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Mar 19th, 2020
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  1. <color=red><size=40>Peanut's Laboratory</size></color>
  3. <color=#0dfff7><size=20><u><link="https://discord.gg/peanutslab">Click Here To Join The Discord</link></u></size></color>
  5. <color=red><size=12>If you witness any Admin Abuse, join the discord (link above) and DM either Lord Peanut, zekatsu, or Senator Armstrong about it.</size></color>
  6. <color=red><size=12>If anyone is breaking the rules, join the discord (link above) and report it in the reports channel on the discord with evidence.</size></color>
  8. <size=27><color=red>Rules:</color></size>
  9. <size=14><color=orange>1. Don't disrespect staff or other players, and do not impersonate or argue with staff members.</color></size>
  10. <size=14><color=orange>2. Don't be toxic in general, keep the offensive stuff to a minimum.</color></size>
  11. <size=14><color=orange>3. Cheating will result in a permanent ban, exploiting may result in a permanent ban.</color></size>
  12. <size=14><color=orange>4. No earrape/micspamming. This includes over proximity mic in game, and on the intercom.</color></size>
  13. <size=14><color=orange>5. Do not delay rounds. (Example: Sit in 914 forever, hide in 106 chamber, etc.)</size></color>
  14. <size=14><color=orange>6. Do not close doors on teammates. Period.</color></size>
  15. <size=14><color=orange>7. Do not ghost. (Do not tell people what/what not to do when you are dead and spectating.)</color></size>
  16. <size=14><color=orange>8. Do not shoot cuffed personnel for any reason. Surrendering D-Class count as cuffed personnel.</color></size>
  17. <size=14><color=orange>9. D-Class may not be killed in Light Containment, until either NTF or Chaos has spawned. However, scientists are allowed to kill them at any time.</color></size>
  18. <size=14><color=orange>10. D-Class are allowed to be killed in Heavy Containment and Entrance Zone regardless of if a team has spawned or not.</color></size>
  19. <size=14><color=orange>11. Do not kill yourself, even if you are a role you do not like.</color></size>
  21. <size=14><color=orange>- Scientists and D-Class may team.</color></size>
  22. <size=14><color=orange>- Chaos Insurgency, SCPs, and D-Class are also allowed to team.</color></size>
  23. <size=14><color=orange>- No other forms of teaming are allowed.
  24. (SCPs may show "mercy" to Scientists or D-Class personnel.)</color></size>
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