13. (06:59:57) Cheeseness: Hey Sven_Q45
  14. (07:00:04) Sven_Q45: hi
  15. (07:00:15) Sven_Q45: This week I bought something great.
  16. (07:00:18) Cheeseness: Did you see the end of year Game Club poll?
  17. (07:00:22) Cheeseness: Oh?
  18. (07:00:57) Syd: I believe I've figured out how to make AVS not crash, so shouldn't have a repeat of last week
  19. (07:01:04) Sven_Q45: I do not know whether they sell it internationally or not.
  20. (07:01:05) Cheeseness: Fingers crossed!
  21. (07:01:40) Cheeseness: Ha ha, neat
  22. (07:01:47) Syd: And in the event that we do, I've figured out how to basically speed run through the game so I could probably catch up to where I was pretty quickly. You can skip both animations and dialogue by mashing spacebar.
  23. (07:02:05) Cheeseness: Did you make extra saves when you were playing through yesterday?
  24. (07:02:30) Syd: Nope. :D
  25. (07:02:37) Syd: Shouldn't be a problem though
  26. (07:02:38) Cheeseness: :D
  27. (07:02:45) flesk: That's a neat feature. Unskippable cutscenes are the worst.
  28. (07:02:59) Sven_Q45: flesk oh yes!
  29. (07:03:03) Syd: If you use spacebar while waking around, you basically teleport
  30. (07:03:06) flesk: Runaway had those.
  31. (07:03:07) Cheeseness: Thanks Double Fine :D
  32. (07:03:21) Cheeseness: (most of the cutscenes in their games are unskippable
  33. (07:03:44) Sven_Q45: But DFA get a retail version.
  34. (07:03:46) Sven_Q45: :D
  35. (07:03:52) flesk: In Double Fine's games? I don't even remember that.
  36. (07:03:56) Syd: Okay, starting up in just a moment, checking something in game really quick
  37. (07:04:02) flesk: Must have really enjoyed them then.
  38. (07:04:40) Syd: Alright, going live
  39. (07:05:18) flesk: I'm still traumatised from a crash in Runaway that made me have to play through half an hour of the game twice, and most of it was unskippable cutscenes.
  40. (07:05:24) Syd: Let me know when it's up on Twitch and such
  41. (07:05:34) Fhqwhgod: poor flesk!
  42. (07:05:46) flesk: Heh. ;)
  43. (07:05:56) Sven_Q45: That´s nothing!!
  44. (07:05:56) Cheeseness: It's up, Syd!
  45. (07:07:04) Sven_Q45: The first time i played indy 4 I couldn´t save. And on the submarine i died! And had to repeat almost the whole game 2 or 3 times in one night. It was a long night!! :D
  46. (07:07:42) Cheeseness: So last week, we had a bit of a technical hiccough that cut the session short
  47. (07:07:46) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  48. (07:07:48) Cheeseness: We're splitting what's left of the game over two sessions
  49. (07:08:22) flesk: Sven_Q45: You unintentionally played it as a roguelike?
  50. (07:08:37) Sven_Q45: No team.
  51. (07:08:59) flesk: So we're about halfway through the game now?
  52. (07:09:10) Sven_Q45: 1/3 i think
  53. (07:09:16) Cheeseness: Yeah, I think a bit over half
  54. (07:09:18) Fhqwhgod [] entered the room.
  55. (07:09:42) Fhqwhgod: Es läd. Es läd endlich. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  56. (07:10:03) flesk: So the demon snot is in that thing?
  57. (07:10:15) Sven_Q45: Fhqwhgod Yes?
  58. (07:10:31) Fhqwhgod: Nope
  59. (07:10:40) Syd: The guide I was using last week totally left out the detail about how to get the demon snot
  60. (07:10:47) Cheeseness: heh
  61. (07:11:21) Cheeseness: So if we include Bill showing up late for the first AVS session, we had 32 guests last year
  62. (07:11:58) Sven_Q45: Haha when she claps her hands. :D
  63. (07:13:52) flesk: Cheeseness: That's great. :) How many did we have in 2013?
  64. (07:14:44) flesk: Peter Moorhead was almost present too.
