Auto Unequip Ammo

Oct 19th, 2017
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  1. <Purpose>
  2. - An essential fix to be honest!
  3. - "This mod will activate when weapon is equipped or unequipped and deal with the ammo respectively. Goal is not to have ammo equipped unless you're using ranged weapons. If enabled, equip sets are created automatically when ammo is manually equipped to be used with currently equipped ranged weapon. Mod is basically learning which ammo is preferred to be used with each weapon so less manual ammo swapping is needed each time a different bow or crossbow is used. Up to 50 equip sets can exist at one time and if limit is breached the list with cycle itself by replacing the oldest entry with newest one. Equip sets can be manually cleared at any time."
  4. </Purpose>
  6. <Notes>
  7. - As per STEP recommendations in, do the following :
  8. In the MCM settings for Auto Ammo Unequip, STEP recommends changing following settings:
  9. Follower Addon
  10. Default: unticked
  11. STEP: ticked
  12. This will add the mod's functionality to your followers as well.
  13. </Notes>
  15. <Download-Installation>
  16. </Download-Installation>
  18. <Compatibility-Issues>
  19. </Compatibility-Issues>
  21. <LoadOrder>
  22. </LoadOrder>
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