Once Upon a Blue Moon (RGRE) [WIP] (Anon/Luna)

Sep 10th, 2017
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  1. > Be Princess Luna, on your throne
  2. > You are weary from much dreamwalking, and these nobles prattle on endlessly
  3. > You have felt something strange in dreaming
  4. > Glimpses of a silver city
  5. > Arcane focuses of alien design
  6. > Obsidian chariots with the roars of beasts
  7. > But try as you might, you cannot locate the mind from which these images spring
  8. > Your head dips slightly
  9. > It is difficult to concentrate on the here and now
  10. > Sister smiles at the supplicant earth pony
  11. > "We have heard your plea. A scouting force shall be sent to the forest bordering your lands, the timberwolf threat shall be quelled."
  12. > The humble farmer grovels as politely as she can
  13. > "Thank you, most gracious princess! I pledge that the very finest of our first fruits shall be delivered to you as a humble token of thanks, if it is not too presumptuous."
  14. > Sister laughs a warm laugh, easing the tension in the genuflecting mare
  15. > "Please, Choice Pickings, it is the duty of the crown to protect her little ponies. No greater thanks is necessary than your continued wellness."
  16. > Choice Pickings blushes ever so slightly, and acquires a stubborn set to her withers
  17. > "Then it shall be a proof of our wellness."
  18. > Celestia bows her head slightly, but not too much
  19. > "Then we have no choice but to accept."
  20. > As the farmer leaves, you fall to brooding
  21. > Such gifts always went to your sister, for all that the thrones and even her way of speech tried to emphasize that the two of you ruled as one
  22. > It was the very reason why you put off sleep until the morning is spent, so that your presence and dignity at court is observed
  23. > More and more, however, you are beginning to feel that this is a waste of time
  24. > Few supplicants and diplomats come to you in this time
  25. > More often, a few brave or troubled souls seek you out as your moon rises
  26. > Those furtive ponies ask your insight into their dark, intimate problems
  27. > Years of walking the dreams of your subjects provides enough insight that you are more often than not able to aid your star-crossed subjects
  28. > It warms your heart to hear the names of their foals draw inspiration from your glorious night
  29. > Sparkle, Glimmer, Lulling Moon, and so on
  30. > A commotion at the doors of the throne room draws your wandering mind back to the present
  31. > Stars, but you need more rest
  32. > The Labyrinthian delegation marches forward, garbed in the white linens of their homeland
  33. > Your sister and you sit a little straighter
  34. > This promises to be interesting
  35. > The minotaurs come to a stop a respectful distance from the dias
  36. > The ambassador steps forward, her respectable teats of office bound in the manner of a commonborn before royalty
  37. > "Great and powerful princesses of Equestria, the Maze Queen wishes to congratulate you upon your victory over the changeling hordes."
  38. > Which is to say, 'please accept these treasures and don't invade us.'
  39. > Considering you have no intention to invade, you are quite happy to accept the unspoken agreement
  40. > At a hand signal from the cow, three burly bulls set three ornate chests before Sister, opening them to reveal ivory and gold worked in a thousand elaborate trinkets
  41. > "To the Sun Princess, radiant ornaments that pale before her glory!"
  42. > You frown slightly
  43. > You do not see any more chests among the delegation
  44. > The cow bows to you
  45. > "And to the Moon Princess, we offer our most valuable bull-slave."
  46. > One of the retinue steps out from behind the warriors, shedding his cloak
  47. > The bull is unlike any you have ever seen, pale as milk, and lithe like a young drake
  48. > He is dressed in a simple linen loincloth, the magnificent contours of his chest exposed to your view
  49. > The oddly hornless bull kneels before you, and the cow continues her speech
  50. > "He is a dream whisperer of great wisdom. While the city roiled with plague and sickness, he dreamt of a purification ritual that spared all who observed it. We hope that his wisdom may be of some small use to you, O Princess of Insight."
  51. > You smile upon the cow
  52. "A worthy treasure indeed. Return to Queen Aria Dinae and bear our gratitude for most satisfactory offerings."
  53. > The cow bows once more, and retreats
  54. > You tuned out your sister as she dismissed the court
  55. > Amid the flurry of servants transporting Celestia's new baubles, you walk down to inspect your own gift
  56. > With a gentle hoof, you raised his chin to gaze upon his face
  57. > Strangely flat-faced, with a piercing gaze, reminiscent of a hawk, perhaps
  58. > You tilt your head towards the hall leading to your chambers
  59. "Follow me, Bull."
  60. > He nods silently and rises to his feet
  61. > The bull follows behind you, and you feel unaccountably uneasy
  62. > It is not as though he could conceal any weapons on his scantily clothed body
  63. > ...
  64. > A quick spell reassures you that he carries nothing other than what you see
  65. > He makes no fuss at the arcane scan, merely stalks behind you so very quietly
  66. > By the time you enter your chambers, you feel fatigue beginning to win its war against your waking mind
  67. > It is all too tempting to collapse into bed and snuggle with your new servant
  68. > But his loyalty is untested, and there remains that unidentified, unsettling feeling
  69. > You gaze upon his body, imagining the violent potential of his limbs
  70. > The contours of his musculature are unfamiliar, but enticing
  71. > You feel a heat gather in your loins, and you shake your head
  72. > The bull speaks at last
  73. > "Am I acceptable to your highness?"
  74. > You give in to your baser instincts, if only a little
  75. "Disrobe."
  76. > He obeys at once, loincloth unfastened and pooled around his feet
  77. > You are gratified to see his bullhood perky and stiff before you
  78. > Poor colt, you'll have to relieve him of his heavy load some time
  79. > You lick your lips
  80. "Yes, quite acceptable. Clothe yourself and go follow the servants' orders. You are to return to here in eight hours' time, and we can become properly acquainted."
  81. > He bows, showing off his deliciously broad shoulders
  82. > "As you wish."
  83. > You watch him go, tying the loincloth back around himself
  84. > Patience, Luna
  85. > You'll have him warming your bed soon enough
  86. > You collapse onto your bed, reveling in the soft, silken sheets
  87. > Before long your muscles relax, and you finally let yourself go
  88. > Welcome darkness steals over your mind
  90. > Be Anon, taking a bath
  91. > After the past six years with the cowfolk, you have gotten used to bathing with male attendants
  92. > It sorta helps that they are kinda girlish, so you can ignore the little voice in your head that screams about faggotry
  93. > You just sit back in the hot tub, and relax
  94. > Shine Sparkle fidgets on your left, smoothing back his dark blue mane
  95. > "Were the minos... demanding?"
  96. > You can feel the expectant gaze of the other two of Princess Luna's chamberbutlers
  97. > You tilt your head from side to side
  98. "When it was just me and my owner, it was fairly manageable. Hanky panky before bed, and maybe some groping throughout the day. No, it only got difficult when my owner would challenge some other cow's endurance."
  99. > The stallions shudder at the thought
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