  65. (07:15:22) Cheeseness: 22 by the looks of things
  66. (07:15:42) Cheeseness: I counted Peter Moorhead since he hung around and chatted in the forum a bit
  67. (07:15:56) flesk: Ah, right.
  68. (07:16:28) flesk: He also answered a few questions during the stream via Twitter.
  69. (07:16:37) Cheeseness: Ah, that's right
  70. (07:17:01) Sven_Q45: You streamed it already?
  71. (07:17:50) flesk: Was a bit surprised to find out he's only 20 years old.
  72. (07:17:53) Cheeseness: The backgrounds in this are so good
  73. (07:18:26) Jenni [] entered the room.
  74. (07:18:30) Cheeseness: Hey Jenni
  75. (07:18:45) Jenni: Hello
  76. (07:19:20) Cheeseness: I was just commenting on the backgrounds
  77. (07:19:37) Cheeseness: They've all got great lighting and atmosphere to them
  78. (07:20:01) Sven_Q45: back.
  79. (07:20:05) flesk: I think Bill Tiller wrote a bit about why prefers the 3/4 perspective during the Duke Grabowski campaign.
  80. (07:20:18) Jenni: Yeah.  The after effects really suit Bill Tiller's art
  81. (07:20:22) Sven_Q45: Ah burgermeister, :)
  82. (07:20:39) Jenni: The Autumn Moon games definitely have an awesome look to the background art
  83. (07:20:53) Sven_Q45: It´s a 2D adventure game. It must be great. ;)
  84. (07:21:42) Jenni: The 3D models used to throw me off when I first played them, but they grow on you after a while
  85. (07:22:22) Jenni: They certainly look better than the ones in the first Monkey Island special edition
  86. (07:22:23) Cheeseness: Yeah, they seem to have aged pretty well, which is a good indicator of a solid style
  87. (07:23:04) Cheeseness: Monkey 1:SE didn't use 3D models IIRC
  88. (07:23:30) Syd: Pretty sure it did, but they were pre-rendered in-game
  89. (07:23:34) Jenni: They used 2D art, with pre rendered 3D models
  90. (07:24:23) Jenni: I first thought that the fact that they converted the 3D models to 2D sprites was the reason they stuck out so much
  91. (07:24:36) Jenni: but they're vastly improved in the second special edition
  92. (07:25:19) Cheeseness:
  93. (07:25:42) Cheeseness: Ah, sorry. Wrong link
  94. (07:25:43) Cheeseness:
  95. (07:25:57) Cheeseness: According to Oliver, they were hand painted
  96. (07:26:14) Cheeseness: But anyway, A Vampyre Story!
  97. (07:27:32) Jenni: he said they might have ended up in the game though (they certainly look like it)
  98. (07:28:35) Cheeseness: If they did, they most likely would've been paintovers rather than actual renders
  99. (07:29:28) Jenni: yeah, they probably were, but the dead eyes were a dead giveaway that they didn't do a complete paint-over
  100. (07:29:54) Cheeseness: I guess it's been a while since I've seen the SE graphics. I don't remember any eyes. Just hair.
  101. (07:30:37) Cheeseness: Aww, poor banshee
  102. (07:30:55) Sven_Q45: Haha yes the hairs. :D
  103. (07:31:56) Jenni: I actually don't mind the eyes too much (they're most obvious in the closeups, like when Guybrush is blasted from the cannon), but the hair really bothers me.  I always use a fan patch for the hair when I play it ;)
  104. (07:32:16) flesk: The hair certainly stuck out. MI2:SE had so much better hair.
  105. (07:32:32) Cheeseness: I just play it with the original graphics
  106. (07:32:37) Syd: The timing for getting the gargoyle breath is a little tricky, but I should get it eventually, lol
  107. (07:33:03) Jenni: A lot of people didn't like Mona's voice, but I actually liked it a lot
  108. (07:33:26) Sven_Q45: I liked it to bring MI to a modern state. And the atmosphere...
