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  1. Local town representative Chris Nankervis joins controversial party Communist Party USA president Mikhail Dzhemilov to speak about how the party has grown stronger in recent weeks.
  3. Nankervis said Communist Party USA's Party President Mikhail Dzhemilov recently told his party's presidential board he would hold a special election for the U.S. Congress seat of U.S. House of Representatives.
  5. But Dzhemilov said that if elected to Congress, Congress will continue to hold elections to fill vacancies in Congress.
  7. "Dzhemilov has the political will to do it. He will keep it that way by continuing to push back against the leadership of U.S. leadership," said a party representative.
  9. Dzhemilov has the party's nomination for the US Congress seat. It must pass some votes in the U.S. Senate.
  11. "To me, [being elected to Congress] is not simply about running the country; it's also about putting a stamp on American democracy and bringing it to fruition. And I also feel that it is something that has a positive impact as a result of the fact that this is a major party in the United States," said Dzhemilov.
  13. Democratic National Committee (DNC) Party Chair John Podesta was among those who had been with the Russian embassy to tell Dzhemilov the US government should "stand up and take responsibility."
  15. As part of those calls, the DNC, the Democratic National Committee, and other party parties sent a letter to the Kremlin denouncing Dzhemilov as a "criminal criminal who should not have been allowed in Congress with his foreign connections."
  17. But Dzhemilov, who is the youngest president of the country, told reporters on Wednesday that while he was "happy" to learn about what was done to him by the US government, he felt it was a political mistake and felt he should "stand up for the American people to have that rights and dignity."
  19. He is also a member of the Presidential Transition Team, which serves the newly elected President of the United States.
  21. "As a result of the actions by the Russians, the U.S. government decided to end all relations with Russia over the past few months. All ties, including friendship, should be ended," he said. He called on the United States to work closely with the Russian government on issues "that can be taken to a global and world level."
  23. "I hope that the Americans will stop making Russia a laughingstock,
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