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  1. Topic Graphics Card                                            
  3. Today Im gonna explain you guys, What is a Graphics Card
  4. A Graphics Card is what you need in a computer to get an video output unless you have an processor with dedicated video drivers. Ive you are a gamer, a Graphics Card is the most important part of your computer because it helps you run the games. Ive you are just a person who uses their computer for casual use then I would not recommend a graphics card because it its the most expensive peace of equipment that you are able to put in your computer.
  5. The prices of graphics cards are super different, the cheapest cards are around 50 euro’s but if you are looking for some high end equipment you are probably going to spend around 1400 euros. There are multiple brands in the graphics card section, the most popular brands are MSI,Asus,Gigabyte and EVGA if you are interested in any more reviews please contact me on my email, I will respond within a day.
  7.   By Vincent Goelema
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