  109. (07:33:34) Jenni: it's cute and fits her naive personality well
  110. (07:33:41) flesk: Probably no worse than the fish puzzle in Toonstruck. :)
  111. (07:33:53) Cheeseness: heh
  112. (07:34:59) flesk: Jenni: I hadn't heard the voice at all before the first AVS game club session, but I'd heard bad things about it too. I don't think it's bad either.
  113. (07:35:07) Cheeseness: Same here
  114. (07:35:12) Syd: That fish puzzle had some of the strictest timing I've ever found
  115. (07:35:59) flesk: Hamlet has some really bad timing puzzles too.
  116. (07:36:18) flesk: It's more of a puzzle game than an adventure  game though.
  117. (07:37:03) Cheeseness: I feel like timing puzzles aren't so bad so long as they're actually possible to do intentionally and the game gives you feedback on what you're doing wrong when you don't get it
  118. (07:37:44) Sven_Q45: Nah I don´t like such puzzles!
  119. (07:38:22) Cheeseness: I really enjoyed the gunplay sequences in Gemini Rue. They're effectively timing puzzles
  120. (07:38:36) Sven_Q45: The German voice of Mona wasa little bit deeper. I liked her French accent. :D
  121. (07:39:09) Cheeseness: Ah, I'm afraid I'm not feeling very well. I'm going to have to bail :(
  122. (07:39:13) flesk: I don't mind them as long as they don't require lightning fast reflexes either. The gunplay sequences in Gemini Rue were fair.
  123. (07:39:23) Cheeseness: Keep the discussion rolling though - I'll get the chat log up when I'm feeling a bit better
  124. (07:39:24) Syd: Bye Cheeseness! Hope you feel better soon
  125. (07:39:28) Cheeseness: Cheers
  126. (07:39:30) flesk: Sorry to hear that, Cheeseness.
  127. (07:39:37) flesk: Hope you're feeling better soon.
  128. (07:39:51) Jenni: they were going to go with a different actress for the prequel with a slightly deeper voice for the English version
  129. (07:42:03) Jenni: the new voice in the trailer that they were going to use in the prequel is the wife of the guy who does Froderick
  130. (07:42:29) Jenni:
  131. (07:43:37) Jenni: if they do manage to get the prequel done, it'd be cool if they still intend to do that, you can't get better chemistry between actors than husband and wife... assuming they're happily married at least ;)
  132. (07:44:01) Sven_Q45: Jenni Yes a good combination.
  133. (07:44:03) Sven_Q45: :)
  134. (07:45:35) Sven_Q45: I really hope they can make the 2 AVS games.
  135. (07:46:05) Jenni: Yeah, me too.
  136. (07:47:28) Jenni: Hopefully the success of the Duke Grabowski kickstarter managed to convince someone at Crimson Cow to put A Vampyre Story 2 back on once Duke's out
  137. (07:47:35) Syd: I'm getting close to where I intended to end the session but I'm getting there faster than I thought I would. Not sure what to do. :P
  138. (07:48:31) Sven_Q45: End. I hope the stream will be ready before AVS 2 is released. :P
  139. (07:48:42) Syd: We've only got a few more minutes of this session if I end it at the point I intended to
  140. (07:49:01) Syd: I could go a bit further, but I don't want to leave too little for the final session
  141. (07:49:59) Sven_Q45: shame. :( I hoped it´s going to be a very long session. :D
  142. (07:50:24) Syd: If I did it all in one go, it'd be way too long. Like, TBoUT long.
  143. (07:51:11) Syd: I'll go a little bit further, maybe another 10-15 minutes.
  144. (07:51:41) Syd: Just want to make sure there's enough left for the next session
  145. (07:51:50) Sven_Q45: Ok. :)
  146. (07:52:21) Sven_Q45: Shame that either in the German nor the English version they got the voice of the voodoo lady.
  147. (07:52:55) Jenni: I love how the gypsy's home turned out pretty much exactly like the concept art that was released before the game was out.
  148. (07:53:35) Jenni: it was really beautiful background art, and it's great to see it made it in
  149. (07:54:23) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  150. (07:54:51) Sven_Q45: Didn´t get the voice of the voodoo lady I mean!
  151. (07:55:13) Jenni: for the gypsy?
  152. (07:55:22) Sven_Q45: Yes.
  153. (07:55:24) Jenni: that would've been pretty neat actually
  154. (07:56:19) Jenni: although she'd definitely have to change her accent, since it would be quite weird to have a Romani woman speaking with a Jamaican accent
  155. (07:56:21) Jenni: :P
  156. (07:57:15) Sven_Q45: Haha funny. Belgium and Canada are also "french". :D
  157. (07:57:31) Sven_Q45: Jenni. Ok agree.
  158. (07:57:47) Sven_Q45: Yes thinking of it. Yes.
  159. (07:59:16) Sven_Q45: Well in german she sounds more like Romani:
  160. (08:02:32) Jenni: yeah, that actress would have actually been pretty good for the role of the gypsy (the English one would have too, if she toned down her accent).  It's pretty amazing actually how they got an actress in the German version to sound so much alike in tone to the English Voodoo Lady (Guybrush too, actually)
  161. (08:03:23) Sven_Q45: Yes I like it when they get similiar voices.
  162. (08:04:54) Jenni: the voice of the gypsy here almost sounds like a mellow Magika DeSpell from DuckTales :P
  163. (08:05:18) Sven_Q45: I like to play MI 3 or 4 in German and then play the MI SEs. If you know it yes. But if you not...
  164. (08:08:09) yama left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds).
  165. (08:08:21) yama [] entered the room.
  166. (08:08:39) Sven_Q45: Again German. Dummkopf. :D As Von Kiefer. :D
  167. (08:09:16) Jenni: and a pretty funny vampire parody of the books for dummies mascot too :P
  168. (08:09:46) Sven_Q45: I didn´t know you use the word Dummkopf in the US.
  169. (08:10:11) salty-horse left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).
  170. (08:10:15) Syd: Okay, we're stopping here
  171. (08:10:35) Syd: Let me know when the outro ends
  172. (08:10:37) Sven_Q45: Alright Syd.
  173. (08:10:38) Jenni: just in Mike Myers Sprockets sketches :P
  174. (08:11:01) flesk: Thanks for streaming, Syd.
  175. (08:11:04) Sven_Q45: Jenni What? The word?
  176. (08:11:15) Syd: We'll be finishing the game next week.
  177. (08:11:47) Jenni: yeah.  I'm kind of ashamed to admit I only know a lot of German words because of those sketches o_O
  178. (08:11:47) Syd: Has the outro audio ended yet?
  179. (08:11:49) Sven_Q45: Strange thing. This evening I knew there will be 4 seissions. :D+
  180. (08:12:01) Jenni: yeah.  the audio's finished
  181. (08:12:15) Sven_Q45: Jenni. :D
  182. (08:12:18) Syd: There would have been 3 if it wasn't for the various technical difficulties
  183. (08:12:32) Syd: But now I know that the game really dislikes having its window moved in windowed mode so I can avoid crashes that way
  184. (08:12:45) Sven_Q45: Syd. Yes. And good thing I saw it. Cuz there is a little storm out there.
  185. (08:13:06) Sven_Q45: But not so much like in North Germany right now.
  186. (08:13:13) Syd: If you move the game's window, then try going back to the menu, it crashes every time. Not sure why.
  187. (08:13:21) Syd: But if it's left where it launches, it's fine.
  188. (08:13:57) flesk: I'm beta testing a game where I can't figure out how to use the inventory. :/
  189. (08:14:26) Sven_Q45: flesk
  190. (08:14:28) Sven_Q45: :D
  191. (08:14:43) Syd: I had that problem for a bit when I first started AVS, since I went in totally blind. :P
  192. (08:15:25) Jenni: heh, I had that problem for a bit when coding my own game in adventure engine
  193. (08:15:40) Jenni: now that's embarrassing o_o
  194. (08:16:07) Sven_Q45: When I first played Full Throttle I didn´t know how to use the GUI. :D
  195. (08:16:31) Sven_Q45: It took a long time to figure it out.
  196. (08:16:38) Sven_Q45: :D
  197. (08:16:46) Syd: Well, I gotta head out now. I'll see you all next week for the final session of AVS. :)
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